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The open PvP zone is available on the Mekkatorque beta server where you can directly create a level 100 character. Portals are available in the capitals (Orgrimmar and Stormwind) which allow you to teleport to our base camp.

There is a crowd !

Today we will see the area from an Alliance perspective. Barely there, you have to accept the invitation, otherwise you will be ejected from the area without concession.



It is the name of the castle where we disembark. All around, tents can accommodate all the NPCs who have come to lend a hand to the Alliance in its war effort.

A few short sequences of life in this bustling camp (make no mistake, I took the screenshots without players to get the sets but it was not an easy task, there are people, a lot of people !).

And a few small bugs (no, carts don't fly!).


Famous characters

Like everywhere now (and at the same time it is normal after so many years), there are known faces. In particular our dear Harisson Jones who left Illum:


The SI: 7 is there. It's always good to be able to count on your intelligence services in the event of a hardship.



Just to get in the mood, 2 quests are to be taken upon our arrival.

The one on the right, asking to speak to different NPCs, is accomplished on the spot and allows you to leave with a new quest:



In the castle, we find Constable Tremblblade (Quartermaster of Elite Conquerors) but he does not sell anything (it will be the seller of the Conquest equipment). Next to him is the Honor Steward who sells blue-grade iLvL 620 gear.

Outside, Artificius Torciboulot sells various items for fragments of artifacts.

Objects sold by Artificius Torciboulot


Finally, the only other interesting merchant (besides a repair blacksmith) that I have found is this gnome outside the main camp, Bixxie Rocketsocket.





At the top of the screen, as on all battlefields, we have resources called reinforcements.

As the actions of the different camps progress, these reinforcements move up and down. Each time a phase of the battle is won, Reinforcements are reset to 300.




On enemies or monsters, you can pick up artifact fragments.

Note that the artifacts that we recover from other players are stolen: he will lose them!

This currency allows you to buy items from Artificius Torciboulot (see above). If we bring our artifacts back to the mage leader in the base, we can set up mage portals that allow you to teleport directly to the base.

Or they can be given to Anenga to revitalize a veteran of the war.

Valant (Prince Vaillant!) Can use them to equip his Riders and send them into battle.

We can finally give them to Harrison Jones. I don't see the point (for the moment) except to please an iconic NPC!


Exploration of the area

The Altar


The career


The waterfall


Dark wood







Some pictures taken here and there!


King Ogre

In the center is a neutral Ogre. Opposite, there are two bodyguards, one for each faction. If we kill the bodyguard of the opposing faction, then the king joins us.

He becomes a big elite boss with 3 hit points (which can make all the difference!).


Means of transport

Here and there there are grapples or ropes that allow you to climb hills or platforms.

If we donate artifacts as seen above, we should have teleportation portals. I have also seen warlock portals in the area.

Finally, a small path leads to a camp.


This area is noted as contested territory but I do not think it is attackable. Will this be where the Alliance's "capital" services will be located? There is in any case a portal allowing to return to Stormwind.

A special mention to the models!


There you go, I hope you enjoyed this preview! I have realized it at the risk of my life on numerous occasions. It's weird, the Horde players wouldn't let me take my photos quietly (when did the Journalist armband not be attacked in a combat zone?).

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