WoW - The Adventure Continues With Update 6.1

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We're just hours away from the release of Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1. On this occasion, Blizzard unveiled the adventures that await us this Wednesday. Be careful, this article may give you some information about the story, don't read on if you want to find out for yourself.

First of all, patch 6.1 will introduce a brand new legendary topic: Garona Miorque. Yes, the same Garona who tried to assassinate Khadgar when he was trying to find Gul'dan in the quest line to get the Legendary Ring. It appears that Garona was in Gul'dan's mental grip, but Khadgar was reportedly successful in freeing Garona's mind from Gul'dan's grip.

Regarding the fief now, if yours is level 3, new visitors will arrive to grant you new types of new quests:

  • Bounty quests: team up with two other players to defeat a formidable enemy.
  • Daily profession quests: more Primal Spirits to collect, reduce your excess components, and purchase new recipes for crafting upgrades and transmutations.
  • Relic Hunting Quests: embark on a series of quests offering gold and garrison resources. These quests can then take the form of missions that can be completed by your subjects. If you have the patience to complete all the hunting quests, you will unlock Harrison Jones as a subject.
  • Daily Dungeon Quests and Weekly Raid Quests: these quests can give you a token aimed at obtaining an item of level 655.

New Dungeon and Raid Quests, as well as Garrison Invasion Quests, now offer a chance to drop an Artifact to summon a Raid Boss or Non-Instance Boss within your Garrison itself. Be aware that you will need to bring together between 10 and 40 players before embarking on these fights.

Finally, a new vendor will visit your garrison to offer you, in exchange for garrison resources, upgrades to your subjects' equipment (whose maximum level will be 675) and items that can add a rare mission to the list. available missions.

Subjects can now gain the Treasure Hunter profile, which increases the amount of gold received as mission rewards. New Subject Missions, some of which grant Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, Augment Runes, Archeology Artifacts, and items that instantly complete Orders, will appear in patch 6.1.

A new NPC will also come to visit your garrison's menagerie to offer rewards to pet trainers, and the possibility of obtaining other pets! This visit coincides with the discovery of new mascots in the Outland raids. Pet collectors should search the Black Temple, Hyjal Summit, and Sunwell Plateau for a dozen fearsome companions if they want to get M'imi as a reward!

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