SWTOR - All About the DPS Scholar (2.2)

Who am I
Pau Monfort
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Hello everyone, I am a Librarian, DPS Scholar on Mantle of the Force (and using like a cyan saber), member of the Brotherhood guild. I played a hybrid specialty before 2.0 and since then I have had the opportunity to test the two trees that I will be offering here.

Obviously this guide is also valid for the sorcerer, but in order to simplify the reading, I will always keep the names of the powers and abilities of the scholar. This guide is only valid for 2.2.

  • Introduction
  • Skill trees
  • Powers
  • Cycles, Priorities and Powers
  • Statistics
  • Conclusion


Jedi Scholar, a class known for its healing AoE and its tendency to die when kicked, is quite often downgraded by some when trying to play it in DPS. My goal here is to give you the tools you need to choose your specialty, adapt your equipment, play it well ... and make them lie!

I'll focus on the PvE aspect, as the goals in PvP are as variable as they are diverse.

Skill trees

In order to avoid redundancies, I will detail the powers in the next part, do not hesitate to refer to them during the reading of this part if you are not used to using them.

  • Telekinesis
  • Balance


Palier I.

Interior Vigor: 3/3

All powers cost 9% less Strength, except Force Armor (which costs 65)!

And 3% free accuracy!

Mental longevity: 0/2

+100 strength points, or ... nothing at all. This power has become totally useless since the big boost to the Telekinetic Outpouring.

Upheaval: 2/3

When activating the projection, 30% chance to throw debris, worth 50% of the damage of the projection. Unlike version 1, it no longer corresponds to "there is a 15% chance of throwing additional debris", done twice, which allowed to throw up to two pieces of debris (with a probability of 2.5%, down ).

We will see later that the projection should not be used in the cycle, but you have to place two points somewhere, and sometimes, it's better than not being able to throw anything.

Level II

Mind's View: 1/1

Increases the range of Disturbance, Turbulence, and Telekinetic Wave by 5 yards.

Be careful, some spells must always be cast from 30m, this ability is not used to be placed 5 meters further, but not to have to move immediately when the boss moves away a little, and sometimes not to have to move from the everything, if it comes back to its place quickly

Roaring Force: 2/2

+ 4% to Mind Crush, Disturbance, Telekinetic Wave and Turbulence damage. A must have.

Contemplation: 2/2

Disturbance increases Force regeneration by 10% for 10 seconds, stacking three times. This part of the talent is useless, since you will never run out of strength, don't worry about maintaining this buff.

Reduces recoil on Disturbance, Turbulence (and Telekinetic Wave) by 70%. We are rarely directly under fire, but this shouldn't be what prevents us from playing our role.

Telekinetic Defense: 2/2

+ 10% to damage absorbed by Force Armor. Unlike the 20% of pre 2.0.

Tier III

Psychic projection: 2/2

Any Critical Weakening of Mind allows you to double the channel speed of the Telekinetic throw. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and has an internal 10 second CD.

Telekinetic Wave: 1/1

Target-centric AoE. 5 targets maximum, 8m radius. CD of 6 seconds and 3 seconds of cast, is never used as is.

Telekinetic effusion: 2/2

Each critical strike attack grants two Telekinetic Bestowal stacks, each reducing the cost of the next power by 75%! It is this talent that allows you to cast absolutely everything without worrying about the price, except the Force Armor but the cost of which will be offset by the other powers.

Tier IV

Cascade Force: 0/2

Slows Telekinetic Wave targets for 6 seconds, and Roots them for 0,5 seconds.

Force tide: 1/1

Allows you to immediately cast Telekinetic Wave, removing cooldown and cast time!

10 second internal CD.

Available on 60% Disturbance and Turbulence, and 20% Force Wave hits. This is more than before 2.0 (40 and 10%).

Kinetic Collapse: 2/2

All "nearby" enemies (4 to 5 yards) are incapacitated for 3 seconds.

The choice is argued with the Tide of Force, for example when you find yourself up against the rats on Dash'roode, and prefer to run away or fight.

Palier v

Chills: 2/2

Telekinetic Surge (Tier V) and Mental Surge (Tier VII) triggers reduce the active CD of Mental Alacrity by 1 second.

Remember that the CD of Mental Alacrity is 1min30 (2 minutes at the base, less 15 seconds by the Fluid Force (Tier VI) and 15 more by the 2 pieces bonus). This talent allows you to gain between 15 and 30 additional seconds, depending on the chance the Force.

These same triggers also add a Chill unit. To a maximum of 3. These increase "bonus damage damage" by 2% per unit, to a maximum of + 6%. Expect a 5% increase in total damage.

Telekinetic Momentum: 3/3

Disturbance and Telekinetic Wave have a 30% chance to double power, for 30% more damage. In total: + 9% damage to these two powers. Without additional animosity (they say).

Discharge: 2/2

Reduces the cast of Force Lift by 0,5 seconds: unnecessary.

Increases the anti-cast block duration by 2 seconds, from 4 to 6 seconds, for 12 seconds of CD.

Also works on Bosses, and thereby makes the anti-cast as interesting as that of a CaC.

Can be traded in favor of Force Wake (Tier VI), to get more ahead of the rats if we go back to the previous example.

Level VI

Force Trail: 0/2

The bump immobilizes targets for 5 seconds. Effect interrupted by damage after 2 seconds.

Fluid Force: 1/1

Reduces the Mental Alacrity CD by 15 seconds and increases its duration by 5 seconds (from 10 to 15 seconds).

Doubles the chance of Telekinetic Surge under Mental Alacrity. When to know if the probability goes from 30 to 60% (30% x 2) or 51% (1 - (1 - 30%) ²), corresponding to a second chance of triggering of 30% if the first fails, I l 'ignore. If someone wants to test by casting 10 Disturbances for 30 successive Mental Alacrity, or 45 minutes spent Disturbing, I will listen to their testimony with great respect.

Reverb: 2/2

+ 50% influx for disturbance, turbulence and telekinetic wave.

The essential.

Level VII

Force Haste: 2/2

Reduces Force Speed ​​CD from 20 to 15 seconds, Force Slow from 12 to 9 seconds, and Force Barrier from 2min to 1min 30. May save your life.

Mental Momentum: 3/3

Equivalent to Telekinetic Momentum for Turbulence. (+ 9% damage)

Also 30% chance that each tick from Mind Crush adds a second "bonus" tick (does not reduce the number of other ticks), i.e. + 30% to DoT damage.

Level VIII

Turbulence: 1/1

2 second cast, 9 second cooldown. Systematic critical hit if the target is under Spirit debuff (yours only). Deal internal damage! [/ Quote]




Palier I.

Throwing Self-powered: 3/3

+ 6% damage to Weak Spirit, Telekinetic Throw, and Throw.

Will of the Jedi: 2/2

+ 6% willpower. Do I need to argue?

Level II

Critical kinesics: 2/2

+ 6% critical chance for Telekinetic Cast and Disturbance.



Palier I.

Gift of strength: 0/2

+ 2% alacritity.

Penetrating light: 3/3

+ 3% critical chance. For even more interest in influx and reverberation.

2/2 in Gift of Strength and 1/3 in Penetrating Light are also possible, but seem slightly less effective.



Palier I.

Throwing Self-powered: 3/3

+ 6% damage from two of the three dots (Mind debuff and Force-Cut), as well as Telekinetic Throw and Throw.

 Jedi Resistance: 2/2

+ 2% damage reduction. Cumulative bonus with the bonus of armor and bravery of force, that is to say a "pure" reduction of approximately 2,5% of the damage taken (see-end).

Will of the Jedi: 2/2

+ 6% willpower. Do I need to argue?


Level II

Obstruction resolution: 0/2

Reduces force stun delay by 10 seconds (out of 60) (stuns target for 4 seconds) and allows two additional standard enemies to be lifted.

NPO: Bosses are not sensitive to either.

Draining thoughts: 3/3

+ 9% damage on all dowries. Cumulative and non-multiplicative with Self-powered Throw, resulting in 13% increased damage to Weakened Spirit and Force-Cut.

Concentrated insight: 2/2

Any critical charge restores 1% health (see end).

Critical kinesics: 2/2

+ 6% critical chance for Telekinetic Cast and Disturbance.

Tier III

Strength in Balance: 1/1

AoE to place, 5 targets. Each target hit heals for 1% of total health.

Psychic barrier: 3/3

-75% knockback when channeling Telekinetic Throw and Mind Crush. This effect is unnecessary.

Each time the telekinetic throw hits, you recover 1% of your maximum force. A telekinetic throw hits four times, that is to say 24 points of force regained, plus 24 others of “natural” regeneration during its duration. This is the main way to regain strength. Without, it's exhaustion guaranteed in less than two minutes. With, we can go up to 4 to 5 minutes.

Telekinetic balance: 1/1

Removes the cooldown of Telekinetic Throw. It not only allows you to use it twice as often, but also if you are thrown, you have to change targets, etc ...

Tier IV

Containment: 0/2

Reduces the cast time of the Force Lift to 1.5 seconds and the target is stunned for 2 seconds if the Force Lift is broken (see-end).

Mind Guard: 2/2

-15% regular damage, in addition to 10% strength bravery, or -25% damage taken from DoTs. (see end)

Presence of mind: 1/1

30% chance to gain presence of mind every time Telekinetic Throw hits. This means that for each "full" telekinetic throw (= 4 hits), there is a 76% chance of having Presence of Mind.

Consuming Presence of Spirit will cast a Disturbance or Mental Crush immediately, and with a 35% damage bonus!

Palier v

Force Suppression: 1/1

When Force in Balance hits, it lands 15 Force Suppression charges. Each tick of a DoT consumes a charge, increasing its damage by 20%. Note that the Force Suppression charges are in theory no longer shared with the dowries of other consulars. It's wrong ![/ COLOR]

Wave strength: 2/2

"Minidot", which inflicts a minimal amount of damage points, delayed by one second, after a telekinetic throwing tick (20%) or a disturbance (60%), and above all: restores 2 points of force.

To last even longer.

Mental distortion: 2/2

Increases mental crush dowry duration by 2 seconds, for 8 seconds instead of 6, and increasing damage accordingly: + 33% dowry damage!

NB: they are not taken into account in the damage indicated by hovering the cursor over Mental Crush.

Level VI

Balafre mentale: 3/3

Critical DoTs and Balanced Force damage deal 30% more base damage.

Psychic absorption: 2/2

Double the healing of Concentrated Insight and Balanced Force, or 2% each (see end).

Level VII

Telekinetic focus: 2/2

Allows you to gain up to 4% alacrity (when mounted to 4 charges). Persists for 15 seconds.

A must have now that alacrity is so hard to come up with.

Metaphysical alacrity: 1/1

+ 50% speed during mental alacrity (10 seconds). It doesn't break a little old woman's three legs, but there was one point left to be made.

Mental Defense: 2/2

-30% of all damage taken when stunned (see-end).

Level VII

Cut-Force: 1/1

And here is the last dowry. About 15% more powerful than Weak Spirit, it also lasts 18 seconds but has a 9 second cooldown. In PvP, it can also immobilize a target for 2 seconds: "nope, you do not mark".


Palier I.

Interior Vigor: 3/3

All powers cost 9% less Strength, except Force Armor (which costs 65)!

And 3% free accuracy!

Mental longevity: 2/2

+100 strength points, which is 20% more. So 20% more reserve and + 20% gained with the Psychic Barrier.

Level II

Roaring Force: 0/2

+ 4% to Mind Crush and Disturbance damage. The calculations show a preference for the Gift of Strength.




Palier I.

Penetrating light: 3/3

+ 3% critical chance. For even more interest in the influx and the mental scar.

 Gift of strength: 2/2 [: b]


+ 2% alacritity.


The small choice:

  • I didn't take either of the two powers that would have improved Force Lift, as they no longer allow it to be cast instantly, and therefore are no longer beneficial.
  • I preferred Mental Defense and Mental Guard to Jedi Resistance because they provide much greater, albeit more specific, benefits. I don't consider reducing a hit to 15k by 300 points to make a difference, in such a case only the Force keeps us. On the other hand, many are the big DoTs in operations and it is often when we are in a state of incapacity that we take the biggest slaps, or at least that we are unable to avoid them.
  • I took Concentrated Insight and Psychic Absorption in order to have a little regeneration throughout the fight. It does not dispense with the attentive care of a heal after a big blow, but allows to recover calmly and not to accumulate all the small traumas that can occur (minimal AoE damage, regular inevitable damage, etc ...) . Note that there are 22 opportunities per cycle to regain 2% of max health, or 9 to 15% regeneration, depending on the critical rate.


The Force is powerful in the scholar, it flows freely in his veins and fatigue comes insidiously. I will not indicate here the cost in force of each power because it is not important, only are the capacities which will make it possible to modify it or to increase the speed of regeneration. Operation bosses have 10% defense against all Force powers and a 35% reduction on kinetic-type damage.

The damage is indicative of the current optimum (2.2). For more details, refer to the "Statistics" section.



  • Diverse
  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

Force barrier

  • Excluding GCD
  • Effect: Full immunity for 10 seconds, removes all dispelable effects.
  • Delay: 2 minutes, 1,5 minutes if Force Haste

Strength armor

  • Activation: instant
  • Effect: Absorbs up to 5.000 to 6.000 damage points of all types. Depends only on the care bonus.


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 1 minute
  • Target: ally
  • Effect: Brings an ally closer to you, and reduces their aggressiveness by 25%. Sometimes allows to save a DPS, which will thank you for it. Used on a tank, ensures everyone's attention (and disapproval, but you get nothing for nothing).

Strength Content

  • Activation: instantaneous, excluding GCD
  • Effect: Grants 2 charges, increasing the critical chance of powers by 60%. A power resulting in a critical hit consumes a charge. A Telekinetic Throw will always consume exactly one charge.

Mental acuity

  • Excluding GCD
  • Delay: 2 minutes, minus 15 seconds if bonus 2 pieces, minus 15 seconds if Force Fluid.
  • Effect: + 20% Alacity and Immunity to interruptions for 10 seconds, 15 if Fluid Force.


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Bonus: 30% Chance to Double for + 50% Damage, or + 15% Damage.
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 2917
  • Average Dps: 1997


  • Activation: 1,5 seconds
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Bonus: 30% chance of doubling for + 30% damage, or + 9% damage; x 2 under Mental Alacrity, + 6% critical, + 50% Surge and + 60% to cast Telekinetic Wave instantly
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average Damage: 3023 (3272 under Mental Alacrity)
  • Average Dps: 2070 (2676 under Mental Alacrity)

Telekinetic Wave

  • Activation: instantaneous under Tide of Force, 3 seconds otherwise., 5 targets maximum
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Bonus: 30% chance of doubling for + 30% damage, or + 9% damage; x 2 under Mental Alacrity and + 50% Influx
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average Damage: 4213 (4561 under Mental Alacrity)
  • Average Dps: 2884 (3730 under Mental Alacrity)


  • Activation: 2 seconds
  • Delay: 9 seconds
  • Bonus: 30% Chance to Double for + 30% Damage, i.e. + 9% Damage, + 50% Surge, + 60% to Cast Telekinetic Wave instantly
  • Type of damage: internal; systematic criticism if target affected by Weakened Spirit
  • Average damage: 9112
  • Average Dps: 4679

Telekinetic Throw

  • Channeling: 1,5 seconds, 3 seconds without Psychic Projection
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Bonus: + 6% critical
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 5320
  • Average Dps: 3642

Weakening of Spirit

  • Activation: instant
  • Type of damage: internal
  • Average damage: 5393
  • Average Dps: 3692

Mental crush

  • Activation: 2 seconds
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Bonus: 30% chance of doubling each DoT
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 5183
  • Average Dps: 2661

Force wave

  • Channeling: 6 seconds, maximum 5 targets
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 5697 per target
  • Average Dps: 975 per target


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 2448
  • Average Dps: 1748


  • Activation: 1,5 seconds
  • Bonus: + 6% crit, + 35% damage and snapshot under Presence of Spirit.
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 3058
  • Average Dps: 2216

Launched Telekinetic

  • Channeling: 3 seconds
  • Bonus: + 6% critical + Wave Force: 20% chance of 356 damage x 4 ticks (subject to -35% damage and no influx bonus)
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 5373
  • Average Dps: 1946

Force in Balance

  • Activation: instantaneous, 5 targets maximum
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Bonus: + 30% Surge, + 2% Health per target, Places 15 Force Suppression stacks
  • Damage Type: Internal
  • Average damage: 4880
  • Average Dps: 3536

Weakening of Spirit

  • Activation: instant
  • Duration: 18 seconds, 6 ticks
  • Bonus: + 30% surge, + 2% health per target, + 20% damage per tick for each charge of Force Suppression consumed
  • Type of damage: internal
  • Average damage: 6734
  • Average Dps: 4879

Force Cut

  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 9 seconds
  • Duration: 18 seconds, 7 ticks
  • Bonus: + 30% Surge, + 2% health per target, + 20% damage per tick for each charge of Force Suppression consumed
  • Damage Type: Internal
  • Average damage: 7857
  • Average Dps: 5693

Ecrasement Mental

  • Activation: 2 seconds
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Duration: 8 seconds, 8 ticks + immediate damage
  • Bonus: 35% damage and snapshot under Presence of Spirit. + 30% surge, + 2% health per target, + 20% damage per tick for each charge of Force Suppression consumed
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 7766
  • Average Dps: 5627

Force wave

  • Channeling: 6 seconds, maximum 5 targets
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Average damage: 5418 per target
  • Average Dps: 981 per target

There are three possibilities to manage the consumption of Force Suppression charges and the interaction between the dowries:

  1. Bulk: Slash and Debuff Spirit cast every 18 seconds only, Mind Crush and Force Balance when available.
  2. -1 tick: Force Slash and Spirit Debuff are cast every 15 seconds, immediately after Force in Balance, Mind Crush as soon as available.
  3. -3 ticks: Slash and Debuff Spirit cast every 18 seconds only, Mind Crush immediately after Force in Balance.

Which leads to the following damage values:

We see that as long as we get there, the best way to optimize the damage of the dowries, is not to worry about the mental crushing when using The Force in Balance, and to use the dowries of independently, except if more than 2 seconds (for the force-cutter) or 4 seconds (for the weakened mind) elapse without the corresponding dowry (situation of "massive" multiplayer or numerous other specimens or presence of at least one other Equilibre scholar).

Cycles, Priorities and Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

First, let's sort by DPS:

This DPS is calculated with an alacrity value equal to zero, and therefore corresponding to a GCD of 1,5 seconds. We notice that :

  • The weakening of spirit is very powerful. It is therefore always advisable to have it placed, but it will be more difficult not to place it too early or too late than in a special balance.
  • Turbulence is the most powerful of the powers available, but precisely requires the presence of its own dowry of Weakened Spirit. Be careful, 2 seconds of casting means that it takes at least two seconds remaining for the Spirit debuff when casting the spell, which implies correctly evaluating the time remaining. Good luck if anyone else like this to dowry the Boss.
  • The Telekinetic Wave has a kind of "reverse CD": when it is available, you have 30 seconds to launch it. As a result, there is no rush to use the Tide of Force trigger, and we can wait to put all the other powers that are subject to CD back on CD. Be careful though, waiting more than 10 seconds is exposing yourself to missing out on a proc, and that would hurt.
  • Telekinetic Throw remains in the same damage range as Telekinetic Wave, but be careful not to move or lose the last tick by launching the next attack too quickly. It is subject to the same "inverted CD" as the Telekinetic Wave, but only allows 10 seconds for launch!
  • Mental Crush is comparable in power to that of Telekinetic Wave. Depending on usage, it will be used either as soon as it is available or every 22 seconds. Recollection does not reduce the recoil of Mind Crush, so it will not be used under fire!
  • The Trouble is mediocre, and therefore can only be used if everything else is unavailable.
  • Projection isn't even useful! Even with three points in upheaval, it does not exceed the inconvenience of more than 60 points. As integrating it into the cycle leads to greatly complicating it, so we won't do it, so as not to waste time or dps.
  • The strength content is ideally used if it is used to accelerate a telekinetic throw and then a telekinetic wave.


Le Monocible

The cycle is organized around Turbulence and with the aim of using it as often as possible. On engagement and then as soon as available, Mental Crush, immediately followed by Weakening of Spirit.

As soon as possible, the Turbulence. If it is available at the same time as Mental Crush or Weakened Spirit, it is preferred.

Otherwise, as fast as possible: Cast Telekinetic under proc, Telekinetic Wave under proc, and Disturbance. When several powers can be used as desired, the following order of priority is respected: Throw Telekinetic, then Telekinetic Wave, then Disturbance. Given the delay in proc "spawning", we'll always bug out as soon as possible, and wait during the cast to see if a proc has occurred.

Under Mental Alacrity, the cycle is exactly the same.

If the cycle must be interrupted

  1. If Turbulence is available, or the CD is less than 2 seconds, roll Spirit Debuff and then Turbulence.
  2. If mental crush is available, it is initiated immediately.
  3. Otherwise, use Telekinetic Throw, Telekinetic Wave, and Disturbance until you can cast the next turbulence.

Force management

Thanks to Telekinetic Outpouring, there will never be any problem with the Force.


The Multicible

The very first thing to obtain is the Trigger of Force Tide, in order to be able to use the Telekinetic Wave, starting with a Force Wave. Then the Spirit debuff, if there are two, three, or four targets. Turbulence in the same situations as Mind Weakening, and Telekinetic Throw when it triggers.

Disturbance is used when all others are impossible if there are only two targets, and Force Surge if there are at least three.

First, let's sort by dps:

This dps is calculated with an alacrity value equal to zero, and therefore corresponding to a GCD of 1,5 seconds. We notice that :

  • Mental crushing is always the best power, it is used in priority over any other!
  • Force Suppression and Mind Weakening are equivalent, but losing a tic, resting them every 15 seconds (based on the Balance Strength CD), is the same as losing the bonus from Force Suppression. It is therefore necessary as far as possible to rest these dowries only once they are completed.
  • However, if it is to risk forgetting it for a long time, or if you cannot follow their progress (if another DPS Balance scholar is present, especially), it is better to rely on the Force in Balance CD. , because their DPS remains, even so, superior to any other.
  • Refer to the equivalent time to know the time not to be exceeded before refitting it.
  • The Force in Balance is then the most powerful of the damage providers, but above all boosts the dowries. Always have on CD, unless it leads to delaying a Mind Crush. Note that The Force in Balance benefits from the Mental Slash.
  • Consuming presence of mind for a disturbance is a pretty big gain over a simple telekinetic throw, but should not be used if there is a risk of having to delay a Mind Crush.
  • Telekinetic Throw is the lowest dps, but remains CD-free, and above all is used for the Presence of Spirit proc, in order to cast a Mind Crush or Disturbance.
  • Because of its minimal efficiency, Projection will never be used.
  • The best way to optimize dowry damage is not to worry about mental crush when using Balance Force, and use dowries independently, unless longer than 2 seconds ( for the cut-force) or 4 seconds (for the weakening of mind) elapse without the corresponding dowry (situation of "massive" multiplayer or many other specimens or presence of at least one other scholar dps Equilibre).
  • The strength content will preferably be used to boost two successive telekinetic throws. Or a telekinetic throw and a Balancing Force.


Le Monocible

In the attack phase, the start of the cycle is made up of a simple sequence of three blows:

  • Weakened mind
  • Force cut
  • Force in Balance

This order is preferred because the Force-Cut triggers immediately, while the Weakened Mind doesn't trigger for the first time until after 3 seconds. We only lose the boost on a single tic de force-cutting, but above all we will not resume aggro with so little!

Then, we go directly to the Telekinetic Throw of the state phase.

 In the status phase, the priority is as follows:

  • Mental crush, as soon as presence of mind is available
  • Force cut
  • Weakened mind
  • Force in Balance
  • Disturbance, as soon as presence of mind is available AND if Mental Crush is on CD AND:
    • The active CD is longer than 7 seconds OR
    • The active CD is longer than 4 seconds AND the Balanced Force CD is longer than 7 seconds
  • Telekinetic Throw


In the Burst phase, the priority is as follows:

  • Mental crush, as soon as presence of mind is available
  • Force cut
  • Weakened mind
  • Force in Balance
  • Disturbance, IF presence of mind is available AND Mental Crush is on CD AND
    • The active CD is more than 7 seconds OR is greater than the duration before the end of the increased damage phase OR
    • The active CD is longer than 4 seconds AND the Balanced Force CD is longer than 7 seconds
  • Telekinetic Throw

No big difference then.

Ideal dowry management.

In order to make the best use of the dowries, we will always try to place the Weakening of Mind first, then the Cut-Strength, respecting this order as much as possible. If we try to use them until they are exhausted, we have a period of three seconds to relaunch them after their last tick, while remaining more effective than a re-pose fixed on The Force in Balance.

If we slightly exceed this duration, we put down the Cut-Force first, then the Spirit Debuff, and in the next cycle we put them back in the normal order, in order to recreate this "cut-force saving". This allows to keep a higher dps with up to 5 seconds without dowries.

Beyond that, we resume as if nothing had happened (and we whistle).


Force management

More problematic is the conservation of strength in the Balance specialty. During a complete and uninterrupted cycle, the Force decreases irreparably. However, as long as there is no Force Armor to be placed, you should be able to sustain a fight of ten minutes.

On the other hand, following a combat revival, it is particularly difficult to restore its reserve. We can temporarily do without Disturbances while we go back up a bit.

Using projection is a mess! If you do it regularly you won't be able to hold on so never do it.


The Multicible

The Force in Balance is the first power to use, and to always keep on CD. Then the Coupe-force, also under CD, alternately on two different targets. Then the Spirit debuff, if there are two, three, or four targets. As long as there are only two targets, Telekinetic Throw is used, and Mind Crush and Disturbance is used when Spirit Presence is available.

Force Wave is for use from only three targets. Not forgetting that the Force Wave consumes the Force reserves at a very high speed, to be used sparingly.


For the most determined of you, I offer here the calculation file that I used to optimize the cycle and the stuff. For this part, I use the formulas found on mmo-mechanics for the stat formulas, guidescroll for the power damage formulas and torhead for the values ​​of each power.

Edit the values ​​in the green boxes of the "Choices Made" table to reflect your goal. You can also modify the red boxes with your index values ​​or directly your statistics, if you want to see which value you are entitled to achieve. Be careful with Alacrity and Criticism, if you modify the red boxes, consider that you have invested 1 point in Penetrating Light and none in Gift of Strength.

Remember the inheritance bonus: 1% crit + 1% influx + 1% accuracy


For others, here is the most important:

  1. Raise the precision as close as possible to 110%, without exceeding them.
  2. Never put a review index.

To go into more detail, here are the exact characteristics that allow you to maximize the theoretical dps:

  • 2 Crystals 41 Power
  • 9 Modules 63 Power
  • 2 Sophistications 57 Power - 86 Surge
  • 5 Sophistications 57 Power - 86 Precision
  • 1 Ear 120 Power - 86 Surge
  • 2 implants 120 Power - 86 Alacrity
  • Unexpected Assault Kell Dragon Relic (36 ability power, 595 ability power auto-proc)
  • Kell Dragon Relic of Immeasurable Ages (36 ability power, activated 460 ability power)
  • 14 Improvements 32 Willpower
  • 1 Nano-Infused Resolution Stim (169 will - 70 Power)


  • Telekinesis
  • Balance
  • Hybrid

Objective of dps:

Monocible long:

  • Only: 2926
  • Armor Void: 3901

Single target burst (15 seconds):

  • Only: 3495
  • Armor Void: 4753

Multicible, only:

  • 2 targets: ~ 4000
  • 3 targets: ~ 5000
  • 4 targets: ~ 7200
  • 5 or more targets: ~ 8800

The constraints of this specialty, which are important, between the great reactivity on the launch of powers and the almost total immobility required, are compensated by a more efficient multi-target from 4 opponents and a higher burst capacity.

And then she has class.

Objective of dps:

Monocible long:

  • Only: 3007
  • Armor Void: 4006

Single target burst (10 seconds):

  • Only: 3468
  • Armor Void: 4691

Multicible, only:

  • 2 targets: ~ 4000
  • 3 targets: ~ 5000
  • 4 targets: ~ 6300
  • 5 or more targets: ~ 7200

The main limitation of this specialty is the absence of real burst and the delay of several seconds before reaching the optimum dps, which limits its use when you are forced to change targets and produce maximum damage on it at a minimum. of time. Another constraint is the combat duration limit due to Force depletion.

Finally, be aware that your DPS will be siphoned off by DoTs from other consulars, especially if another scholar uses a Mind Crush.

On the other hand, it has the advantage of allowing greater mobility and of being only much less reduced by interruptions.

I take this guide to clarify that the hybrid specialty, must have pre-2.0 and fundamentally irritating developers, is now strictly prohibited.

I carried out on it the same work as on the two others, of which I am saving myself, and I spare you, the drafting, given that it is in all cases inferior!

In the end, we see that these two specialties are equivalent, the developers succeeding in their objective of offering two equal choices, which was far from being the case before, while annihilating the old hybrid specialty. Armor reduction can be obtained by a Guardian and his gentle Fatal Strike, for example. To obtain the value corresponding to the composition of your group, make a weighted average of the two values.

Burst corresponds to mental alacrity and the activated relic, but without any doping.


Hope you like this guide, don't hesitate if you have any questions!


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