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Funcom relaunched its LEGO game, LEGO Minifigures Online, in an improved buy-to-play version at the end of June!

When I launch the game for the first time, I am given the choice between 3 heroes with atypical appearances. I can thus opt for the Bee Girl, the Roman Commander or the Plumber. Each has a well-defined profile and above all a really marked appearance. Personally, I opted for the Roman Commander because, as often, I like to do everything with finesse.

Bee girl Roman Commander Plumber

Once that is decided, I have to build my name. Yes, game for all audiences requires, it is not possible to choose a pseudonym to avoid any offensive choice that could shock the eyes of our little darlings. Now you can call me Mini Winter Wolf!

After a bit of a long loading time, a cutscene takes me directly into the LEGO world where my guy is sleeping. Come on, hop, get up, this is no time to doze off, adventures await us.



It's time to check out the interface and, as you can see, it's pretty straightforward. At the top left, the portrait of my character, his life and the number of stars collected (they are dispatched around the world while exploring). As you advance in the story we unlock new mini figures which are added in the bubbles with the question mark and can be used as an active figure at any time.


On the right, I have the mini-map of the area with the current quests. By clicking on the map, I open a larger one which also allows me to access different options (I will come back to the different activities offered later).

Bottom right, my actions, with a rather limited number of skills for the moment. On the left, it's the Glaive Blow (you attack using combos repeated many times in training) and on the right Glory to Rome! (you charge your enemies, which pushes them back). In the middle, a potion (how's that you guessed it?).

The 3 white lines open a menu which joins, under a different tab, the options previously seen via the map.

On the left I finally have the social options with the chat channel and the ability to join / add friends. This is based on a friend code to be given to trusted people who can add me as well. Do you want to be my friend ? You will have to ask me in private?

At the very bottom, the big yellow line corresponds to the experience gained on the current level.



On the controls side, the mini-figurine moves with the mouse or keyboard. It's simple and intuitive. On the other hand, it is currently not possible to change the shortcuts, fortunately there is this summary!


This allows me to discover the setting of the tutorial where I am surprised to see boxes of LEGO. Rather nice rendering!

Some bosses cast area spells to dodge such as bombs (either with a large circle around, or cross).

During a quest, I was surprised to discover mini-games. Too bad it's so short!



On the side of things to do, basically, there are quests. As you can see from the interface above, they are displayed on the right. There's the main story quest and also side quests in the world that activate when we get nearby. They are identified on the map by a compass.

Usually the goals are short and directly related to the story. Going to a place, destroying objects, killing monsters, freeing prisoners ... It is not necessarily very original but the number is generally low, avoiding weariness.

In addition to the open world, where we meet other players, pocket adventures and dungeons are offered requiring prerequisites to participate.

These instances can be completed multiple times with a possible reset.

The worlds (5 in number for the moment with pirate, medieval, space, mythological and dinosaurs) are large, alive and the story fun with the usual humor of LEGO titles. It is possible to navigate from one world to another via the Loyalty card but it must be before in history to be able to access it.

For those who like to collect, there are loads of mini figures to find. And when I say heaps, it is really a lot, a lot! A hundred if I can count what is in the Collections.


Mini figures can be found in the world, directly completed (like my Island Warrior above) as quest rewards or as spare parts as loot (mostly in large treasure chests by killing bosses or at the end of the game). instance). Once the parts have been found, you have to go through the interface ofAssembly to combine a head, a torso and legs!


The exploits, with categories for each world, offer various and varied challenges.


Combat and exploration will be necessary to complete these different tasks.

La Shop is useless with the PC version which allows direct access to all the worlds unlike the mobile version where the game is bought world by world.



Our game progresses thanks to the experience points gained (XP) by completing quests, which allows to gain levels and unlock access to new areas.

In addition, each mini-figure has specific characteristics and abilities.

It can then be improved by using stars. My Roman Commander could see his health improved for 300 stars. When I see the cost in stars and the number of miniatures, you have to play a lot if you want to maximize your yellow figures!



If you love LEGOs, no matter your age, LEGO Minifigures Online is a whole new world to explore and I had it fun! We find many standards that made the success of the license games with brick constructions to assemble, the skills of each miniature to combine, the scenery to destroy ... all in a persistent online world. On the other hand, no mini-kits, weird but kinds of trophies!

However, do not expect big challenges either: the difficulty is generally low, no convoluted puzzles and the progression is guided (it is often enough to follow the small yellow arrow on the minimap). I was also a little annoyed by the often slow loading times and suffered some lag. Nothing too bad though. Finally, I regret that missions sometimes end without warning. I like to explore everything and there, as soon as the story mission is over, our character is teleported out and the scenario advances, without leaving the choice of being able to explore the level again.

Certified for children, if you have young children old enough to discover online video games, it is on the other hand a game that I recommend 200%. It's cute, fun and there is something for everyone whether your little one is in his pirate or castle period! The controls are very easy to access and the child quickly takes everything in hand, for his greatest pleasure (and yours by the way).

The game is available on PC, Mac and Linux (on the official website and Steam) but also iOS and Android.

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