GW2 - Dungeon: Crucible of Eternity - exploration

In addition to the more general guide on the dungeon, here is the exploration part of the guide to the Crucible of Eternity.

After our stay in the Inquest complex in pursuit of Kudu, we return there with the mission to help Agent Spire quarantine the research center so that Kudu's creations do not escape. The three paths of this dungeon are very similar. We take more or less the same corridors and the alpha subject that will have to be beaten three times is present in each path. Enemies will inflict little damage, so focus on toughness over vitality. In some passages you will be surrounded by enemies, remember to target well for better group effectiveness.

We therefore accompany Spire to the main console so that it enters the appropriate codes. After a few monsters, a Frostbrood Wolf champion stands in our way. He ejects and is accompanied by an elite who will spawn a buddy. After having killed him, we arrive in the control room and this is where the trouble begins: Spire enters the codes and the center goes into quarantine, we must flee as soon as possible! The agent then offers us three loopholes:

  • Path 1 : flee in a submarine;
  • Path 2 : use an experimental teleporter;
  • Path 3 : go through the main door.

  • Path 1
  • Path 2
  • Path 3

As soon as the control room leaves, we arrive on the first boss.


Boss 1: Alpha Subject # 1

You will meet this boss three times. Each time he will have additional skills. For the first meeting, it suffices to reduce its life to a little more than half, after which it will liquefy in full of small silts to escape. Go melee or from a distance, it doesn't matter. He does spells of straight line area (earth peak) which widen away from it. They do quite a lot of damage. If you are at a distance, dodge to the sides as soon as you see them appear. In melee, group healing will compensate for damage. He also inflicts burn on the group.


Trapped corridor

(it's the red passage on the map)

Once defeated, we arrive in a room guarded by 4 golems. Each golem has different abilities. One knocks down and inflicts vulnerability, another stuns, the third gives a shield of fire to other golems, and the last makes explosions. I advise you to kill them in that order and place yourself in a corner just before the room so that they are all gathered.

Once dead, you will have to cross a corridor filled with laser beams who one shot (kills in one shot) if we cross them. Those on the ground do not move, you will have to jump over them. Those who are vertical move along the corridor.

There are 2 laser curtains as in the diagram:

The problem is, when the lasers get to the end of the hall, only one curtain disappears before heading back the other way. We can not therefore let them pass both before starting. We have to wait for them to reach the end of our side, for the first curtain to disappear and to stick the second while moving forward at the same time as it (be careful because the first curtain is found just behind us). Only 2 people are needed on the other side of the corridor. Once these 3 people have passed, each place yourself at a console and activate it at the same time, this will deactivate the lasers.


Boss 2: Improved Golem

Here you are in front of a golem surrounded by 5 turrets. These turrets give bonuses to the boss: regeneration, retaliation, protection etc ... They must be destroyed, however they reappear regularly.

The golem makes an electric cage around someone, don't cross it without stability! You can stay in it, it doesn't do any damage (unless you walk through it). The golem also makes a wall of fire, often on the same person targeted by the cage ... and shoots unreturnable projectiles that do a lot of damage, cash them or dodge them (there is a purple effect in front of the right boss. before he launches them).


Room 3: deactivate the security

In the next room, there is a console to activate and plenty of golems along the walls. It will be necessary to defeat the 5 security levels to open the door (the activation time for deactivation is relatively long). The little golems are constantly coming, as soon as they are close enough they stop and explode after a few seconds (they commit suicide). These explosions throw you away. With each security level foiled, 3 elite golems activate.

There are therefore 2 strategies:

Strategy 1

One person activates the console while the others protect it from small golems. It will be necessary to use the control spells to the maximum to prevent them from reaching the console. You can also walk past them (while being away from the console) to make them stop and explode. Quickly kill those who pass through your net.

Once a security level is deactivated, back down the hallway attracting the elites. Kill them and start over.

Strategy 2

The start is the same as for the first strategy. But once the first elite golems are dead (so there are 4 levels of security left), 4 people will use the console while the fifth will protect them from the small golems. It will take a lot of DPS on the console from this fifth person.


Boss 4: alpha topic # 2

You are back in front of subject alpha. It has the same capacity as before but, in addition, he will imprison a person in a crystal prison that will have to be destroyed. Bone claws will also appear in the room (easy to kill and very useful for getting up) as well as some disgruntled asura.

I advise you to all get down to melee to make it easier to destroy the prisons and raise the friends ^^ Again he will disappear before he is totally dead.


Boss 5: Bjarl the Marauder

So you enter the white experimentation lab. A Frostbrood awaits you. He has an upgrade that reduces the damage he takes (blue icon). His only other abilities are to do area spells in the room (ice spike) which will deal a lot of damage and 6 bleed charges. He will also charge someone who will almost kill him.

Stand near the electric pillars and wait for it to charge you. Instead of doing damage to you, it will be thrown by the pillar and lose its protective buff. At this point, unleash all your might until he regains his protection and so on.


Boss 6: alpha topic # 3

The alpha subject again. Now that you've gotten it right, it shouldn't be a problem. It has the same abilities as before with the addition of a new area spell: a dragon tooth that hurts relatively badly, to be avoided. Slime will appear from time to time and will pounce on the boss to heal him. They should die with the aoe (they get killed instantly).

So get into melee.

He is dead ? It's for good this time! Congratulations, you have completed the first path.


Boss 1: alpha topic # 1

The alpha subject of this path will be more melee. It has 2 types of attack: dragon teeth that hurt a lot (kills a tissue carrier in 2 hits), and another much larger area. It is made up of 2 concentric circles, the central area is an ice peak (medium damage with bleeding) and the peripheral area is a ring of earth which also makes big direct damage.

These areas will appear under the feet of the group members.

In addition, some asuras will come to help the boss. They kill each other quickly. So try to corner the boss against a wall and stay in melee. You will take some damage, but group healing should keep you alive. Remember to dodge (forward if the boss is against a wall to stay in contact) when there are areas.


Trapped corridor

(in red on the map)

Be careful when you arrive in the room before the lasers, 4 golems are waiting for you. It is the same strategy as path 1.


Improved Golem

Again, the strategy is the same in path 1.


Room 3: protect the cannon

Here you are in a room with a cannon in the middle. The goal is to protect it while it is being loaded. Small golems will come to annoy you: they run towards you or towards the cannon and stop to explode (that projects you so provide stability). Place controls for prevent them from reaching the cannon and kill them quickly. Do not stay near the cannon, golems passing near you will explode away from it this way.

From time to time, 3 elite golems will awaken. Consider targeting them for better efficiency.

Once the door is open, don't go for it! A champion abomination descends the stairs accompanied by other elite ghosts. Get them to come into the room and start by killing the elites. Then type the abomination. Do not hold back your punches, she will not give you any gifts ... Do not stay in melee, she has a very powerful blow with her club. She will make 2 types of ranged attacks: a shock wave causing medium damage and when she throws her club, do not stay in her path because she will rush to retrieve it (like the abominations in Orr but this attack can kill people). a knock).


Boss 4: alpha topic # 2

Again subject alpha. In addition to his previous abilities, he will make a crystal prison on someone and claws will come out of the ground (if you are down, consider killing them to get up quickly). So stand at melee !


Boss 5: evolved envelope

Here you are in the green experiments lab. This boss is a bit special in the sense that you won't hit him. It won't move from the center of the room, but that won't prevent it from doing great damage with areas inflicting conditions. Provide vitality and conditioner dispelling spells here. Bomb golems will kill themselves on your contact and throw you into the air, stability is useful as well. Also watch out for blooms that release a cloud of poison (like in the twilight arbor).

You are going to have to use the guns in the room to control the golems and send them to the boss to damage him. To do this, use the 1 ability of the rifle on the golems and they will go to the boss.

However, as soon as the spell is over, if the golem is still alive, it will come back to you. So chain the spell. If a golem is going to explode near you, use ability 2 to send it to the boss, it will explode on it.


Boss 6: alpha topic # 3

Rejoice! You will finally be able to complete this alpha topic! He has the same skills as before with the addition of silts that will regenerate him. Put all of yourselves against him and your AoE spells will kill the ooze.

In the image, we are dispatched, suddenly we can see the areas that cover a larger area ... it's harder: p

Congratulations! He is dead ! Go up the stairs to use the teleporter, you will be transported ... somewhere ...

This path is the longest in the dungeon.


Boss 1: alpha topic # 1

This is where the alpha subject is the hardest. Indeed, it has the capacities of the previous paths, namely the straight line area spells of C1 and the “ice peak and ring of earth” spell of C2 (see the other paths to see screenshots of the attacks. ). There will also be some asura from the investigation that will be in the game.

Same strategy: all at melee against a wall and dodge when there are zones. Quickly pick up your fallen friends.


Trapped corridor

(in red on the map)

Did you think you could escape it? Well no ! It is the same corridor as in the other paths. Watch out for the golems ahead.


Boss 2: Improved Golem

It is the same strategy as in the other paths.


Protect the barrel

It's the same strategy again as in path 2. When the golem is dead, a champion abomination comes down the stairs, don't rush. See the C2 stratum


Boss 4: alpha topic # 2 (which it is beta to return)

You must be in good shape now, I'll let you guess the strategy ... all glued to him against a wall! In addition to the area spells, it will make its legendary crystal prison and the claws will come out of the ground. On the way to the next boss, you'll meet a champion destroyer. There are a few areas, nothing too bad.


Boss 5: Evolved Destroyer

This is the red experimentation lab. It's about killing a destroyer in the middle of a lava field.

You will have to use the asura energy platforms to descend towards the boss quickly. If you ever fall into the lava, jump while moving, it will save you some damage. There are 2 stairs on the sides of the room to go up to the top if you can't jump on the platforms.

The goal here is toactivate the 3 cryolasers at the same time to destroy the boss's shield. Once he's gone, go down and hit the destroyer. Pay attention to the teeth of dragons which bump (the red zone is not very visible on the platforms).

After a few seconds, the shield will come back, it will flash before being really active. At this point, jump on the platforms and go up to the cryolasers. If you are still near the boss when the shield is active, you will be thrown into the lava.

Activate the cannons again and so on.


Boss 6: alpha topic # 3 - the ultimate battle

Always the same thing, we add the silts that come on the boss to heal him. All melee and everything will be fine ^^

That's it ! The alpha subject is dead for good this time!


Congratulations, the crucible has no more secrets for you!

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