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The fishing hut provides help for big catch enthusiasts

This special building does not consume a Garrison slot, it is set and will be unlocked by completing a quest in the Garrison accessible at level 94 in a Level 2 Garrison. The Fishing Hut is primarily for fishermen!


Not unlocked

When the building is not unlocked, a small padlock is indicated on the fief's map:

It is necessary to complete a series of quests to unlock the fishing hut:

  • Alliance : Need Help, Moonshell Claws, Proving Your Worth, Garrison Fishing
  • Horde : Need Help, Icy Thorn Pointers, Prove Your Worth, Garrison Fishing



1 level

Allows you to catch small Draenor fish in the waters of your garrison. Also grants access to daily fishing quests.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

It's a lovely little corner by a lake with floating water lilies.

The atmosphere on the Horde side is darker, the mist seems to weigh on the building.


2 level

Allows you to catch Medium Draenor Fish in the waters of your Garrison.

The building can be upgraded to level 2 by purchasing a 1000 gp blueprint.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

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3 level

Allows you to catch huge Draenor fish in the waters of your garrison. Grants a chance to catch a unique fish that can be used to lure mysterious creatures to the shore.

To obtain the level 3 blueprint, you must complete the achievement Draenor Angler requiring you to collect a large fish of each type.


  • Alliance
  • Horde

Thank you Kïara

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Huge fish

The more skill you have in fishing, the more likely you are to obtain it. We start to fish around 650. Around 700, we have about 50% chance of fishing. At 950, this goes to 100%.

There are 7 types ofhuge fish different.

  • Sea scorpions: on the shores of Draenor
  • Spotted sleepers: Nagrand
  • Blackwater Hokis: Talador
  • Fire Ammonites: Frostfire Ridge
  • Stealthy Agnaths: Gorgrond
  • Blind Lake Sturgeon: Shadowmoon Valley
  • Grangousiers of the Abyss: Spiers of Arak


Nat pagle

When the building is level 100 and we reach 700 in fishing, Nat Pagle can be recruited in our garrison. You have to catch a special fish and then follow a short series of quests:

  • Appearant Nat
  • Finding Nat Pagle
  • The return of the great fisherman

Once these quests are completed, Nat appears in our garrison and gives a new quest: An Authentic Draenor Fisherman. We will have to fish different catches with, each time, a special bait (Nat's Harpoon) attached to our fishing rod. Once this quest is completed, he officially becomes a subject of our stronghold. It will appear especially when fishing, encouraging us before leaving a mug of beer.

Different quests become available:

  • Abyssal Malabar Grangousier (Spiers of Arak)
  • Blackwater Hoki Malabar (Talador)
  • Blind Malabar Sturgeon (Darkmoon Valley)
  • Spotted Malabar Sleeper (Nagrand)
  • Fire Malabar Ammonite, (Frostfire Ridge)
  • Stealthy Agnathe Malabar (Gorgrond)

As a reward, you get coins that allow you to buy different items:

  • Nat's Draenic Fishing Journal (Friend): 25 coins
  • Nat's Drinking Hat (Friend): 25 pieces
  • Draenique fishing rod (Friend): 25 pieces
  • Wild fishing rod (Friend): 25 pieces
  • Land Shark Mascot (Good friend): 50 pieces
  • Reins of the Crimson Water Strider (Best Friend) mount: 100 pieces


Deep Frost Wren

Finally, at level 3, you can fish a special fish: Lunarfall Carp / Frost-deep minnow which allows you to summon a Murloc boss by throwing the fish back into the water.

It gives useless but funny items:

  • Super Fish - Throw that on someone great.
  • Ringworm - Throw this on someone naughty.
  • Worm Supreme - Attached to your fishing rod, they increase your fishing skill by 200 points for 10 minutes.
  • Swim Swim Potion - Increases swim speed by 100% for 20 sec.
  • Ivory fisherman's pipe
  • Abyssal Bait Bait - Increases the chance to fish an Abyssal Bait Tree for 5 min.
  • Draenic Regeneration Potion
  • Tentacle Hat - Equip: Fishing skill increased by 100.

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