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In the series of board games, video game sauce, I found a lot of cool and addicting little games. Today I am going to tell you about one of them that we are going to explore in depth.


Progress of a game

You will start with only a master burglar, with no special abilities, few resources and few action points. As you go along, you will have to, by collecting lanterns, unlock upgrades and buy units with the gold that you will accumulate in order to fulfill the victory conditions of the map.

To rob, or fill a strategic location with orphans, you will have to explore the streets of the map plunged into darkness. Once explored, the streets will reveal the units present, places of interest and potential targets.

The game will then end with whoever achieves the victory conditions the fastest.


Units and skills

Many skills will be useful to you to achieve victory, and they are only unlockable at the rate of one per turn. By using a large number of lanterns, you can obtain additional action points: the possibility of using a dagger, stealing more things, etc ... but above all, unlocking many units:

  • The orphans : the sinews of war ... you will have to place up to three per location, to unlock all the bonuses of a building. They are weak, do not attack, but can, in some cases, expel other orphans.
  • The gangs : your first line of attack ... they will be responsible for killing enemy units, killing contract targets, or savagely expelling orphans. Each murder gives them a bonus (+1 gold per murder, +1 damage, +1 orphan expelled. Stackable three times per bonus), and they can be combined with mobsters to add a point of life.
  • The mobsters: they are bullies who are there to block a street corner, a strategic access, etc ... they can be combined with a gang to add life.
  • The saboteurs: a unit unfortunately too often forgotten ... it traps a place, which can lose all the action points of a master burglar, or knock out any other unit wanting to go into a building.
  • The sisters : these women are formidable assassins ... they will inflict 6 points of damage on simple order. However, they are quite expensive and disposable.
  • Corrupt officials: a somewhat expensive unit, but terribly efficient ... it allows you to take all the orphans out of a building. Again, quite expensive and single use.

Only ... to have lanterns and gold ... several methods are available to you.

  • Burglarize houses
  • Kill other players' units, or some NPCs
  • Place orphans in strategic locations

You will be able to do charity once per turn, for lanterns or gold, but you won't be able to buy skills this turn.



The victory will be determined by the player who first fulfills the objectives of the game mode. Often, these are simple conditions (obtaining X victory points), but sometimes it requires to rob a place with conditions, or even to eliminate all members of the opposing gang.

Sometimes you will be able to buy bribes which will give you a victory point.


Game mode

The campaign will allow you to unlock different avatars (having no other function than the aesthetic) while telling you a story. At the same time, you will see the different game modes and maps available to you.

The multiplayer will offer you to play several on the same machine, each in turn. Quite restrictive (players should not watch the actions of others to avoid spoiling the blows), this mode is quite welcome for those who can not do otherwise. In network, you will be able to play all the cards, with the various conditions of victory which accompanies them.



Antihero is a game that won't take you long to get your bearings and will prove to be addicting in small doses. The different game modes will give you varied games and the methods of winning can sometimes be long drawn out. However, others will find it a bit repetitive, even poor. Because the campaign, finished in one afternoon, is not the primary goal of this game, which will see its true potential released in multiplayer.

Multiplayer (local or network) will be a real asset and will be a source of fun and renewal thanks to the wacky methods of some players.

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