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This week's Guild Chat show was mostly focused on the upcoming Guild Wars 2 balancing update. In addition to that, Josh Davis posted on the official forums a few changes that are going to take place in PvP gear.


PvP gear

You should know that the changes to the equipment are not necessarily final because the changes are easily reversible. Two runes are going to be removed, namely the durability and mercy runes. The Demonic Summon Sigil will be removed and the Energy Sigil will be changed (5 seconds stamina rather than 50% stamina regeneration).

Amulets have also been removed: military, colonizer, celestial and Sentinel. However, new amulets will be added (names in English):

  • Mercenary’s Amulet
  • Sage’s Amulet
  • Paladin’s Amulet
  • Mender’s Amulet
  • 1050 Power
  • 1050 Condition Damage
  • 560 Robustness
  • 560 Vitality
  • 1050 Power
  • 1050 Condition Damage
  • 560 Healing Power
  • 560 Vitality
  • 1050 Power
  • 1050 Accuracy
  • 560 Robustness
  • 560 Vitality
  • 1050 Power
  • 1050 Healing Power
  • 560 Accuracy
  • 560 Vitality


Summary Guild Chat

In addition to the class balancing that you can see below, we have had changes on other elements of the game: the hang glider will not be added on the WvW so as not to change the game mode and the slowness and speed will no longer affect the resurrection and killing.

Now let's come to the changes to the professions that were at the heart of the show:

  • pain
  • Engineer
  • guardian
  • Mesmer
  • Necro
  • Prowler
  • Revenant
  • Voleur
  • Guerrier
  • Diamond Skin: no longer makes you invulnerable to ailments, it will act as a dissipator (1 condition every second). The health threshold is increased to 75% instead of 90%.
  • Fresh Air: You gain 250 ferocity when your affinity is recharged (no increase in intensity).
  • Rockbreaker (Scepter - Water): The explosion happens after 1 second and the area has been reduced. Reload time increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Auras will only be active for 4 seconds.

The Elementalist has mostly suffered a nerf from PvP. ArenaNet admits it was way too strong with the additions that came with HoT.

  • Power Surge: Reduced cooldown from 20% to 33%.
  • Slaying Salvo: increased damage by 33%.
  • Lightning Charge: Increased reload time from 10 sec to 12 sec.
  • Stealth Gyrocopter: Increased reload time from 20 sec to 40 sec.

The engineer becomes a little more Swiss Army knife compared to the kits to the detriment of his survival.

  • Revive and Protection: Increased resurrection speed.
  • Ailment Purge: Increased the number of ailments dispelled (2 instead of XNUMX).
  • Trial of Faith: damage on trigger at 66% and 50% thereafter.
  • Piercing Light: Decreased stupor duration to 0.5 sec

The Guardian's survivability has been increased at the expense of the damage / control he inflicts.

  • Well of Precognition: No longer grants distortion, but instead grants 3 seconds of aegis per pulse.
  • Malicious Sorcery: increased attack speed to 20%.
  • Chaos Armor: Inflicts weakness instead of blindness. Speed ​​and Confusion changed to 5 seconds duration.
  • Euphoria increased from 66% to 33% for spell cooldown.

The mesmer's biggest change comes from euphoria, but luckily if you stick to your spells you can still be just as effective.

  • Perk Corruption: The number of perk converted has been reduced to 3, and the spell's loading time has been reduced from 40sec to 15sec.
  • Putrid Curse (Scepter - Auto Attack): Removes a boon.
  • Unyielding Blast: No longer inflicts vulnerability. Instead, Burst of Life / Calamitous spells inflict it by default.

Offers another class the ability to be able to quickly remove the benefits of a watch.

  • Search and Rescue! : Grants regeneration to allies in the area. If an ally is down, teleport that ally to your feet and then lift it up.
  • Protect me ! : dispels stun to allies. Grants you protection and redirects the next monster attacking you to your pet.
  • Hidden Barbell: Bleeding deals 33% more damage instead of 20%.
  • Predator Assault: Increased damage to you and your pet by 15%.

The Ranger / Familiar link as well as the support function of this class have been improved.

  • Surgical Strike: Throws 3 projectiles regardless of the number of targets. Frost duration reduced to 1.5sec per projectile.
  • Relentless Assault: Hit count increased to 5 while damage increased by 10%.
  • Facet of Light: Activation of the spell is now instantaneous.
  • Coalescence of Destruction: Cooldown increased to 4 seconds
  • Sword Auto Attack has taken damage reduction (approx 10%) however it now applies vulnerability.

The ghost becomes rather balanced. Self-attack is a justified nerf and some spells have been adjusted accordingly.

  • “Acrobatics” line traits have been changed to increase regeneration and condition dissipation. Fleeting Shadow now grants reflex while Length Ahead grants you regeneration.
  • Basil Venom: In addition to base effects, your attacks are unblockable.
  • Withdrawal: Healing increased by 10%.
  • Bandit Defense: Block duration now lasts 1,5 seconds.
  • The automatic attacks of weapons (staff, sword and dagger) have been increased.

The thief has been greatly improved in terms of damage but also survivability.

  • Healing is increased through To Done (40%) and Adrenal Health (10%)
  • Cyclone Ax: increased damage
  • The rifle is undergoing an overhaul. Sniping no longer applies vulnerability but does gain more adrenaline. Brutal Fire will immobilize your target for 1.5 sec. Finally, Focused Shot will deal more damage (20%) and 5 vulnerability charges.
  • Queens of Fire: Grants you a Fire Shield with a 15 sec cooldown. Using a berserker spell will trigger a fire explosion inflicting Burn for 3 seconds.
  • Rage skills will give you more adrenaline

The Warrior gains defensive benefits as well as reduced loading time on many of these skills.

You can find the replay of the Livestream in the link below. The YouTube link will be added as soon as it is available.

Twitch replay

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