FFXIV - Meanders of Bahamut - Tour 8

Who I am
Aina Martin


Here is the third challenge of the Meanders of Bahamut: Bio-Treant


You will have to find your way through the corridors in front of you. don't worry the way is quite simple at first elevator bump go straight ahead, at the next straight ahead and finally, at the last one, turn right. You have arrived on the upper level, kill the monsters in front of you and open the door.

Warning on your way, you may come across Control sphere, they will spawn monsters that will have to be killed.


Our team

I recommend a team with 5 DPS. Indeed, Bio-Treant is a boss at DPS check. If after 11 minutes you did not kill him, the latter will do a spell called Atomic radius which will result in the death of all players.

  • 1 tank
  • 2 healers
  • 5 damage classes including a dragon / monk and a bard.

Thanks to this composition, the bard will be able to cast Ballad of the Magus to help healers during combat.


Know the enemy

I will start with the attacks of Bio-Tréant:

  • Homing missile : this attack is recognizable because a yellow ray will link the person concerned to the boss. The missile explodes in AoE on impact, so it will be important for the assigned person to move away from the group to take the damage alone. This attack is present from 100% to 45% of Bio-Treant's health.
  • Gas bomb : this attack will be marked on a player by a red ray, you will have to be grouped to share the damage. This attack will never target the tank.
  • Brain hijacking : Bio-treant will do this attack between 80% to 45% of his life. Bio-treant then takes control of the tank for 10 seconds. The controlled character will attack the person closest to him with self-attacks.

  • Laser ray : 180 degree attack that debuffs people in the area. The debuff is curable and does periodic damage.
  • Allagan Field: Bio-Treant will do this attack for 45% of his health. This spell will be placed on a player, it lasts 30 seconds during which all the damage received by this person will be inflicted twice in AoE at the end of the count.

  • Ballistic missile : immobilizes two players in the raid, there are two types of circle: Big and small.

To prevent the shackled players from dying, it is necessary that within 10 seconds, 3 players stand in the big circle and 2 players in the small to prevent their death (hindered players count).

In the image above, there is a large and a small circle and since the two hobbled players are together, only one additional player was needed in the large circle.



4 traps will activate as the boss advances. These are towers that can be found at each corner of the combat zone: north, south, west, east.

The first to activate is the southern one : the battleship tower. This last one is exactly the same monster that you already encountered during your confrontation with the 4th floor of the Bahamut labyrinth. The Tank will take it back and the healers will have to be careful of the damage taken by the latter.

The second is the tower West : the mine tower. It will spawn 3 mines in the room. Several people in the raid will each go and set off the mines because, if they stay in the room, their explosions will destroy the whole raid. Be careful, it inflicts more than 2500 points of damage and throws back. The tank will take care of the mines on its side.

The third and fourth are the Tower East et North part: these are zone explosion towers. The explosion inflicts between 2500 and 3000 damage.

By default, a tower is activated 60 seconds after its appearance. The delay before activation can be visualized by the rise of the green gauge of the tower. Every 15 seconds, it takes a rank, you have 5 graduations before the explosion of the tower. It is also possible to speed up the activation of a tower by making it take a level (15 seconds). To do this, a player must enter the electrified area in front of the tower. The player activating the tower takes a spell Vital agonies, it will take 1500 damage points and last 2 minutes. There must be no more than 2 Vital Agony Debuffs on a player.

When two turns pass the same level, at the same time, the boss gains a charge, which allows him to hit 10% harder and receive 10% less damage. You absolutely must not leave two towers at the same level.



  • The fight will be divided into 3 phases: the fight begins, the tank is placed in the center and the group between the south and west tower knowing that the raid group must be far enough from the boss not to take the damage of the Homing missile. The CAC dps will be as close as possible to the boss because he will be in charge of the Homing missile and also during Brain hijacking so as not to move the boss.
  • Two towers make their appearances, the two healers will accelerate the tower South. The battleship will arrive quickly which will make it possible to never have another appearance during the Brain hijacking. The dps CAC will take care of the Seeker missile, while the whole raid will be grouped and hit the battleship. After the death of the battleship, the bard will be able to take a first ride of the mage. For the white mage, I recommend keeping his veil for each appearance of the Battleship.
  • Two new towers make their appearances, Tour west et East, and two DPS will speed up the tower west : detonate the mines so as not to die and the healers must go back up the group after the explosion of the tower est.


  • We reach 80% of the boss's life, the 2 phase engages with the arrival of spells Brain hijacking et Ballistic missile.
  • To manage ballistic missiles, I advise you to take out the whole raid then two people designated in advance will be the additional people to complete circles.
  • After handling the first ballistic missile, the tower South and the tower is engage, and a designated person will accelerate the tower is. Attention, a Brain hijacking will happen at the same time, do not go through the middle after accelerating the tower is. This is followed by the appearance of a battleship.
  • Appearance of towers west et is, two people who don't have a debuff will speed up the tower west. Blow up the mines that come in and get the group back up after the tower explodes est. Then a Ballistic missile is to be managed followed by the appearance of towers west et South and two people who have no debuff will speed up the tower west.
  • Explosion of mines and appearance of the battleship, the bard will put his ballad of the mage at the end of the battleship.


  • Start of 3 phase with the arrival of Allagan field and the end of Brain hijacking. For the field, the white mage must put a breastplate and the scholar must put a comfort treaty on the person targeted by the spell. To finish Bio-treant, the field must be managed in this way otherwise it will be the assured death of the raid.
  • When the tower appears North part, west et East, a person will speed up the tower est.
  • Then the towers South, west et is will be triggered: a person will accelerate the tower is and 2 players the tower Where is.
  • The last turn phase triggers the turns north, west et est. A person accelerates the tower is and two the tower Where is. Manage the appearance of mines, le Allagan Field and you are finally victorious of Bio-treant.


Summary of phases

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • From 100% to 80%.
  • Tours: South et is first then Tour west et est.
  • Spells present: Laser ray, Gas bombHoming missile.
  • From 80% to 40%.
  • Tours: South et is and west is then turn west et South.
  • Spells present: Laser ray, Gas bombHoming missile, Brain hijacking et Ballistic missile.
  • 40% until death.
  • Tours: North part, west et is and South, west et East, and north, west et est.
  • Spells present: Laser rayHoming missileAllagan Fields.

And there you have it, the ascent to the next floor is for you!



Sand Time

  • Warrior - Paladin
    • High Allagan Protector's Gauntlets
    • High Allagan Belt of Protector
    • Shield Mandorle Haut-allagois
  • Moine
    • High Allagan Gauntlets of Striking
    • High Allagan Sabatons of Striking
    • High Allagan Bracelets of Slaying
  • Dragon Knight
    • High Allagan Bracelets of Slaying
    • High Allagan Slaughter Headguard
    • High Allagan Slaughter Trousers
  • Bard
    • High Allagan Breeches of Tracker
    • High Allagan Tracker Choker
    • High Allagan Ring Of Aiming
  • Dark Mage - Summoner
    • High Allagan Coat of Casting
    • High Allagan Gloves of Casting
  • White Mage - Scholar
    • High Allagan Tiara of Healing
    • High Allagan Belt of Healing
    • High Allagan Ring of Healing

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