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In Skyforge, no level system, we are talking about Prestige here, which is a mixture of level and GearScore. It is this prestige that will define the power of your Immortal / Apprentice God.


But what is that for ?

By increasing your prestige, you will have access to new quests, new features as well as new zones (open, dungeons, PvP zone…). As this system defines your power, it will also be used in the matchmaking system.


And how do you win this Prestige?

There are 3 sources of prestige, each will be the subject of a detailed article:

  • Atlas of Ascension
  • The Order system
  • equipment, which I will talk about in more detail.


Minimalist and practically common equipment for all classes

Do you know those games that require you to search for a whole bunch of equipment? Yes Rift, it's you I'm looking at with your 25 coins without counting the runes and other enchantments.

Well in Skyforge, it's completely the opposite, there are only 6 pieces of equipment: 4 rings, a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. All the rest of the gear is cosmetic only, without the slightest impact in the game.

In terms of gameplay, each piece of equipment will bring 1 (weapons) or 2 (rings) bonus statistics as well as prestige (equal to the value of statistics provided). Rare items (green, blue, purple ..) provide either secondary statistics for rings or passive abilities (reduction of CD from one ability, damage bonus for another under certain conditions) for weapons.

In addition, unlike FFXIV, where you need complete equipment per class, here there are only the 2 weapons that are specific, the rings are common.

Regarding the enchantment, ie bonus stats on each piece, we have here a system of evolution of the location of the object rather than improvement of the object itself. It's pretty good, it avoids having to redo your enchantments every time you change a room.

This evolution system is quite simple: there are 3 upgradeable locations (corresponding to the triangles on the first image), one for each type of equipment. They have a rank, corresponding to the level of improvement. Same principle here, the prestige provided is equivalent to statistics. In order to progress through the rank, you must use Improvement Stones (which can be bought in the market or obtained by disassembling other pieces of equipment) and credits. When the progression is at 100%, we consume another kind of currency (gained in adventure) to move up to the next rank. This move will increase the cost of future upgrades.


And how do you earn loot then?

For the equipment, no sellers, everything is in the form of loot left a few times by the enemies or the bosses.

Small peculiarity, the equipment is not salable against credits. There is just the possibility of equipping it, disassembling it (for evolution stones) or destroying it.

We will finish with the inventory, very simple, where you have a basic location and where you can buy more for credits.

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