Games of Glory - Guide: Arène d'Arkashan

Headquarters Domination game mode, the Arkashan Arena has several classic elements, which can be found in other MOBAs. The difference is that the victory is progressive and that in addition to the points to be captured for the victory, there are points for the gain of credits. The map is practicable for teams ranging from 3 to 5 players.



The map in detail

The Arena of Arkashan is a symmetrical map, consisting of a massive level including team bases and victory points, and a small platform accommodating a credit point. Knowing this card allows you to chain your moves to permanently have more points captured than the other team.

On either side of the map, we find in bleu et orange the bases of each team, each composed of a spawn point / store, a Core, two turrets protected by a shield. On the same line as the Core, there are three Victory Points: by capturing them, you lower the force field protecting the enemy base and you get more visibility (the eye-shaped icons on the map). In the center and on the same latitude, there are three Credit Points: by capturing them, you increase the credit gain for your team.



Timers & tips

  • You cannot hit opposing towers while the shield of the Core is still active.
  • At the start of the game, you have 30 seconds before the doors to your base open. As soon as the stopwatch reaches 0, you can go out and go to capture the points of the map.
  • If you started to capture a point and leave it without completing the capture, the progress will not reset and the next member of your team will pick up where you left off. Be careful, the progress of one team can eat into that of the other.

Doors close around victory points at 5 minutes during 20 seconds. The following closures occur every 3 minutes (8th minute, 11th minute, etc).

  • When the doors close, AI-controlled monsters appear. You have to defeat them to earn extra credits and just survive. Beware of their damage because they are very high. A simple technique is to walk along the walls and kill the monsters two by two.
  • If you are not locked, you can already capture the credit points of the main floor (teleporters are in closed rooms).

The card is equipped with two teleporters next to the external victory points (those close to the bases). They allow you to be very mobile and sometimes to sow your opponents. The other use of these teleporters is to be able to stretch ambushes but do not forget that the adversaries can lay traps for you in their turn.

A rather common mistake is to want to break the defense towers and the Core at all costs. Since towers deal a lot of damage, it's easy for the opposing team to defend them with one or two players. During this time, others can capture victory points and return to the game. No precipitation so but a control of the game! The best thing to do is send two people to slowly destroy the turrets while the others defend the points.

Do not neglect the credit points because they bring a significant bonus of currency to improve your equipment and gain the upper hand over the team opposite.


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