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In a building overrun with zombies, a security guard is ready to do anything to get everyone to safety!

The game begins with a vision of a man who doesn't really look like a hero. He quietly eats his donut at his desk while through the window it seems chaos reigns in the hallways!

After this short introduction, it appears that it is not! The first level serves as a tutorial and shows us the very simple principle of the game: with the finger, it is possible to define the trajectory of our hero.

This hero will run in a straight line to the next obstacle or until he is pointed out with a new directive. If he falls in front of a wall, he stops. Namely that it does not need to touch a wall to be able to turn: it is possible to make it fork at any time.


However, you have to be careful because the zombies are standing in the room and a simple collision means a quick and violent death! The goal is therefore to recover all the good guys while avoiding the bad guys. And the good guys tend to get very close to the bad guys, which makes navigation tricky! As soon as a good guy is picked up, he follows the guard and the level can be completed. When the last good guy has been collected and the door opens. You must then go through this door to validate the table!

Note that each floor can be made up of several tables.

You have to save people on 99 levels ... so you can imagine the job! 30 unique heroes are to be unlocked, with hidden characters. Regarding the economic model, each finished painting is interspersed with an advertising banner and after several failures, you have to watch a video to be able to continue a floor. To no longer display it, you have to go to the cashier (which is still reasonable knowing that you get a bonus character in this way).

Keys are also for purchase, necessary to unlock the floors, but they are quite easily retrieved in-game. Easy to learn, Exit Hero presents more of a challenge than I expected. The hero runs relatively fast, even faster if you use a boost, and it takes some pretty good reflexes to lead him to safety. The zombies are more and more numerous, less and less well placed, and no doubt that the 99th floor will not be easy to reach!

So why not try to break a record? The game is free, you do not risk much ... just to die under the blows of a big green zombie not beautiful!

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