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On Timeless Island, there are many things to open, dispatched across the whole island! A user of MMO-Champion preceded me on this part concerning the chests, posting a very complete message on this subject on their forum. This guide is therefore supplemented by its information even if I had already done the majority of the research on my own in recent days. 3 achievements are linked to these chests:

  • treasures, more treasures: all type 1 to 6 chests
  • where there are pirates, there are treasures: the two weekly chests and the daily east chest
    • Dark Guard's Forgotten Cove Treasure (22.6, 58.8)
    • The sunken treasure at the bottom of the sea (40.4, 93)
    • The shining treasure bag hanging from the ropes of a boat (70.6, 81)
  • extreme treasure hunter: the other 3 daily chests
    • The Resplendent Crane statue (58, 60) which initiates a mini-game
    • The treasure chest closed by a rope (54, 47,2) accessible by ropes from 60.5, 46.1.
    • The Resplendent Treasure Chest (49.8, 69.4) via columns to the left of the Fire March ruins

Moss Covered Chest (1-4)

The author has dissociated these chests into 4 sub-groups, numbered on the map from 1 to 4 even if for my part I did not dissociate them because they all have the name of a chest covered with moss and have a small chance of giving a piece of armor 496. However, the chests of zone 1, located on the west side, give less parts than the chests of type 2, located on the south coast and so on up to the chests of type 4 located on the south side. southeast which are the most profitable.

The chests can sometimes be well stashed, so feel free to turn the camera well and look underwater or in the air.

Type 1

/way 25.7, 45.8
/way 24.8, 53
/way 22.2, 49.2
/way 29.7, 31.7
/way 30.8, 36.4
/way 27.4, 39
/way 25.4, 27
/way 36.6, 34
/way 24.8, 38.8
/way 26, 61.6
/way 29.8, 31.8

Type 2

/way 43.6, 84
/way 34.8, 84.4
/way 39.8, 79.6
/way 38.8, 71.6
/way 35.4, 76.4
/way 31, 76.3
/way 26.8, 68.8
/way 22.2, 68

Type 3

/way 63.8, 59.2
/way 65.6, 47.8
/way 58, 50.8
/way 55.6, 44.4
/way 51.2, 46
/way 46.8, 46.8
/way 47, 53.7
/way 44.2, 65.2

Type 4

/ way 61.6, 88.6 Sunken ship
/way 52.8, 63
/way 53, 70.8
/way 49.8, 65.8
/way 60.4, 66.2
/way 65, 75.6


Albatross Chest (5)

Most of these chests are found in the mountains and can only be accessed by Albatross. I remind you that to take a bird, you have to stand at the western entrance to the Cour des Astres Vénérables. As soon as an Albatross arrives, 1 every 30 seconds or so, tap it and stop as soon as it takes you in its beak. The bird will resume its round and take you across the island. When you want to go down, start hitting it again so that it lets go!

There are also 2 in caves (including 1 in the mysterious cave in which you cannot enter except for a few classes that can teleport through the debris) and 1 in the middle of the frogs. These chests give many more pieces of 496 armor than previous chests and a few hundred Timeless pieces.

Type 5

/ way 28.2, 31.2 Long flight in Albatross
/ way 26.6, 65 Short flight in Albatross
/ way 46.6, 32.4 Cave of Lost Spirits
/ way 59.2, 49.4 Mysterious Den
/ way 64.6, 70.2 Croaking Hollow


Smoldering Chest (6)

These smoldering chests can all be found in the Ordos area, on the Blazing Path, and often drop 496 armor and a few hundred Timeless Coins.

Type 6

/ way 69.8, 33 First Ordon chest
/ way 53.8, 78 Second Ordon chest


Blazing Chest (7)

This is the biggest chest in the Sanctuary of Ordos. Currently, the easiest way is to access it by jumping mounts from the mainland (but you have to have the technique!) Or via Albatross (if you are not in a hurry). Be careful, do not enter the main courtyard of the sanctuary if you do not have the legendary cloak, you will be teleported immediately. This chest always contains a Burden of Eternity to upgrade a piece of 496 armor to 535.

Flaming Chest

/ way 47, 26.8 Blazing Chest


Daily Chest (D)

These chests can be collected once per day. They are most of the time in hard to reach places, even requiring Mario skills. These chests contain an average amount of Timeless Coins, a few lesser good fortune charms, and occasionally a piece of 496 armor.

  • The Resplendent Treasure Chest (49.8, 69.4) is on a column, accessible by jumping on other columns to the left of the Fire March ruins
  • The shining treasure bag hangs from the ropes of a boat (70.6, 81)


  • The Resplendent Crane Statue (58, 60) is an activatable object that will teleport you into the air and offer a kind of mini-game where you have to collect as many chests as possible in 1 minute using glider wings. Watch out for the fall at the end!
  • The treasure chest closed by a rope (54, 47,2) is below the Chemin des Marchefeu. I believe that some jump directly to the level of the broken bridge, but for my part, I quietly went up the ropes by starting in 60.5, 46.1.

Type D

/ way 58.6, 60.3 Resplendent Crane Statue
/ way 54, 47.2 Treasure chest closed with a rope
/ way 49.8, 69.4 Resplendent Treasure Chest
/ way 70.6, 81 Resplendent Treasure Satchel


Weekly chest (W)

A few chests can be taken once a week. They are located in the water and often kept. These chests contain a large amount of Timeless Coins and Lesser Good Fortune Charms as well as occasionally a piece of 496 armor.

  • The Dark Guard's Forgotten Cove treasure (22.6, 58.8) can be found in an underwater cave
  • The Sunken Treasure can be found at the bottom of the sea (40.4, 93) and requires a key to be taken from the body of a nearby Cursed Hozen Moss (watch out for grenades!)

Type W

/ way 22.6, 58.8 Forgotten Cove of the Dark Guard
/ way 40.4, 93 Sunken Treasure


Update of a subject published on August 08, thanks to data collected on the test server.

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