WoW - Valor Points and Raids

This week, the developers talked about limiting Valor Points and training raids. Let's start first if you don't mind with raiding formation.

A player on the official forums asked himself the question "What is a raid?" while giving arguments about the raiding formations at Wrath of the Lich King. Eh yes ! As you know before, to train raids we used raid research. Now since update 4.3 we are using the raid tool (LFR, Raid Finder). Here is a response from Blizzard (Meldheron) which for me answers the player's question well:

Perfect Meldheron source

Your approach to raiding training is very interesting. You are right to remember that this tool exists in-game and that players can use it.

On the other hand, the Raids tool is more used because the organization of the raid is done by itself. In addition, it allows you to obtain bonus Valor points. Which is not negligible.

In addition, nothing prevents you from talking about this tool around you, as you are currently doing on this subject.

Speaking of which, do you have any experiences to share with us about using this tool?

Let's continue on a topic that interests many more players doing the daily quests, the Limitation of Valor Points. This subject talks about a lot of subjects, we will mainly focus on what interests us (I remind you, the points of valor). As you know, these points are limited to 1 per week. This server Drek'Thar player is wondering "why not increase to 000 or 1"? Here's a response from Blizzard (Meldheron) that answers the question based on equipment and raids:

Perfect Meldheron source

I agree with Songes in his reflection. Equipping yourself with items of a certain level is one thing. But what should take precedence for you is the fact of going through the raid instances by choosing a higher difficulty than that present in the Raid tool.
Keep in mind that some players may not be able or inclined to join a guild (or group of players) that conduct normal or heroic raids. The Raid Finder is a good alternative for them to discover some of the game's content according to their schedule.

Besides, you seem satisfied with the progress of your guild and that is precisely what you should keep in mind.

Finally, with regard to the equipment that can be purchased for Valor Points, remember that to gain access to it, you must build your reputation and then accumulate points; and for that, it takes time.

What do you think of the answers given by Blizzard?

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