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As a result of changes to stats and leveling up, equipment has disappeared and new parts have appeared. In addition, certain calculation laws have been modified. Remember also that following these modifications the character sheet has been modified and now displays all the statistics indexes to the left of the alignment bar as you can see in the image below.


Equipment modifications

The old statistics having disappeared, the old Grips, Barrels, Armor and Modules have been adapted with mastery and power. However, their names are not kept for new equipment and you will therefore find the following parts:

  • Versatile Shielding (DPS or Healer)
  • Heavy Duty Armor (Tank)
  • Versatile Handle / Cannon (DPS or Healer)
  • Handle / Resistant (Tank)
  • Fatal Module (DPS or Healer)
  • Reagent Module (Tank)

For armor and grips, there is only one version of each per gear level. You should therefore have a resistant handle 43 if you are a Tank with 220 index equipment. Here are the correspondences between the modification levels and their index:

  • Level 40 - Index 208
  • Level 41 - Index 216
  • Level 42 - Index 220
  • Level 43 - Index 224

These numbers are the only ones possible for the shields and handle but the modules exist in another version. Depending on whether you are DPS / Healer or Tank, you will find your modules in version A or B on non-set pieces of equipment. These mods are generally considered to be less interesting than mods obtained from Operation Tokens.

Finally, the modifications on the sophistications are limited to the deletion of the names corresponding to the sophistications containing Critique before 4.0. The old sophistications are of course preserved and the Criticism is replaced by the Power while the Influx is replaced by the Criticism.



The statistics have been slightly modified with 4.0 by the mergers that we have already mentioned but also by the change of certain formulas which had not changed since 2.0, except for the level variation. Here is a summary of all current formulas:

  • Alacrity
  • Critical
  • Precision
  • Bouclier
  • Defense
  • Absorption

Alacrité = 30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^(("index d'alacrité"/65)/1,25))

Critical = 30 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,3)) ^ (("critical index" / 65 / 0,8)))

Precision = 30 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,3)) ^ (("precision index" / 65)))

Bouclier = 50*(1-(1-(0,01/0,5))^(("index de bouclier"/65)/0,78))

Défense = 30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^("index de défense"/65)/1,2))

Absorption = 50*(1-(1-(0,01/0,5))^(("index d'absorption"/65)/0,65))

Here then are the curves associated with these formulas.



Among the many optimization topics that we can deal with, we will choose two for this first overview: Precision and "optimal secondary statistics" equipment.

Let's start with the optimal statistical equipment, or more simply the equipment that has the most secondary statistics (i.e. the most power for healers or dps and the most defense for our tank friends. Regarding the modules you will need to equip depending on your role the following modules, or their higher grade version 41, 42 or 43:

  • Fatal 40 mod (DPS or Healer)
  • Reagent Module 40 (Tank)


For sophistication, the ones you will probably be most interested in are the following, or their higher grade version 41, 42 or 43:

  • Sophistication Adept 40 (DPS or Healer)
  • Sophistication Aplomb 40 (Tank)
  • Sophistication Immunity 40 (Tank)
  • Sophistication Initiative 40 (DPS)
  • Sophistication Savant Vif 40 (DPS or Healer)


Now we come to the Accuracy statistic, whose generally accepted cap of 110% is now generalized for melee and ranged classes. To reach this milestone, you have 100% base Accuracy to which is added 1% Accuracy if you have validated all conversations for a specific Accuracy partner. So you should have around 101% accuracy.

If you are a tank, this value should increase to 111% by equipping the correct cylinder or combat form. In Healer, it will be useless for you to increase this statistic because it has no influence for your role. Finally in DPS, you will be forced to invest points in this statistic. But precisely, how many points?

To reach exactly 110%, you need 684 Precision index points, or one of the following combinations to be as close as possible below:

  • 4 Sophistications Initiative 41 and 1 Improvements Precision 40 for 681 index points
  • 1 Sophistication Initiative 42 and 7 Precision 40 Improvements for 671 index points
  • 1 Sophistication Initiative 43 and 7 Precision 40 Improvements for 679 index points

And to be as close as possible above, you will need one of the following combinations:

  • 0 Sophistication Initiative 41 and 10 Improvements Precision 40 for 730 index points (really not recommended)
  • 2 Sophistications Initiative 42 and 5 Precision 40 Improvements for 685 index points (editor's choice)
  • 2 Initiative Sophistications 43 and 5 Precision 40 Improvements for 701 index points (the best choice provided you can obtain this level of equipment)


Now it's up to you to equip yourself!

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