WoW Shadowlands - Prepatch: Level Up

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Judit Llordes

One of the highly anticipated features of Shadowlands, at least one of mine, is the leveling overhaul. In addition to the maximum level which drops to 50 (60 with Shadowlands), it is the whole leveling that takes a serious facelift, offering on the one hand a new starting area, the Borders of Exile, and '' on the other hand the possibility of choosing on which extension one will advance his character.

With these changes, we will end up with a better defined and clearer structure:

  • Levels 1 to 10:
    • Borders of exile for the first character we create.
    • Or the starting area of ​​the race, for rerolls.


  • Levels 10 to 50:
    • Choice of extension
  • Levels 50 to 60:
    • Shadowlands


At level 1

So here I am with Eleanaah, my newly created little mage, who is taking part in a rescue mission, to rescue an expedition that has left to explore a mysterious island.

She learned the basics of combat with her first spells, but the training quickly ended, a storm capsizing the ship. Eleanaah then finds herself on an island, certainly that of the lost expedition.

Now is a good time to equip the Legacy items that I have already unlocked. No more experience bonuses with these items! Now they work with set bonuses, allowing you to gain more Rest XP, regenerate faster out of combat, deal damage, and increase Intelligence (or other primary stat) after gaining level.

The beginning of the adventure is therefore a relatively basic quest line, with tutorials to learn the basics of the game, which are really intended for very new players. Confirmed players will have little interest in making this starting area (except at least once for the story). The omnipresence of tutorials is even rather annoying, to tell the truth. This is the case, for example, with pieces of equipment. As soon as we pick one up, each time we have the tutorial that appears to explain how to equip it. And the worst part is that it does not disappear until you keep the item equipped.

This is for example the case with the staff of my Mage. I had equipped it with the Legacy staff. In the meantime, I have obtained another staff as a quest reward, but inevitably less well. The tutorial is still displayed if I keep the Legacy staff in hand (even after equipping and unequipping the loot staff). Not a bad detail, but a bit of a shame. Fortunately, I was able to sell the stick to get rid of this recalcitrant tutorial!

Without going too far into details so as not to spoil, the few quests lead us to meet various survivors to face Ogres versed in necromancy. Definitely, the theme of death is essential with Shadowlands!

The quest line ultimately leads to a dungeon, which allows us to experience group finding. A dungeon of course very simple, which takes us to the fortress of the Ogres to face two bosses.


After level 10

Once the dungeon is finished, the Alliance (or the Horde of course) sends reinforcements and claws lead us to Stormwind, where the real fun will begin! A small quest then invites us to take a guided tour of the city. A quest that it is fortunately possible to pass. But for new players, it's a great idea!

A quest near the auction house then sends us to Stormwind Dungeon, to participate in a council of war.

Note: let's stop just a moment on this point. According to the introduction, we embody a new recruit. So, of course, we did a good job in the Borders of Exile, we saved several people ... Can we really, for this feat of arms, and only this one, be admitted to a council of war chaired by ... well the king anyway! In short, a little strange.

Anyway, let's admit. This is where the Battle for Azeroth campaign begins, as we (re) discover the nation of Kul Tiras. This is the obligatory path for a first character.

But in the case of a reroll, it is also possible to go see the little gnome Chromie (in fact, it's a dragon, but shhh!) Who also offers to rediscover old timelines (previous expansions) :


In my case, it will be in order, with an exploration of the Cataclysm!

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