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The MMORPG Albion Online Sandbox definitely puts at our disposal the best tools! The latest is the PvP and GvG stats table (the “Killboard”). With a single click, you can view and analyze each individual, group, or guild fight, as well as each player's stats. Extremely well detailed so you can have as much information as possible.

The PvP Combat Table (PvP Elimination)

It is divided into two sub tables:

The first concerns the top fights:

  • The date, time, killer, victim, and fame points obtained at the end of the fight appear. You can also click on each nickname (killer and victim) to find out about the person in question and have all their battle statistics. You will be able to know the top of the fights for the current week and month, but also for the previous week or month.

The second concerns the most recent fights. Note that a slight delay in the report has been consciously programmed so as not to distort the game.

The detail button is a full report on the fight that gives you:

  • Who participates
  • Everyone's guild
  • Their current alliances
  • Everyone's complete equipment
  • The detail of what the victim was carrying on him


The table of fights / battles

The fights that involved the most Fame Points are displayed in this table. You will be able to have the details (thanks to the button) you will know who participated, where and when.

The table of GvG meetings

You will find there a report on the last fights between guilds, but also the future scheduled meetings. Featured, the three most promising encounters (calculated according to the total fame of each participating guild) are announced to you.

The best fighter table or the scores

Ranking of the best fighters or guilds with the highest number of fame and reputation points, always over the period of your choice (current week or month, previous week or month). In addition, you will have the ranking of players with the best fame fixed on the ratio of kills / deaths.

The comparison table

You will be able to compare up to 5 guilds of your choice according to their:

  • their overall stats in PvP
  • basic info
  • their 5 best players

Note that you can do a search directly to have all the information on a player or a guild by using the search bar. Do not hesitate to share your statistics on social networks, the Sandbox Interactive studio gives you permission!

To learn more about the PvP stats table, visit the official website. d’Albion Online.

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