LoL - Pre-S6: New starting and survival items

The Preseason of the S6 begins to point the tip of its nose and Riot will introduce and modify various starting objects but also survival.

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Starting objects

The Doran trio (Shield, Blade and Ring) will still be there, but you can now buy other items to change the way you play during the early game.

  • Hunter's Machete
  • Feller
  • Tracker's Knife
  • Hunter's Talisman
  • Black seal


Hunter's Machete (Updated)

Provides Life Steal against monsters.

New unique passive property : Handles : Basic attacks deal bonus damage on impact against monsters.


Feller (New):

Provides AD and HP on impact.

Unique passive property : Killing a minion grants additional gold. Killing a certain number of minions immediately grants more bonus gold and deactivates this passive property.


Tracker's Knife (New):

Provides Life Steal against monsters and mana regeneration.

Unique passive property : Fang / Claw: Basic attacks deal bonus damage to monsters. Dealing damage to a monster steals HP over 5 sec.

Single active property: Markup (minor): consumes a charge to place a Camouflaged Beacon that reveals the surroundings. Holds up to 2 charges and recharges during a visit to the store.


Hunter's Talisman (New): 

Provides mana regeneration in the jungle.

Unique passive property: Croc: Damaging a monster steals HP over 5 sec.


Black Seal (New):

Provides AP, mana, and health restored by increased potions.

Unique passive property: Grants more power per stacked Glory effect.

Unique passive property: Grants Glory effects per champion slain and per assist, up to a given maximum. You lose Glory effects on death.

Improves in Soul thief from Mejai.


Survival items

Potions cost more now. The mana potion will be removed and some champions will therefore receive a balancing of their mana. New potions in the same logic as the Crystalline Flask (refillable) will appear.

  • Healing potion
  • Hand potion
  • Potion rechargeable
  • Corruption potion
  • Hunter potion


Healing Potion (Update): 

New cost: 50 gold.


Mana Potion (Removed)


Refillable potion (New):

Consumes a charge to restore health in seconds. Holds up to 2 charges and can be recharged by going to the store.


Corruption Potion (New):

Consumes a charge to restore health and mana over 12 sec and grants Corrupting Touch during this time. Holds up to 3 charges and can be recharged by going to the store.

Corruptor Touch: Single target spells and attacks burn enemy champions, dealing some magic damage over 3 sec (damage increases with champion level).

 Hunter's Potion (New):

Consumes a charge to restore health and mana over 8 sec. Holds up to 4 charges and can be recharged by going to the store.

Killing a large monster returns a charge.


Riot asserts with these new objects his desire to energize the start of the game, whether for junglers who have more choices, or for characters in lane who will have to think before engaging in combat in view of the price of life potions and limited charges of the refillable potion.

Do you find these new items interesting? Will we see more diversity in the champions present in the jungle?

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