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Here is Nicou's guide based on the melee elementalist. Mobility, burst, criticism, resistance, anti-conditions everything is there!

This very offensive build does not forget that in melee, a fabric is easily cut. So here is why I reinforced it in the earth with some extra skills.
Good reading!

The Fire, Air, Earth elementalist with double daggers
A master of the four elements, capable of unleashing lightning on enemies while supporting allies with a regenerating downpour, the Elementalist is extremely versatile on the battlefield. Earthquakes and firestorms accompany him as he climbs into battle, but this powerful mage also knows how to defend and support his companions in many ways. At any time, the elementalist can tune with a new element and thus adapt his fighting style to each situation. Elementalist gameplay is characterized by his mastery of four elements primordial: fire, water, air and earth. Each element has a different skill set and style of play. Despite his many defensive skills, the Elementalist remains a caster to theLight Armor who prefers to specialize in the power of their spells. The richness of its gameplay lies in its ability to change elemental affinity to adapt to combat and take advantage of a wider range of skills. You will therefore have 4 affinities with the elements:


The four elemental affinities are accessible using the F1 to F4 keys and are arranged above the weapon skills. The Elementalist can switch from one to the other very quickly in order to adapt to a given situation. When changing affinity, all five weapon skills are changed depending on the item chosen. The previous affinity recharges and will be unusable for about fifteen seconds. An elementalist can therefore frequently change affinity in order to access a varied range of skills. His skills will allow him to remain very versatile or, on the contrary, to prefer to specialize in one or two elements that he will master brilliantly.


  • Igneous affinity : Fire is a source of raw damage covering a large area. It can inflict burn on multiple opponents.
  • Aquatic affinity : Water is the ultimate support element. In particular, it allows you to regenerate your allies. Its offensive aspects focus on alterations.
  • Air affinity : The air offers many electrical attacks that deal a lot of damage. It also allows you to throw opponents away from the caster and blind them. It also ensures great speed to the elementalist and his companions.
  • Earth affinity : The earth combines personal protection and high offensive potential. Heavy area damage, bleeding, and immobilization are just a few examples of this element's abilities.
The activation of each affinity triggers an effect of its own around the elementalist. It is important not to forget this :
  • Feu : An explosion of flames burns his enemies.
  • Water : Her allies are relieved by a wave of healing.
  • Air : A burst of energy electrocutes opponents.
  • Earth : Nearby enemies are surprised by an earthquake.


SKILLS For the explanation of skills:
  • Feu : Fire using double daggers is a very offensive element, it is still necessary to know / be able to stay as close as possible to the enemy. For that you have the "incandescent velocity" (sort 3). In short, we are in this chapter for the fire skills. This fire build gives you a 20% chance to burn the enemy if they attack you (great the burn will last a long time and will hit hard thanks to your fire / earth spec). You will also do damage around you constantly thanks to the "sunspot" and finally, thanks to the "fiery rage" you will do 5% more damage to the burned enemies. Remember that you are also specialized in air; The air that grants you high crit ... You have a 20% chance to inflict burn if you attack the enemy. without forgetting that on fire you will inflict 10% more damage ... Ouh lala, the enemy constantly under your long and powerful burn + your heavy firepower, your spell to stay within range! All of your fire spells can be used on the move, great because that's what you want. So let's move on to the air and see why you have to constantly move to strike.
  • Air : Since I selected a wonderful skill, hitting while moving will grant you 5% more damage. Let's talk about movement, you gain 10% movement speed thanks to this affinity and your spec. Lightning bolts will strike enemies around you and you will have 60% to inflict vulnerability on one of your crit. You also have the power to "ride the lightning" and rush at your enemy. You will be able to stun him if he dares to attack you while under the effect of "shock aura". You will be able to project it and gain in speed thanks to "updraft" ... Oh I forgot, you hit 10% harder with your air spec!
  • Earth : Power, power ... It's all well and good but in fabric we risk getting our teeth farted quickly, you tell me! Well here is the earth build to the rescue! 200 extra resistance + bonus armor! Yay! You'll also deal 5% more melee damage and some other cool trinkets. The earth causes great damage (perhaps a chouya less than fire) but especially bleeding ... It can accumulate! The more you hit, the more the enemy will bleed. All your earth spells cause bleeding except ONE ... which allows you to fart it jedi way ... a power take that brings the enemy to you. Isn't that beautiful? Seriously, I am drawn towards my enemy, I am beaten, I am burned, I am bled, I am thrown away emptying my blood ... I take my legs at my stroke! Take a look at the double earth dagger abilities and you will understand that it stings well.



GAMEPLAY The change in affinity is very important. Switch as soon as you feel it's the right time. You will master it little by little.

For a small example of a fight against a target:

Let's say I start with the earth. The enemy will swing me, by logic, his most powerful spells. Your additional armor and resistance will take the brunt of the damage. During this time you use "magnetic catch" to attract it to you then in the order "Earthquake" -> "Earth upheaval" -> "Ring of earth". If he still hits too hard for you, stay in earth affinity and apply more bleeds to him before using "magnetic grip" and / or "earthquake" again. He will be knocked down and you can heal yourself a bit. Otherwise, immediately take out the heavy artillery in fire affinity. He still has a lot of bleeding, take the opportunity to add more burns. "Searing Velocity" -> "Ring of Fire" -> "Drake Breath" -> "Grip of Fire". Go directly to the air and follow with "Lightning caress" which will leave him vulnerable -> "Shock aura" to stun him -> "Ascending current" to throw him away -> and run immediately towards him thanks to "Ride the lightning". Come back with earth and reapply your bleeds, stun it, lure it, hit it, bite it! ?

I forgot! If the going gets tough take out your Earth Armor and Earth Shield Conjuring.

Armed with earth shield, you can use magnetic force to attract opponents to you, create an impassable rampart, or give shield blows and throw it at enemies.

It was a small example to show that in combat you have to change your affinities often. Also, don't forget to move around a lot, dodge and move around while hitting thanks to your special bonus. What we are looking for: Control the target's movements and stun it, throw it, jump on it, inflict the maximum amount of bleeding and burns. What we want is to wander the enemy and impose his rhythm on him. Always move around and pay attention to your cooldowns. The Elementalist leaves no chance for error. Equipment: Thanks to this build, you will have to seek the points of life, the armor you will have what it takes in earth, skills and the conjuration of the shield of earth. So look for health points, power and a good critical ratio. CARE - UTILITY - ELITE SKILLS Care: So I took the aura of restoration. We gain life every time we cast a spell. You have to strike constantly so obviously your regeneration of life through this care will be felt. not enough regen life? use the spell to regain more health. Utility: A fire seal to improve the critical hit proc and inflict a burn on the enemy (Good idea! We full burn the enemy and we add this seal before using the "fist grip" ... Ouuuh cha must sting!) || Earth armor grants protection (-33% damage) and stability (cannot be knocked down) || The earth shield conjuration as written above, sisi, look up a bit? Elite: A conspiracy of swordfish MWAHAHAHAH ... Well that's enough to scare the opponent! You have new spells during this conjuration. You summon one in your hands and one on the ground like each summons. As shown in the image below, you will have new spells:
  1. A fireball is fired at the enemy with each of your hits.
  2. Stuck your sword into the ground to shoot flames near your enemies.
  3. You move forward and hit enemies in your path.
  4. A charge directed at an enemy, leaving a trail of fire in your wake.
  5. A storm of flames descends on the targeted area.
  • You will be very very mobile
  • Your damage will mainly be based on bleeding (earth), burning (fire), and large direct damage spells
  • Lots of opponent control and movement for you
  • it will take experience to master your affinity change orders
  • Plan the actions and movements of players
  • Know your cooldown and spells perfectly
  • Play in safety, if the enemy is too strong, leave thanks to your two spells, that of fire in first then the ball flash to run quickly then. Wait around the bend with a friend. The key is to play it safe.


Thanks for reading me, feel free to comment if you read everything correctly.

(Talents added soon)

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