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Numerous changes to quests, player level, and groups have been made in Update 4.0. A quick overview of these changes!


Critical and Exploration Missions

We will do them in the order of level progression, and let's start with the leveling phase. As announced, the epic experience bonus which increased the experience of class quests by 12 times is now disabled. Nevertheless, the developers have implemented a new quest system that allows you to avoid side quests and focus only on the'main narrative arc, called Critical missions :

  • Class quests
  • The main planets quests
  • Contentious area story quests (ZL can be done solo if you have the story quest) and operation

Critical missions now appear purple on your map, in your mission log, and above NPCs and are no longer gold. In theory, doing only these quests allows you to reach level 60 quite easily. However, we are far from the x12 XP bonus.

The other various quests (partners, ...) are basic mission offers, while all the planet side quests are now Missions d'Exploration, and are disabled by default. It is nevertheless possible to activate these exploration quests by opening the map and checking the box "Show exploration missions". The NPCs assigned to these quests will then agree to speak to you. Disabling the "Show exploration missions" option does not, however, delete those in progress.


Loyalty card

Of course, this resulted in small changes to the map.

There are now 4 mission icons available

  • Critical mission : purple triangle
  • Classic mission : golden triangle
  • Mission d'exploration : golden triangle surmounted by a "+" (only appears if the option is activated)
  • Repeatable mission : golden triangle with arrow

The objectives of the main arc are indicated in purple. Group missions are shown in light blue.

The members of your party no longer appear in purple on the map but in light blue.


Group and Group Finder

Experience gained in a group is now calculated differently. Experience is no longer split between party members and no longer depends on the number of people in it. In addition, the experience gained is proportional on the one hand to the difference in level between the enemy killed and the highest level player in the group, and on the other hand, this difference is then put in proportion to the level of each player member of the group. Each thus receives an experience proportional to his level but also to the difficulty of the fight according to the group.

The group search has also undergone changes related to changes to Litigation Areas and Operations:

  • All ZLs are now available in tactical mode from level 10-65 by group research except (note that from level 10 to 15, only Serre Noire / Esseles is available)
    • Kaon Headquarters
    • The lost island
    • Colicoid War Game
    • L'Esseles / Serre Noire
  • All ZLs are now available in level 50-65 hard mode by group research except
    • Kuat Shipyards
    • Colicoid War Game
  • The operations available in Story Mode level 50-65 through Group Finder change daily. It is possible to see for how long the current one is available, as well as the next.
  • Daily rewards
    • ZL Tactics:
      • 20 Ordinary Data Crystals (50-64)
      • 12 Brilliant Data Crystals (65)
    • Difficult ZL:
      • 40 Ordinary Data Crystals (50-64)
      • 6 Radiant Data Crystals (65)
    • Operations:
      • 16 Radiant Data Crystals
  • The group finder window got a little graphic facelift


Heroic Missions

Heroic Missions have undergone several changes as well.

Almost all Heroic Missions have been adapted to be doable with two players.

Heroic Missions are now weekly.

The final reward for Heroic Missions (and bonus missions) now scales with level.

  • Example at level 65: 18 Credits + 360 Ordinary Data Crystals + 5 Shiny Data Crystals + a locked merchandise crate (2 different types, heroic dependent, to be given to the corresponding Alliance specialist)
  • Example at level 60: 15 credits + 615 Ordinary Data Crystals + box containing two items of equipment of index 5 and adapted to the role of the player
  • Example at level 37: 5 credits + 425 regular data crystals + corresponding level equipment box

All Heroics up to Makeb (daily zones excluded) are now available at a Heroic Missions terminal on the fleet or on Odessen.

A planet's Heroic Missions are available at a terminal exiting the planet's spaceport.

A fast travel pass to the Heroic Mission area is redeemed when you accept a mission. Reuse time: 1 hour. Transports you to a safe area in the Heroic Zone.

The Heroics of the starting planets are only available for classes for which it is the starting planet.


Level synchronization

One of the big news in this update. Now, when you return to a lower level planet, your level is matched (reduced) to that of the planet. If of course your level is lower than or equal to the maximum of the planet, no synchronization for you!

  • Your level remains slightly higher than the final level of the planet (2 more levels generally)
  • You keep all your powers
  • Only statistics for you and your partner are affected
  • Note that the areas of Dread Seeds for example have been reduced to the usual level of the planet
  • So you keep the same level all over the planet
  • It is widely possible to do Heroic Missions solo
  • The sync level is shown next to your character icon


Here is the list of synchronization levels corresponding to each planet.

  • Hutta / Korriban / Ord Mantell / Tython: level 12
  • Dromund Cheese / Coruscant: level 18
  • Balmorra (Empire) / Taris (Republic): 22
  • Nar Shaddaa: 26
  • Tatooine : 30
  • Alderance: 34
  • Taris (Empire) / Balmorra (Republic): 38
  • Quesh: 38
  • Hoth: 42
  • Belsavis: 46
  • Voss: 48
  • Corellia / Ilum / Black Hole / Sector X: 52
  • Makeb / CZ-198 / Oricon : 56
  • Rishi / Yavin IV / Ziost : 62
  • No synchronization on Fleets or Fortresses or Manaan

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