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From September 28, find a major update on Albion Online!

This update is important because, first of all, you will see the appearance of a new biome: The Highlands, a very bucolic world, very green, hilly, and crossed by streams, rivers and waterfalls. . Obviously the appearance of the highlands will change depending on the area where you find yourself whether it is dangerous or not.

There will therefore be three different types of biome, namely, the more you will be in a dangerous zone, the more the environment will be gloomy:

  • Green Highlands (T1 to T4)
  • Red Highlands (T5 to T6)
  • High Deadlands (T7 to T8)


The factions in the Highlands

Heretics, like in all other biomes, are present and the first enemies you will encounter.

By exploring the biome a little better, you will then meet the Guardians of Albion, a tribe of Human-Giant that is part of the history of the game. The Guardians are connected to nature, they have not only been able to adapt, but also tame it over time.

The Highlands are home to resources such as stone (which can be found in any type since it is the biome's primary resource), ore (second resource), and timber.

Regarding wildlife, the Highlands are home to marmots. But that's not the only life form outside of the Guardians! You will encounter a special monster which is the Elemental of Stone.

  • T3: Elementary of Stone
  • T5: Mature Stone Elementary
  • T7: Elemental of Ancient Stone




With the return of the Guardians, new level 1 Artifacts are added!



Heron's Spear (in the spear branch): This spear will inflict damage on your target as well as those around them.

The Mace of Basement (branch of Maces): its brute force skill will stun your enemy and push him away, and will impact his stun on any enemies he hits in the process.

The Staff of Wild Fire (branch of the Fire Sticks): throw a sphere of magma in the direction of your enemies which will cause them damage and burn them.

The Stick of White Frost (in the branch of the Stick of Frost): the Avalanche spell allows you to send an icy rock on your enemies that grows larger over time, it will not only inflict damage on them but it will freeze them in place.

The Druidic Staff (in the Natural Staffs branch): its spiritual seed skill will keep your allies safe from all dangers.


Secondary weapons

Mistmaker (Torch Branch): A sculpted horn that will reduce the cooldown of all your spells and skills.


Armor Sets

Druid Set (In the Cloth Armor branch): A cloth set used by Guardian Druids containing powerful magic. Spirit of Vengeance will absorb damage and hamper your enemies, Circle of Inspiration will recharge your energy and that of your allies, and Reckless Rush will drive your enemies mad!

But it's not just the Guardians who have nice surprises! A total of 21 new Hell Artifact items are appearing! To learn more, you can check out our Weapons of Hell guide.

The Crossbow and Ax will receive new skills: Crossbow users will be able to choose between Explosive Shot in the first spell slot and second in Noise Eraser. And in the second Ax spell slot, Internal Bleeding has been added.

The Marshes are home to wildlife worthy of their environment!

Like all biomes, the appearance of swamps will be changed depending on the type of zone: Green, Red or Dead. As a reminder, the factions present in the swamps are the heretics as well as the living dead, and the available resources are fiber, wood and skin. And speaking of skin, the great family of swamp creatures is growing! So, we will redo the inventory of the marsh fauna:

  • T1: frog
  • T2: snake
  • T3: giant toad
  • T4: varan
  • T5: giant snake
  • T6: swamp dragon

Note that there are no T7 and T8 creatures in the swamps, but it will be possible to encounter a dark wolf, as long as the forest biome is not in play.

The swamps are also home to a special creature, the Swamp Spirit, which when defeated will bring you fiber. When updating Elaine, bug fixes and other small improvements will be made, such as:

  • No more T1 monsters in the mountains and steppes.
  • A rebalancing of many spells.
  • Invisible walls removed.
  • Adjustments to some prerequisites in the fate panel.

All these new features will make the experience on Albion Online even more enjoyable!

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