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Update 6.0.2 currently available on the Warlords of Draenor Beta Test Server brings a whole new set of changes. And these changes are mostly focused on the user interface.

Here then, in a few points, what has just been introduced.

  • The Map and Quest Log : The map and the quest log have been merged allowing you to sort the quests in a more pleasant way. You will also be able to zoom as you wish using your mouse wheel. Another point that we can find in games like SWTOR, the map becomes transparent when you move your character while leaving the map window open (it was already doable with add-ons but not natively).

  • The toy box : like the existing interface for mounts and pets, a new tab will appear in which you can slip all your toys and other funny things acquired during your journey in Azeroth. These toys will now be linked to your account allowing you to summon them with any character. Finally, toys, mascots and mounts that you have not yet discovered will be accompanied by information to facilitate their discovery.

  • The frames : want to add a little randomness to your exploration? A button will now be available to totally uncontrollably summon any of your mounts. However, it will depend on the area where you are (no-fly zone, aquatic area, etc.). You will be able to define your favorite frames for each specificity.

  • The bags : categories have been created to store your most valuable goods. Your bags can be assigned the following functions: equipment (for weapons and armor), consumables (potions, food…) and craft supplies. A new option will allow you to store your bags automatically, making everything much more orderly. Finally, the objects will be surrounded by a color indicating their rarity (white, green, blue…) and the gray objects will be accompanied by an icon in the form of a gold coin making their resale more visible.

  • The component bank : if like me you never have enough space in your bank, know that a new tab of 98 spaces will be added. Component stack sizes have been increased so that you can store more resources in them. The trades will be facilitated since you can manufacture any type of object as long as the necessary resources are stored in your bank.



Other Bulk Information:

  • A new tab to the Void Chamber system has been added that is 80 additional slots for your long term storage needs.
  • The drop-down menus accessible by right-clicking on a player character's portrait have been improved.

  • It is possible to manage your add-ons without having to log out.


  • The dungeon codex (keyboard shortcut: Shift + J) has been updated for Warlords of Draenor.

The Blizzard team concludes by inviting you to participate in the test of this new expansion, hoping that all these changes will improve your playing comfort.


And you, are you satisfied with these new contributions?

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