WoW - Timeless Island (PTS 5.4)

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Joel Fulleda

On the 5.4 test server, a new area has appeared on the map, to the far southeast. An island !


Island screenshots

Currently, we cannot go to the island, we are immediately teleported as soon as we get there. However, here are some images recovered by trying to get as close as possible with a paladin before the final lab!

General images of the island


And then we used the same technique as WoWHead, with the eagle eye of a hunter.

Images on the island


In the water there is a very mysterious cave!



And another sunken ship:



On the island, as a ghost, our faithful reporter noticed other markers on the mini-map.





According to MMO-Champion this area is part of the legendary quest to improve once again his cloak. Wrathion asks us for a new task: to collect 50 Timeless Coins. It would also appear that this quest leads us to kill the 4 Venerable Stars of Pandaria (which you can see on the island above):

  • Yu'lon, the Jade serpent: 370M hit points
  • Chi-Ji, the Red Crane: 348M hit points
  • Niuzao, the Black Ox: 392M hit points
  • Xuen, the White Tiger: 359M hit points

The final step would require killing Garrosh, the final boss of the new raid, Siege of Orgrimmar.


Venerable Stars of Pandaria

These are raid bosses that can be found in the dungeon codex, classified with external bosses (like Oondasta, Nalak ...).

  • Yu'lon
  • Chi-Ji
  • Niuzao
  • Xuen


And there is also a fifth boss, Ordos, Fire God of the Yaungol (he's in the image gallery!).

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