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The expansion offers the possibility of obtaining a hall for you and your guild. Here is a summary of the different steps to obtain your hall as well as the necessary components for most buildings.



The first step in conquering your guild hall is to lead an expedition there. For this you need to talk to one of the two NPCs who can be found in the guild zone levels at Lion's Arch. To begin this quest, your guild will need to have:

  • 100 gold coins (classic currency)
  • 150 Favor Points (obtained by completing Guild Missions)

Depending on the choice of guild hall you make between Lost Precipice and Golden Cave, the location of the quest is different. Namely that for the golden cave, the first level of mastery of the exalted is necessary to pass a door located in front of the instance. The sorcerer's portal or a teleport stone to a friend can fix the problem.

  • Lost Precipice
  • Golden cave

The entrance to this instance can be found on the map of Emerald Ore. Depending on the teleportation point you are using, you will need to use the hang glider to access the instance.

A little harder to find, the Golden Cave can be found in the basements of the city of Tarir in the map of Golden Valley. The teleportation point in the city center is perfect for reaching the instance because the entrance to the basements is simply nearby.


Pacify his guild hall

As you already know, the Maguuma jungle is infested with mordrem and your future guild hall is no exception to the rule. To be able to claim your guild hall, you will have to get rid of the occupant. In addition, whatever the hall you have chosen, the conquest of the hall remains the same in principle. The only change is in the map and the terrain that composes it.


Mordrem mouths

The objective of this first step is to defeat 5 Mordrem Maws which are protected by other Mordrems. Be careful, some Mordrems make the Maw immune to damage. Depending on the size of your group, the number of mouths will be different. For example, for an expedition of 20 players, you will only have 2 mouths per wave while at 50 you will have to defeat 5. Typically, you will have to put ten players per mouth.

Each wave has a time limit of 3 min and 30 seconds which, if you fail, has two consequences:

  • Make a new wave reappear (by making the old one disappear)
  • Increase the level of air toxicity

This last point is crucial because, if the toxicity bar reaches 100%, your expedition will be annihilated and you will have to start pacifying your hall again from the beginning (only this step). However, if you are successful, you will proceed to the second step of acquiring the guild hall.


The Mordrem Elite Guard

Last step before you can secure your guild hall: the Mordrem Elite Guard. At 50 players, two will have to be killed. For our part, we were about twenty and had to face only two. Something to note: we had a bug because the fact of killing the first legendary without touching the second validated the step (surely corrected in some time by ArenaNet). This stage is also timed with a time of 8 min for all the bosses.

The fights are quite simple if you place yourself at a distance from the various enemies. They do a lot of melee damage. In addition, like all monsters of this template, they have a defiance bar which, if you reduce it to 0 (thanks to control spells), will make the monsters much more vulnerable to your attacks (from single to double).

Once defeated, you will be able to interact with the crystal in the hall to secure it! Well done your guild now has a hall but the work is not finished!

Restoration of the hall and buildings

Here is your guild acquired its new stronghold. We must now be able to accommodate everyone and for that we will have to rebuild this stronghold stone by stone. At the start, you will only have access to 3 buildings which are the cornerstones of your hall:

  • Tavern: gives social and temporary bonuses (xp + 3% for example)
  • Mine: Allows your guild to gain Etherium
  • Workshop: unlocks the illustrator

You will then have access to the level of these buildings so that it is fully operational. New buildings will also be available such as the market or the arena. Be aware that each building contains upgrades that can be acquired depending on your guild level (this one costs Etherium and Favor).

Below, you will find the materials needed for each building depending on their restoration. Some restorations require certain prerequisites such as a certain guild level:

  • Tavern
  • My
  • workshop
  • Command room
  • Market
  • Arena

Restoration 1 (Nv 1)

  • 250 Ancestral wood plank
  • 250 Mithril Ingot
  • 50 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 10 Empty barrel
  • 50 Glass mug
  • 20 Shard of obsidian
  • 25 Silk roll
  • 100 Piece of treated thick leather
  • 10 Tulle roll
  • 10 Piece of treated hardened leather

Restoration 2 (Niv 19)

  • 1000 Ancestral wood plank
  • 1000 Mithril Ingot
  • 200 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 200 Empty barrel
  • 300 Glass mug
  • 80 Shard of obsidian
  • 100 Silk roll
  • 400 Piece of treated thick leather
  • 60 Tulle roll
  • 200 Piece of treated hardened leather

Restoration 1 (Lv 2)

  • 200  Ancestral wood plank
  • 200  Mithril Ingot
  • 50  Shovel of the Silver Wilds
  • 4 Heavyweight 18-slot cast leather

Restoration 2 (Lv 15)

  • 1000  Ancestral wood plank
  • 1000  Mithril Ingot
  • 100  Shovel of the Silver Wilds
  • 7 Heavyweight 18-slot cast leather
  • 50 Flaxseed oil
  • 20  Molten magnetite

Restoration 1 (Lv 3)

  • 200 Mechanical pinion
  • 200  Mithril Ingot
  • 50 Flaxseed oil
  • 20 Aircraft fuel can
  • 200 Thermocatalytic reagent
  • 50 Orichalcum ingot
  • 5 Elonian Leather Piece
  • 50 Quartz crystal

Restoration (Lv 23)

  • 500 Mechanical pinion
  • 500  Mithril Ingot
  • 400 Flaxseed oil
  • 50 Aircraft fuel can
  • 1000 Thermocatalytic reagent
  • 400 Orichalcum ingot
  • 50 Elonian Leather Piece
  • 400 Quartz crystal

Restoration 1 (Lv 4)

  • 500  Ancestral wood plank
  • 500  Mithril Ingot
  • 35 Ectoplasm ball
  • 5  Dragonite Ingot
  • 5  Spiritwood Plank

Restoration 2 (Lv 20)

  • 30 Tribute badge
  • 1000 Ancestral wood plank
  • 1000 Mithril Ingot
  • 200 Ectoplasm ball
  • 10 Dragonite Ingot
  • 10 Spiritwood Plank

Restoration 1 (Lv 4)

  • 3 18-slot silk bag
  • 3   18 slot mithril box
  • 3 Heavyweight 18-slot cast leather
  • 20 Mystique crystal
  • 35 Ectoplasm ball
  • 5 Express counter
  • 100 Piece of treated hardened leather
  • 25 Old wood plank
  • 100  Orichalcum ingot
  • 30 Pile of Auric Dust

Restoration 2 (Lv 22)

  • 6 18-slot silk bag
  • 6   18 slot mithril box
  • 6 Heavyweight 18-slot cast leather
  • 40 Mystique crystal
  • 200 Ectoplasm ball
  • 10 Express counter
  • 150 Piece of treated hardened leather
  • 50 Old wood plank
  • 200  Orichalcum ingot
  • 60 Pile of Auric Dust

Restoration 1 (Lv 4)

  • 300  Mithril Ingot
  • 300 Ancestral wood plank
  • 50 Opal orb
  • 50  PvP Reward Potion
  • 35 Ectoplasm ball
  • 30 Spark of the lines of force
  • 2 Celestial Interlaced Tulle Insignia
  • 2 Enchanted inscription on celestial orichalcum plaque
  • 200 Vial of Absolute Blood
  • 200 The long ones

Restoration 2 (Lv 10)

  • 500  Mithril Ingot
  • 500 Ancestral wood plank
  • 100 Opal orb
  • 100  PvP Reward Potion
  • 200 Ectoplasm ball
  • 50 Spark of the lines of force
  • 4 Celestial Interlaced Tulle Insignia
  • 4 Enchanted inscription on celestial orichalcum plaque
  • 400 Vial of Absolute Blood
  • 400 The long ones

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