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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is finally out! As you can imagine, the latter taking place before Life Is Strange and making us play Chloe, there is no question of having the power to travel in time. Instead, we have a “power” that fits our beloved Chloe wonderfully: to be sass!


What is an insolence challenge?

The insolence challenges are special dialogues, sometimes obligatory, sometimes not. Success or failure may change the course of the story and affect other characters and your adventure. They are therefore not to be taken lightly.


How to trigger them

To trigger an insolence challenge, the option must be present in the choice of answers during a dialogue.


How does an insolence challenge work?

The insolence challenge will ask you to use the correct answers in order to make your opponent fold. You will have to pass a certain number of answers and, if you fail, your opponent will win the "round". Depending on the conversation, you will have more or less "rounds" to win in order to succeed in the challenge, and the same goes for your opponent. Sometimes during certain challenges, the slightest mistake will make you lose the challenge, so be careful!

To choose the right answer, you have to be very attentive to what the other person is saying. For example, if the person you're talking to tells you:

Again, with that? Shouldn't you be in bed already?

You will have three choices of answers, namely:

  • Time to go to bed?
  • No time to go to bed.
  • Be nice.

Here, to succeed in the dialogue, it will therefore be necessary to respond to what your interlocutor said, namely, to talk about going to bed. This is what is called in-game a "keyword". At the start of the adventure, these are shown but, very quickly, it will be up to you to guess them! Roughly speaking, it will be necessary to use the arguments of your interlocutor to turn them against him, quite simply!

Here in this case, he is telling you that it is supposed to be time for you to go to bed, so you will have to choose the appropriate answer that talks about the fact that you should be in bed. In other words, the correct answer is: "no time to go to bed" or "time to go to bed".

Even if the first insolence challenges are easy, you should know that you will have a limited time to answer, so do not hesitate too long! Fortunately, it is possible to take a break to come and read this little guide which gives you all the right answers, ehéhéh!


The solution to all insolence challenges

What follows therefore concerns the dialogues of the game. Obviously, these contain spoilers!

The challenges are listed in order of appearance:

Old Sawmill - Exterior - 1 challenge

The bouncer - Obligatory

The latter is a mandatory challenge, it is also the one that will serve as a tutorial to explain how insolence mode works.

  1. "No time to go to bed" / "Time to go to bed"
  2. "Cute? It's relative ”/“ I'm not cute. "
  3. "Isn't that a playground?" "
  4. "Are there flowers on your motorbike?" "
  5. “Your boss sucks. "

Blackwell Campus - 4 challenges

David - In his car - Optional.

This challenge is optional. When you are in the car with David who brings you to the Blackwell campus, he will give you a little moral lesson. You will have the choice to be silent or to be insolent.

  1. " In English ! "
  2. “I'll keep it simple. "
  3. "Is that the smell?" "
  4. “At least she has a heart. "
  5. “I am not in the military. "

Headmaster Wells - Theater stage - optional

This challenge is also optional. In Blackwell's courtyard is a theater stage being set up. Get on it and go sit on the crate, wait a little while doing nothing and then leave. The principal will arrive at the same time and begin to take the lead. During the conversation, you can trigger insolence mode to try to avoid trouble.

  1. “Your name means 'well' in English. "
  2. "Who is the culprit now?" "
  3. “My own policy. "

Steph and Mikey - Role Play - optional

This challenge is, like the previous ones, optional. It is a bit special, because to launch it, you will first have to agree to join the role-playing game that Steph offers you. Once the game has started, say you want to go to the prison camp in order to free the prisoners and there you can start the insolence challenge (renamed the skill challenge for the coup) with the dragon.

  1. “Puppet of flesh. "
  2. "I could shorten you. "

Nathan / Drew conflict - Going up the stairs to enter the school - optional

This challenge is also optional. As you are about to enter the school, you are pushed around by Nathan who is manhandled by Drew. Then follows a verbal contest between the two and you will be able to intervene to stop them.

  1. " Fool ? »/« Get out! "
  2. “Easy target. "
  3. “I'm nuts. »/« You know how crazy it is! "
  4. "Kick your ass." / "Type me your love story?" "

Belvedere - 1 challenge

Picnickers - When it's time to steal the bottle of wine - obligatory

This challenge is the last of this chapter. As you try to steal the bottle of wine, Rachel pretends to be uneasy to get the attention of the two picnickers. However, they notice you, approach and ask for help. You will therefore have to complete the challenge so that they only take care of Rachel while you steal the bottle of wine.

  1. "Who is waiting? »/« Not long to wait. "
  2. "Watching her die?" "/" Observe signs of rabies "
  3. "Realize your potential"


To you insolence!

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