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Black Desert obviously has its Equipment system, the principle of which is specific enough to be reviewed.

  • How it works
  • How to get it
  • How to improve it
    • Gems
    • Object levels
    • Object quality (color)


How the Equipment works

First of all, you should know that here, weapons and armor are not related to you. Thus, except in special cases, it is possible to exchange, sell or buy your equipment. In addition, there is no level required on the items either, a good sword is a good sword, and it will remain that even in the hands of a level 4, it will simply make less use of it than 'another.

Either way, keep in mind that what differentiates a beginner's gear from a top-level piece of gear is first and foremost how much the latter is improved. In addition, in terms of the appearance of your character, even if there are some variations between the armor available, it is still minor and most of the appearance is done at the level of the costumes that supplant their appearance to your. real equipment.


How to get your Equipment

  • Killing monsters allows you to pick up items (true), and some of those items may be suitable for you.
  • As often, some NPCs sell basic equipment, it may seem ridiculous but some will sometimes sell you a secondary weapon that you were looking for or a gem that you needed.
  • As seen above, the equipment is not tied, which implies that it is therefore perfectly possible to obtain it on the market. Obviously, it costs money, even millions for the most interesting parts, not to mention their availability.
  • Some quests offer good opportunities to equip yourself properly.
  • Crafting can also be used to craft a number of relevant things.


How to improve your Equipment

There are 3 ways to improve a piece of equipment:

  • By inserting Gems in the available slots
  • By increasing the object itself
  • By changing its quality (changing its color)


Add Gems

You will find, with the sandstone of your adventures, all kinds of different Crystals, each one having an Effect and a Reliability. The Effect corresponds to the bonus that the Crystal will bring once placed and the Reliability to its probability of breaking in the event of death on your part. Be careful though: not all Gems fit in just anything. Indeed the type of object that can receive them is indicated (2nd image).

To place it in an object, simply call upon the Black Spirit (/ by default) and use the Transfusion. From there, just place (right button) the object you want to crimp (it must be in your inventory, right click on it in your equipment if it is not the case to place it there ), then do the same with the Gem of your choice.

Note that each object has a number of defined locations ranging from 0 (therefore none) to 3. In the example above there is only one.


Improve an object itself

Basically, an item is at level 0. When we talk about an item +1, +2, etc. it means that the latter has been increased. This + X then appears on its icon (beyond 15, the display changes to a Roman numeral).

Note that again an object improves from 0 (therefore not at all) to 20 (V therefore) depending on the object in question.

Upgrading a weapon will increase its damage range (PA) while upgrading armor will increase its defense (PD).

To improve an item, you will need Black Stone, knowing that there are 2 types, one for weapons and another for armor. Note that for Improvements beyond +15 you will need a new kind of Black Stone (Armor or Weapon).

To proceed, like the Gems, it is done with the Black Spirit, with the Upgrade button this time.

Place your item (right button from inventory) then your Black Stone (in the same way) and validate. Note that if you have several stones, the right button will place them all but no fear: the game will only use what is necessary.

However, if the first Improvements are done without risk the following ones have a probability of failure.

Here is a summary of the benefits and risks according to the type of object concerned:

  • For Armors
  • For Weapons
  • For Accessories
  • From 0 to +1 (For the first improvement therefore)
    • +4 DP for Torsos
    • +3 DP for Helmets
    • +2 DP for Boots and Gloves
  • From +2 to +15
    • +3 PD for Torsos and Helmets
    • +2 DP for Boots and Gloves
  • From I (+16) to V (+20)
    •  +5 DP for all parts

Note that beyond +15, forcing the improvement is no longer possible and failure will cause a loss of max durability and a loss of item level.

  • From +1 to +7: +3 PA.
  • From +7 to +15: +4 AP a failure only causes a loss of max durability.
  • From I (+16) to II: +8 AP with 20% chance of success.
  • From II to III: +8 AP with 5% chance of success.
  • From III to IV: +8 AP with 2,5% chance of success.
  • From IV to V: +8 AP with 2% chance of success.

Note that beyond +15, forcing the improvement is no longer possible and failure will cause a loss of max durability and a loss of item level.

Improving Accessories is very different. Here no Black Stone. Instead, it is a question of combining 2 identical Accessories. Namely that combining a +1 with a +0 will give a +2 (no need to improve the 2 so beforehand). However, in case of failure, the 2 items are lost.

From there, there are several schools:

  1. You can try your luck (see dealing with failures below).
  2. You can force the Enhancement (up to +15) at the cost of an overcost in Black Stone and a systematic loss of maximum durability.

Force Improvements

The number of Black Stone and the amount of durability lost varies depending on the type of item and the difficulty of the Upgrade.

Manage improvement failures

As you will have understood, success is not always systematic.
  • From +7 to +15: the maximum durability of the item will lose 5 points.
  • From +15: the maximum durability of the item will lose 10 points And you will lose one item level.

In all cases, the Black Stones (of any kind) used are lost.

Some details to maximize your chances of success:

  • A failure (on a green object or higher) gives you a success chance point, these are added together and you will therefore end up succeeding in a risky Improvement.
  • Since Accessories have a high risk of failure, it may be wise to increase your Points with them a little before attempting a risky Upgrade.
  • Some Titles provide various bonuses (and some inflict penalties).

To recover durability there are 2 methods:

  1. You will need an item identical to the one you want to repair (which will be destroyed). Then go to the nearest blacksmith and select Durability Recovery (under Repair). Place the item you want in the "Targeted Equipment" slot, and the other copy in the "Ingredient" slot. You will thus recover 10 points of maximum durability. Note that it is possible to use an item of lower quality than the original but in this case you will have to pay an additional cost.
  2. The other method is to use an item "Craftsman's Memory" increasing the points recovered by 5, or even by 2 additional points if you have "Memory Fragments" (which will be consumed).



Improve the quality (color)

It is also possible to change the color of a piece of equipment. To do so, you have to go through the craft industry using the Forges which are available in cities (Accommodation).

Also note that a Forge is only able to improve certain specific parts each time, so you will have to find the ones you need.

Some examples :

  • Heidel and 6-3
  • Glyshi and 2
  • Calpheon Quartier Marchand in 2-9
  • Altinova in 5-3

Note that the equipment colors in order of quality are as follows:

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow

Keep in mind that going from Blue to Yellow has a probability of failure. In addition, the level gains (from +1 to V) being preserved during a change to the higher color, it is advisable to do it rather late, the repairs of higher quality objects being much more expensive.

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