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I continue my series of articles on the discovery of points of interest with the capital of Charrs, the Black Citadel.


We have 5 types of points of interest:

  •  : mission (301)
  •  : waypoint (507)
  • : remarkable site (717)
  •   : skill challenge (202)
  •  : panoramas (266)

In parenthesis, I indicated the number of points of interest in the world. What to take care of, isn't it! Each time you discover all of these points of interest for a given area, you unlock a chest full of gifts. Rest assured, I'll help you sort it out.


In this area we have 11 , 17 and 5  :

Detailed points:

  • Hero's Township
  • Canton Factorium
  • Heart of the Imperator
  • Lower areas
  • Ruines of Rin
  • Ligacus That
 On most screens, I leave the interface so that you can locate yourself thanks to the minimap. Take advantage of it?


Hero's Township (House)

I start directly with this famous mystery zone: I could not find the front door! Vainly, I tried to enter by passing the side of the Canton Factorium when it was ... at the entrance (!), Above the inscription Gathering ground.

It's a large grid, on the right when you enter, leading to an instantiated area.

Once inside, the dots are no problem, just walk around between the buildings.


Canton Factorium

This panorama is located above a kind of greenhouse. To access it, you have to jump from the footbridge, at the monument crossing point (it is behind my back on the screen impression below and the panorama opposite, on my right):


Heart of the Imperator

This big ball in the middle has 5 remarkable sites.

The Citadel Prison: Access to the prison is on the ground floor, just to the right of the entrance, next to Master Strategist Rego and Coloa Fanroc.

The 3 quarters are on the 2nd floor. It's those big red carnations on either side of my character.

Each time, this triggers a small instance:

  • Quarters of the Tribune of the Legion of Ashes: left
  • The Command Center: in the middle. In this instance, you will find two remarkable sites:
    • The War Council: in the middle, behind you when you come home
    • Quarters of the tribune of the Iron Legion: on your right when you leave the council of war
  • Blood Legion tribune's quarters: right


Lower areas

To access these areas, you will have to take elevators. Look for the symbol on the map  to go down then the symbol  to go up. In real life, it looks like this:

A little advice, avoid jumping in ... I died as if I had fallen. To access certain areas, you will have to take two elevators, so follow along!

  • The Scourge: This area is accessible via the elevator north of the Heart of the Imperator, just below the monument crossing point. You will only find one waypoint in this area.
  • Gladium Quarter: This area is accessible via the elevator south of the Heart of the Imperator, just above the Canton of Gladiums text. From this area, you access two other areas:
    • the wreck cemetery by the elevator to the east with a panorama at the end of the footbridges
    • the Ruins of Jin by the elevator to the south which also provides access to the Ligacus Aquilo


Ruines of Rin

It is accessed via the Canton des gladiums lift, itself accessible via the Perimeter Loop (see diagram above). We actually find ourselves under the city, in a charming little wood and the ruins of the ancient human city.

The panorama is to the southeast of the ruins, at the very top of what must have been a tower or perhaps a large Rin house. To start climbing, it's just to the right of my head, you will see that afterwards everything is very logical:

When you get under the arches, go up them. As you can see on the left, there are boards that allow you to finish the ascent.


Ligacus That

From the ruins of Rin, go up along the water to the north, the panorama is on a rock on your right, just above the text Ligacus Aquilo. Access is from the back of the rock (just at my head level):

By sticking to the rock, this access allows access to the grassy part and to go up to the top of the rock.


It's over for the citadel. See you soon for new discoveries!

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