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If the official spanish forum is not widely used, the same is not true of the English forum, which is full of requests for class rebalancing and for fixing bugs on certain spells. With PTS version 1.1 patchnotes released, it's time to take a look at what's going to change for your avatar. Please note, this information is subject to change before the official release.


The classes

Lamenoire - Certainly the most maligned class today. Very powerful class during the betas, it had undergone a serious facelift during the release, which confused more than one. In addition, several bugs made that certain spells or passives were not effective. The class itself is not undergoing improvements, but bug fixes.

Here are the fixes made:

  • Passive Catalyst (Siphon - Increases the effectiveness of potions): Will normally increase the effect of speed potions.
  • Dark Shadows (Shadow - Shadow Summon Evolution): This increase will do more damage as the skill ranks increase.
  • Concentrated Attacks (Assassination - Haste Evolution): Fixed an issue where ranks 2-4 were not regenerating stamina.
  • Essence Sape (Siphon - Power Drain Evolution): Fixed an issue that was not granting the initial damage bonus if no targets were hit.


Dragon knight - The other class that is talked about a lot, but this time in the other direction, considered well above the others. There too some bug fixes in the program, but also a significant balancing.

Here is the summary :

  • Inhalation and its morphs (Dragon Power): The initial health absorption effect can now only affect 3 targets. However, the damage always affects all nearby enemies. The main target of criticism on the forums, this skill, combined with powers that prevent interruptions or increase armor, made Dragon Knights virtually invincible in PvE or PvP, capable of slaying entire groups of players or monsters. Limiting the number of targets that can heal the player is therefore the remedy found by Zenimax to limit the value of this skill without making it useless. It will bitch in the dragon knights.
  • Burning Breath (Burning Flame - Burning Breath evolution): Fixed a bug that caused this skill to deal less damage than intended.
  • Burning Embers (Burning Flame - Searing Strike morph): This skill will now heal you if your target dies while affected by this skill. Previously, the skill would only heal you at the end of the 8 second effect, which is often well after your target dies, not granting you any healing. The skill therefore becomes more interesting.
  • Dark Talons (Draconic Power): This skill now does damage to everyone, even targets immune to slows / immobilizations. Fixed a bug where your allies could not activate the Impale synergy.
  • Petrification (Earth Heart): The health regeneration bonus for targets that are petrified has been removed.
  • Tapered Armor (Draconic Power - Spiky Armor morph): Skill now grants bonus armor normally for the first 3.5 seconds.
  • Spiky Armor and its morphs (Draconic Power): increased damage reflected by these skills.


Wizard - On this class, it's all about bug fixing. No actual balancing, although problem solving should make the class easier to play.

And let's go for the turn of the corrections:

  • Endless Fury (Call of the Storm - Mage's Fury Evolution): This skill now returns magic if the second explosion kills an enemy, in addition to the initial lightning bolt.
  • Persistence (Dark Magic - passive): This passive will now properly increase the duration of the runic prison.
  • Reduction (Daedric Summon - Passive): Death from your Winged Twilight will now properly restore your magic.
  • Summon Charged Atronach (Daedric Summon - Evolution of Summon Lightning Atronach): Damage increases with skill rank.


 Templar - Small rebalancing and bug fixes concerning this class.


  • Dawn Javelin (Aedric Lance - Slender Javelin Evolution): Addressed an issue where the javelin added less damage than the intended 40%.
  • Channeled Focus (Luminous Restoration - Rune Focus evolution): Addressed an issue where the spell was not returning the correct amount of magic
  • Purifying Ritual (Luminous Restoration): The Purification synergy will only appear for allies if they have a negative effect that can be removed.
  • Ritualist Master (Luminous Restoration - Passive): Decreased bonus on resurrection time - points invested in this passive will be returned.
  • Radiant Protection (Aedric Lance - Sunshield Evolution): Fixed an issue that caused this skill to not increase normally with ranks. This results in a small increase in its damage.
  • Rite of Passage (Luminous Restoration - Ultimate): Slightly increased healing. The Remembrance morph now grants a 20% damage reduction to all ranks rather than a 16% to 20% increase.
  • Rebirth Ritual (Luminous Restoration - Curative Ritual Evolution): increases self-healing on this evolution.
  • Spear Shards (Aedric Spear): Fixed a visual issue where the spear would fall horizontally.


Along with these changes to classes, there will also be some changes to other skill lines, including weapons and armor. We will come back to this more fully during the official release of Raidelorn.


And you, what do you think of these changes?

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