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Dark whispers come from the tavern, the whispers of the gods are heard more and more distinctly corrupting everything in their path. They announce their arrival under dark designs and want to assert their power on Hearthstone.

Here is the new Hearthstone expansion announced for late April-early May, The Whispers of the Old Gods which sets the very dark tone of the expansion and which will be centered on the very old gods, four in number: Ce'Tun, Yogg-Saron, N'zoth, Y'shaarj and the corruption they bring with them.


The cards presented

For the moment very little information on the cards we know that the expansion will contain 134 new ones but a preview of new mechanics are already presented with the legendary C'Thun:

Harbinger of Evil and Elder of Twilight increases C'Thun's attack no matter where he is in the deck or hand, and C'Thun's Battlecry allows him to deal damage equal to his attack spread among ALL opponents!

We can therefore imagine a deck that revolves around this mechanic with C'Thun at the finish which inflicts a lot of damage (on average C'Thun should be a 14/14 at the end of the game according to several calculations) but especially coupled with Brann Barbe- de-bronze which doubles the battle cry, it can quickly become monstrous!


Corrupt servants

The Old Gods are known to corrupt whoever will listen to them, and more than one Heartstone servant has heard their call. Note that these versions do not replace the first of these cards:

Four more cards were revealed today.

If that minion attacks another minion and kills them, they can attack again Whenever this minion takes damage, he summons a 2/2 Taunt Gnoll


Other information :

  • 16 cards will have an interaction with the gods.
  • Deck slots will go from 9 to 18 starting Monday.
  • New quests will be available that will reward those who play in standard mode with new expansion packs.
  • 3 packages will be offered at the launch of the expansion and there will automatically be in one of the packages C'Thun and a Harbinger of Evil offered.

This extension breathes new life and promises a lot, to see what it will look like with all the maps and the standard format, but the disappearance of GvG and Naxxramas will allow this extension to develop to its full potential.

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