GW2 - Halloween, Act II day 1

Here we are on October 27! The Halloween event in Guild Wars 2 has moved on to Event Act II: Shadow of the Mad King!

Each day of this event will have the right to its little summary in the evening with all the information that we were able to recover during the day.

So today is the first day of act II which will take place from 26 "evening" to 28 "evening" of October. So let's see the content of this fifth day of celebration!


Second act: October 27

Act II has finally started, so let's see what new things this day brings.

  • Memoirs Dement of Act II
  • Mad King's Bell Tower
  • Lunatic Inquisition


Main Quest: Mad Memoirs of Act II

You will need to have previously completed the insane memoirs of act I. For this, go to our Halloween article act I day 1.

For those who have already done this first part of the quest, let's move on! ?

Go find the Magistrate Tassi and keep under the elbow the material meter supplied with candy as well as candies for the quest.

Do you have your equipment? We can go.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to search for ghosts who will tell you funny stories. Listen to them in full! ?

This material meter will grant you 5 spells:

  1. Watery ground detection
  2. Gas field detection
  3. Etheric Terrain Detection
  4. Physical terrain detection
  5. Strong signals / Weak signals

With these first 4 spells, you will find strange places in the Kryta region. The 5th spell will allow you to detect bags of candy or ghosts that will give you demented memories with clues to find the other ghosts. When you approach "sensitive" areas, the spell will change to "strong signal". Will you need to use the correct detection?


Where can I find demented memories? Follow the guide ?

Site n ° 6 : Go to fields of Gendarran - Ascalonian Colony, then use your material meter at the location indicated by the arrow.
This will trigger a new event called fend off the hands of accused thieves. Defeat the enemies, the ghost of Cashel will appear and give you Insane Memoirs VII: Severed Hands


Site n ° 7: Go to the Harathi Hinterlands via the TP from the Ruins of Saint Demetra. Here you will see a statue of Dwayna. Clicking on it will tell you to kneel (/ knees). This summons the ghost of Dwayna's emissary. Use your material meter near this outfall, and Frenn's ghost will appear to give you Memoir Mement VIII: Feast and Famine!


Site n ° 8: Go to the Black-headed Gull Island, Blood Tide Coast area (Below the Lion's Arch). There is a beached ship to the left of this island. Use your material meter once on this ship. You will find a clickable suspicious gear. Click on it and a haunted door opens!

An event will then start and you will have to kill the mobs until a candy elemental spawns. After your victory (At least I hope so ^^), speak to the ghost of Fleet Marshal Bennu to receive Mad Memoir IX: Pain and Love


Site n ° 9: Go back to the Harathi Hinterlands, the TP on the left in the northwest corner near the small town. You will need to go a little south of the armor repair guy and go up the stairs. At the very top you will find a storeroom with hay and a pumpkin. Use your material meter here to reveal the ghost of Rufus who will give you Mad Memoirs X: Tax-O-Lanterns.


Site n ° 10: This one is also in the Harathi Hinterlands. Go to the northeast bridge that spans Lake Arka. Use your (gas) material meter here to reveal a suspicious location on the bridge and initiate the flaming ghost event. Then use the aqueous mode to reveal buckets of water which will be used to extinguish the flame on the ghost. This done, Portia's ghost and she will give you the Mad Memoirs XI: Flames of Renewal.


Site n ° 11: This one is located in the marshes of Lumillule, crypt of Fort Cadence, inside the shattered keep. Go down the path to the bottom of these crypts then use your material meter to reveal a suspicious spot near the torch. You will spawn the ghost of Wynn who will give you the Mad Memoirs XII: Descension.



Once you find these 6 new insane memories, go back to see the Magistrate Tassi which will provide you with the complete edition of the Insane Memories!


The Mad King's Bell Tower - Puzzle Jump

This Puzzle Jump is located in the Mad King's Labyrinth which is itself in the Queen's Valley, the Plains of Kesse or the Fields of Gendarran. Once in one of these areas, if you see haunted doors with a pumpkin on top, go inside! Once through the door, talk to the NPC and ask him to join The Mad King's Clock.

Open your eyes wide and jump on anything that appears no matter how small it is. You may have to jump lower to be able to climb back up. Speed ​​boots are not negligible. You will find in the bell tower a nice chest as well as a success?

Some Tips:

  • Use the mouse to turn
  • Disable the option to dodge by pressing a direction key twice
  • Take your time !
  • Remember to use the directional keys once in the air, it helps a lot
  • Use a showy dye to identify your character in relation to others
  • Finishing the Puzzle first brings you a treasure containing bags
  • The number of bags is increased by the discovery of magic
  • Put the graphics at the bottom

Everything is ready ? So let's go ! UltiMesk has agreed to share with us his video of this Puzzle Jump. Do not hesitate to subscribe to his Youtube channel! There you will find guides, explorations and other tips.


Lunatic Inquisition

This mini-game was introduced with Act II. This is a small game where two teams compete for 13 minutes.

The players are divided into two teams: the villagers et the lunatics.

You will be able to play the Lunatic Inquisition via the laboratory of the mad king thanks to the region of the Valley of the queen, the Plains of Kesse or the Fields of Gendarran. Once in one of these areas, if you see haunted doors with a pumpkin on top, go inside! Once through the door, talk to the NPC and ask him to join the Lunatic Inquisiton.



Look at the top if your screen has two numbers. The one on the left is your score and the one on the right is the enemy score. The small number in between is the time remaining to play the match.


Loyalty card

Here is the map. We find the poor in red, the teleport terminals in blue and the alarms via the white arrows.



General information

  • No health regeneration out of combat but you strike fast and have 10 seconds stealth (elite skill) on a 45 second cooldown. You will become invisible for 10s if you don't move.
  • To get health, you can pick up food from the ground to eat or go to any of the four corners of the map.
  • Your job is to survive as long as you can.
  • If you die, you will be converted to the Lunatic team, but you can still contribute to your team's scores.
  • There are weapons you can pick up near the center of the map to kill Lunatics if you want to.
  • Alarms are basically faces on the wall that alert lunatics to your presence by marking points on the map that they can see. Flee if you are detected!
  • Watch your buff bar, if you see the Mad King: find a good seat, stand still and type the command (/ ponder, / cower, / shrug, / salute or / dance) or you'll take big damage!
  • If you are the last surviving villager, you get a chainsaw. Yes, the same as the swordfish skin and you will do massive damage!



You only have access to an elite ability (invisibility) but the items you find will grant you other abilities. Don't waste them for nothing!

  • Web: Throw your web at an enemy, immobilizing them.
  • Black Glue: Throw your glue at an enemy, blinding them.
  • Torches: Throw your torch at your opponent to ignite it.
  • Food: Consume to gain 30% of your max health. You also gain speed.
  • Hammer skill 1: Strikes the ground to cause damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Hammer Skill 2: Throw your enemy away.



On the four corners of the map, NPCs ask you to collect various things.

  • Maise - The
  • Portia - Torches
  • Samson - Black Glue
  • Ewan - Canvas

If your team collected enough items to fill the event bar, NPCs will summon a nearby banquet that can heal you when you eat it (It has a fixed health that goes down whenever someone eats it). If you refill the event bar, the NPCs will summon a patrol to help you.



  • Survive: Don't die, 7 points per minute.
  • Items discovered: Number of items brought back to NPCs, 5 points per item.
  • Great Escape: Dodge attacks, 10 points per successful dodge.
  • Obey Orders: Obey the Mad King's commands using emotes.
  • Lunatic Carnage: Kill Lunatics.



General information

  • Your health regenerates but you run slower than the villagers.
  • You have access to teleportation terminals (4 of them are marked with blue rectangles on the map I provided you). Use them to quickly travel across the map.
  • Your job is basically to hunt down the villagers and convert them into Lunatics.
  • Use your Eviscerate when you can, as it does a lot of damage. If a villager flees, use your abilities!
  • The skill of the Order of the Mad King is particularly powerful. Once launched on a villager, they must stop and do the command (/ ponder, / cower, / shrug, / salute or / dance) or they will take big damage!



You have access to a bar full of abilities

  • Chop: Hit your enemy 3 times
  • Eviscerate: Jump on your enemies and deal damage to them
  • Shout: Inflict fear.
  • Scarecrow: Summons a scarecrow that causes fear to the villager. You can teleport to the scarecrow location but the CD then doubles.
  • Order of the Mad King: Forces a villager to stop to complete an order.

In addition, you will be able to pick up items to place traps.

  • Web: Place a spider web trap to immobilize the villagers
  • Black Glue: Plant a trap that will ink your target, causing them to leave a trail that you can see
  • Torches: Set a fire trap to burn the villagers
  • Food: Create a fake banquet that can poison the villagers.
  • Bone: Bury a bone, we link to the location. When a villager triggers the trap, you will be teleported.



  • Conversion: Convert a villager into a Lunatic, 30 points per conversion.
  • Trapped Villagers: Trap the villagers with the items.
  • Terror: 2 points per terror caused to the villagers via the scarecrow.


Here is for this 1st day of act II. There are still things to say but so much to write ... I will tell you about it tomorrow!

Don't hesitate if you feel like helping out with these guides. ?

Have fun !


Thank you

Thanks to UltiMesk for their video of the Mad King's Bell Tower. His youtube channel.

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