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Rehgar Rageterre, Shaman of the Terrestrial Circle, is an outstanding veteran skilled in the art of combat. Now converted back into a Calm Earthhealer, Rehgar has joined the Nexus and is one of the best healers in the game today! We meet today for a guide on Rehgar Soigneterre!


Rehgar Earthland has seen many fights, whether as a gladiator or master of his own team of fighters. He has now given up on this aspect of his life and serves as a simple shaman for the Earthen Circle, in the hope of finding his redemption by healing the shattered lands of Azeroth ... Yes finally in Heroes of the Storm, no Azeroth to heal, you can spend your time healing your allies! Very dynamic and rewarding hero to play (Aaaah, place a Ancestral Spirit (R) which makes you win a teamfight is always so good!), Rehgar has few weak points for many qualities.

We therefore summarize:

Forces : 
  • Good mobility
  • Powerful care
  • Good flexibility of talents
  • Really classy Master Skin!
  • No direct escape
  • A very situational ultimate: Blood Fury (R)
  • Bad laner
  • Smells the wet dog in rainy weather


  • Burst : Literally Explosion, designates a large amount of damage inflicted (or healed) very quickly to one or more targets.
  • Hard CC : Translates to Crowd Control (CC) harsh and opposes the Soft CC. This is a control rendering the affected target unable to perform any action. From Hard CC, there are dizziness, projections in the air or, in Heroes of the Storm, the Void Prison (R) of  Zeratul, a particular form of control because it pauses the players. 
  • HPM : Acronym for Heal Per Mana, or Healing Per Mana, this refers to the ratio between the amount of healing done divided by the cost in mana spent. A spell that heals a high amount of healing for a low cost therefore has a good HPM, and can be considered interesting. However, it is also necessary to take into account the HPS of a spell.
  • HPS : Acronym for Heal Per Second, or Care Per Second. This refers to the ratio between the amount of healing performed divided by the time frame over which it is performed. In the context of an instant spell, we consider its cooldown and not the duration of the healing. A spell having a good HPS is therefore interesting, but it is also necessary to take into account the HPM you sort.
  • Laner : Character capable of holding a line alone thanks to his abilities, allowing him to quickly kill enemy minions if necessary, but also to make life difficult for his opponent, being able to quickly take cover with help with an ability to escape.
  • Soft CC : Translates into soft Crowd Control (CC) and opposes the Hard CC. This is a control that handicaps the target, but does not render them totally incapable of acting. From Soft CC, there are slowdowns and downtimes. In Heroes of the Storm, we can think of spells as Emerald Wind de  Luisaile ou Frag Grenade de  Tychus as Soft CC, this one not interrupting the channeled capacities like theVengeful spirit de  Nasibo or Hello de  open



Hero's Abilities

  • Passive
  • A
  • Z
  • E
  • R

Ghost wolf (Passive): Instead of using a mount, Rehgar can transform into a Ghost Wolf to increase his speed by 30%. The transformation is instantaneous and can be done while moving. Basic attacks deal 100% more damage, but negate Ghost Wolf form. Healing Healing (A): Heals an ally for a high number of hit points, then up to two other nearby allies for a more moderate number of hit points each. Lightning Shield (Z): Imbues a target ally with lightning, dealing light damage to nearby enemies, then lightning additional damage over time. Lasts 5 seconds. Terrestrial Link Totem (E): Plant a totem that slows enemies close to 35%. The totem has a moderate number of hit points and lasts 8 seconds.

Blood Fury (R): Increases nearby allied Heroes attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 30%. Lasts 10 seconds.

Ancestral Spirit (R): After a short delay, heals target friendly Hero for a massive amount.



Build & Gameplay

The build to follow

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

The objective of this build is to transform us into a real healing machine. We will be able to treat our allies very often, and especially very hard. Rehgar turns into a babysitter so efficient that Super Nanny and Pascal the big brother have better watch out! This build gives us a Healing Healing (A) overkill and practically spammable. In addition, we can almost do this build without having unlocked all the talents! All kidding aside, the days when Rehgar was an unrivaled gladiator are over, make way for Rehgar Earthland, the healer of the extreme!



Tier-by-tier choices

  • Lvl 1
  • Lvl 4
  • Lvl 7
  • Lvl 10
  • Lvl 13
  • Lvl 16
  • Lvl 20

Grace of the Spirit Walker (A): Reduces mana cost by Healing Healing (A) 70 to 45 points.

Why? A talent that allows us to have a better HPM and therefore to make the lot more profitable. Also, our build focuses on the possibility of launching very often Healing Healing (A), reducing its cost will rarely run into mana issues. In addition, it is the only viable talent at this level.

Fierce heart  : Increases health and mana recovery by 75% in Ghost Wolf Form.

Why? This talent gives us better regeneration between fights. We're going to want to be in Phantom Wolf form as soon as possible in order to maximize regeneration. Despite the nerve of this talent during the Butcher's patch, it remains very interesting, and especially the best talent of level 4.

Purification : Activation: Removes all Stun, Root, Silence, and Slow effects on the target and makes them immune to these effects for 1 second. CD: 30 seconds.

Why? This talent tier is where choices depending on the team as well as the map will have to be made. If you are the only healer however, turn to Purification which will save more than one person. However, if you are in a dual media composition with, for example, a  Uther, orient yourself towards Earth Shield (Z) ou Double vision.

Earth shield (Z): Also protects the wearer of the Lightning Shield (Z) from 75 damage (+18 per level) for 3 seconds.

Double View : Activation: reveals the targeted area. Reveals enemies for 4 seconds. CD: 30 seconds. Ancestral Spirit (R): After a short delay, heals target friendly Hero for a massive amount.

Why? An impressive healing spell, unmatched in the gross amount. This one, well launched, offers a second bar of life to a hero at the gates of death, and has a relatively low cooldown (70 seconds). However, it will be necessary to pay attention to the launch time, which requires a little practice and anticipation. The difference between an average Rehgar and a good Rehgar will often be on the placements of its Ancestral Spirit (R). This ultimate alone can turn an unfavorable teamfight into a situation in your favor! 

Influx of Care (A): Increases Healing Blast healing on the first target by 25% and adds an additional target.

Why? This talent sharply increases the amount of healing done by Healing Healing (AT) ! The HPM becomes very interesting and Rehgar becomes a real care machine! The first target hit is healed for an impressive amount of health while the rest of our team is healed for a decent amount as well. In addition, this talent has a strong synergy with the following, Tsunami (A).

Tsunami (A): Reduces the cooldown of Healing Healing (A) 3 seconds if 3 allied heroes are healed.

Why? We are still improving our Healing Healing (A) making it easily spammable because it now hits an additional target thanks to the previous talent, Influx of Care (AT). Our HPS therefore explodes during teamfights, and it is at this time that our intensive care-focused build takes on its full extent!

Quick return : Activation: Cancels the cooldown of CD abilities: 60 seconds.

Why? We will choose at this level one of the two talents, Quick return ou Nexus Shield according to our team. Quick return allows excellent individual care using a double Healing Healing (A) while Nexus Shield will protect all of our allies in an area.

Nexus Shield : Activation: Grants all nearby allied Heroes a shield equal to 20% of their maximum health for 3 seconds. CD: 45 seconds.




You are a support, your role is to protect your allies at all costs, using your heals, shields or by controlling the opposing team. Rehgar only has a Soft CC thanks to its Terrestrial Link Totem (E), but makes up for that very well with an excellent ability to heal allies and get them out of complex situations. Your Ghost Wolf form makes you a real bar of soap, which will make it easier for you to place yourself in teamfights, in order to heal your allies even more and more, in the most spectacular way possible!

As said above, you will become a real machine to heal your allies. Place yourself near your carries and protect them at all costs! Rehgar is not a complex character to play, your care being quite intuitive to use. Nevertheless, learn to use Ancestral Spirit (R) can be more complex than it looks! To make it easier for you, launch Ancestral Spirit (R) on your target at the same time as your Healing Healing (A), which will give him a break from receiving your overpowered healing activation. With practice you will learn to throw Ancestral Spirit (R) preventively, so that it is triggered just after the opponent's burst, but before your ally dies, making the spell 100% profitable. Do not hesitate to place your Terrestrial Link Totem (E) in the middle of the melee, it is indeed very disabling for an entire team to move at reduced speed, making it more difficult to dodge spells in particular. Also your Lightning Shield must be placed on your tank, in order to maximize its usefulness, it being generally in the middle of the melee.

You're a watchdog too, so be sure to transform into a Ghost Wolf as soon as it's available when attacking your enemy to take advantage of the damage bonus. Maximizing the time spent as a Ghost Wolf also allows you to take advantage of the regeneration offered by Fierce heart. This can be the difference between a dead ally and an ally healed by a last one. Healing Healing (A) made possible because you spent a few seconds in Ghost Wolf whenever you could! However, be aware of your mana: it would be unfortunate if you were unable to cast a Ancestral Spirit (R) lifesaving because you launched Lightning Shield (Z) on your tank just before in order to do some damage. Keep in mind (wolf, great joke!) That your priority is to keep your allies alive, the damage you can inflict is only a bonus!




You now know everything about Rehgar Earthfury, Shaman of the Earthen Circle. This powerful healer is really very dynamic to play, and that feeling of satisfaction after spending an entire game throwing Ancestral Spirits (R) decisive will only give you one desire: restart a game with Rehgar!

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