GW2 - Goalkeeper

I am protecting you. They will have to run over my body first!

Devotion: this is the watchword of the guardian, who invokes powerful Virtues to slay his enemies and protect his allies. Wielding both staff and hammer with equal mastery, he is a skilled tactician who does not hesitate to sacrifice his own defenses to give his allies the ascendancy that will lead them to victory.

  • Special skills
  • Land weapons
  • Aquatic weapons
  • Virtues
  • Spiritual weapons: the Guardian can materialize alongside him weapons that the enemy cannot attack and that inflict damage on targeted enemies. The spell can be activated to cause the spirit weapon to perform a powerful attack before disappearing.
  • Symbols: the guardian inscribes symbols on the ground that inflict damage on enemies and provide a bonus to allies.
  • Protection spells: a demarcated area on the ground prevents enemies from passing while leaving allies free to move.
  • Aegis: a temporary bonus that blocks the next attack.

The Guardian has many weapons, both melee and magical.


2-handed weapon.
Staffs are long-range, slow-casting weapons.

Long sword

2-handed weapon.
To handle a sword with both hands is to take the risk of being carried away by the blow, unless precisely taking advantage of the inertia of the blow. So the Guardian who uses this weapon will use their momentum to deliver area-of-effect sweep attacks while moving.


2-handed weapon.
The hammer allows whoever wields it to knock down enemies, especially with area attacks by hitting the ground.


1-handed weapon. Secondary hand.
Fast weapon coupled with many striking and moving skills. Managing the distance between you and your opponent as well as your position in relation to his shots is of paramount importance.


1-handed weapon. Main hand.
Mace will be a dreaded weapon of spellcasters, allowing skills to be interrupted by knocking out victims and making them more vulnerable to additional attacks.


1-handed weapon. Main hand.
Scepters are suitable for melee combat.


1-handed weapon. Secondary hand.
When the Guardian is equipped with a shield, he can decide to block projectiles or spells. Any hit that is blocked deals less damage.


1-handed weapon. Secondary hand.
Focus skills are powerful melee abilities.


1-handed weapon. Secondary hand.
Allows the character carrying the torch to have some fire-related skills.

All aquatic weapons are equipped automatically when you dive underwater.


The spear is a close range melee weapon.


The trident is a long-range magic weapon.

The Guardian has three special abilities, or Virtues, that grant him passive benefits in combat:

  • Justice : one in five attacks  set the enemy ablaze
  • Courage : every 30 seconds, you receive  Aegis that blocks the next attack
  • Determination : you regain your life points


  • The Guardian


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