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During theEso Guild Summit which took place on October 1 and 2, the future Champion system was presented. The latter is destined, in the long term, to replace the current system of the levels of Veterans.



Champion System

The champion system will set up a system of horizontal progression which, at first, will rub shoulders with the veteran system to eventually see the latter disappear completely in order to make way for that of champion. Champion progression will take place as soon as a character reaches level 50 and will be effective for thewhole account, which will allow other characters to have access to the various upgrades as well.

If, for example, a level 50 character has 100 champion points and a new character is created on the same account, it will be level 1 but will already have 100 points. It should be noted that even if the points are linked to the accounts, the distribution of the latter will be specific to each character. When deploying the Champion system, if you have characters who are already Veterans, they will automatically return to level 50 and all the experience accumulated as a veteran will be converted into champion experience.


How it will work

The champion experience gain will not be different from the current one. That is, kill enemies, complete quests, do dungeons, etc. For each champion point gained, we can spend them in a constellation. It should be noted that we will not be able to put all our points in a single constellation. With each expenditure, a rotation will be carried out and the next point will have to be used in another constellation and so on.

Each constellation is linked to a specific statistic:

  • The constellation of warrior: life.
  • The constellation of stomach : magic.
  • The constellation of thief : vigor.

Each of these three constellations has three trees distinct. The constellation of the mage will, for example, improve resistance to spells. Each point spent in a tree will unlock passive bonuses additional. In total, four passive by trees will be unlockable.

In order to avoid too large a power gap, the more points the player spends in a branch, the lower the bonus contribution will be. For example, the very first point will improve by 1% bonus while the fortieth will bring only 0,1% Of course, these figures are still under study, the system is still in development. With this new system it will henceforth be impossible to reach the maximum in all the statistics of the game, as is currently the case for certain classes and specializations. In return, it will be possible to be much more optimized, to have more builds varied and the combat system will also be more dynamic.

At present, it is planned to obtain a total of 1 200 points and it will take about 1 hour of play to get a point. In order not to penalize new players and those with reduced playing time, a system of boost, similar to rest in other MMOs, will also be implemented.

Presentation video seen at QuakeCon 2014. 


It's for when ?

No date has yet been given. However, the putting online of this system will be effective during the fourth phase provided for in the modification of the level system. Phase one has just been put online, only a few weeks ago, so we will have to wait several more months before seeing the latter arrive.


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