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Know that treachery and deceit can destroy even the most powerful of your enemies 

Duplicity, handling and speed are the best weapons of the Sith Assassin. Whether it's appearing behind an enemy to strike it down or channeling powerful Force powers to take down opponents, Assassins always make sure to stay in control of a fight. And if ever something goes wrong, then they will have no remorse in disappearing into the darkness and then coming back, always stronger, always more deceitful.

The Assassin is the melee specialty of the Sith Inquisitor. So he has a fighting style that revolves around strikes from his double-bladed lightsaber. As the levels progress, this style becomes more and more exuberant and dynamic, although some bad tongues will denounce a “roll face” class.

As a final note, it should be remembered that it is accepted that an Assassin, for equal stuff, will always do a little less damage than the other classes in the game. However, this data must not prevent anyone from playing this. class which has an arsenal of controls quite satisfactory and often welcome in raid.


Assassin basics

The Assassin is a melee class, which needs to be behind its target to be able to deploy all of its murderous abilities. Its main resource is Strength: the base maximum is 100 points, but a talent increases this limit to 110 points.

An Assassin fights with a double-bladed lightsaber, a weapon necessary to activate many offensive abilities. He holds a catalyst in second hand. He wears light armor, which makes him particularly resistant to face-to-face with mobs (which should never happen anyway).

The preferred partner of the Deceit Assassin during his leveling will be Khem Val, the Dashade that we get on Korriban around level 8. At the end of his leveling, around level 47, the inquisitor obtains a new tank: a Kalesh by the name of Xalek. As Xalek is currently bugged (his shield and absorption stats do not change with his stuff), it is advisable to always keep Khem.

Last point: the Deception Assassin is played exclusively in influx charge, which is obtained at level 20. This charge is the keystone of your force regeneration and allows you to maximize the damage of your other force attacks.


The talent tree

From a PVE perspective, there are two viable talent trees.

The first build, called “armor piercing”, is built according to a 5/33/3 model. It improves the effects of the surge charge, adding 9% armor penetration. In addition, the 2 additional points in the "deception" tree which are attributed to "entropic field" allow, if you tend to activate the talent "lead feet in AOE" to reduce the damage received by them.

The second build, called "chain shock", is built according to a 2/31/8 model. It enhances the effects of electroshock. Note the absence of points in the "entropic field" and the fact that the influx charge no longer benefits from the increase in armor penetration.



Your first statistic is willpower. This is the one that increases your abilities the most, mainly improving the damage you deal and your critical chance. It must be present on all your stuff.

The second stat is precision. It must reach a soft cap of 100%, so that none of your saber strikes miss their mark. Beyond 100%, it reduces your target's defense chances (parry, dodge, block). At this point, the accuracy is still interesting, but less than the other stats.

For the stats that follow, I personally tend to favor the critic. The soft cap to be reached is 30%, due to diminishing returns (30% without the secret agent buff). As a consequence of this orientation, it is also necessary to increase its influx index in order to maximize the damage of our critics. Here, the soft cap to be reached of around 75%.

Finally, there is power. It increases the force of your saber strikes. Interesting too. However, without further calculations, it is difficult to separate it from the critic and the influx. It is therefore up to you to choose according to your affinities.

In addition, we will also note the presence of the power of Force on our sabers and our catalysts. This statistic rises on its own with the stuff, so there's no need to worry about it.


The gameplay

It is not possible to speak of a stable cycle regarding the deception inquisitor. Depending on the different processes, it goes quickly into anything. The general idea of ​​the Assassin's attacks is to build a build of procs that greatly improve his force attacks (shock and discharge). However, it is necessary to underline the cruel absence of offensive capacities at a distance: the deceitful Assassin only has the speed of force to reach his target as quickly as possible.

  • Physical attacks
  • Force attacks
  • Defensive CDs
  • Crowd control
  • Regeneration

The Assassin's primary attack is the Voltaic Slit. It advantageously replaces the correction at level 40 by doing more damage and allowing proc to increase the damage of your electroshock, as well as a decrease in its Force cost.

The Assassin's other major attack is mayhem. However, given its high cost in Strength, it is recommended to only use it when exploiting proc weaknesses, in order to decrease the cost and increase overall damage.

The saber strikes must allow the Force to be regenerated.

Assassination becomes the priority attack when the target has less than 30% of his HP.

The Assassin also has two other attacks: the pike and the low lunge. Note that the pike is of no use in PVE: it can only be used camouflaged and inflicts ridiculous damage. His 2 sec stun could be of interest in very specific situations, especially in PVP. Regarding the low slit, this is again a capacity essentially geared towards PVP. It can act as a cs when the shock is not up.

Playing as surge charge allows you to gradually build up static charges which increases your discharge damage. These charges proc quite slowly (surge charge effect can only apply every 1,5 sec). It is advisable to wait at least 3 charges before launching the discharge (in cases where a need for a sudden violent burst is felt, such as for example on phase 3 of Soa) but in the best case, it does not must launch the discharge at 5 static charges.

The advanced saber overload should always be under cd. It allows a significant gain of dps, increasing the damage of your surge charge significantly. As it does not respect the GCD, its use is all the more facilitated.

Shock is a powerful force attack, which is also expensive in Force. It should therefore only be launched when you have the 2 induction charges conferred by your voltaic slit. In addition, the Voltaic Slit also proc increases the damage of the electroshock which stacks 2 times. It is advisable to only throw the electroshock when under these conditions or if you need a quick cc on a weak or standard target.

You also have recklessness, which has a cd of 1:30. This ability gives you two charges of recklessness, which increases the critical chance of your Force attacks by 60%. It is strongly advised to use it in conjunction with the buffed electroshock and discharge. However, beware of those who use the chain shock spec as the second electroshock that can proc will use a reckless charge. It is therefore advisable to always start with the discharge and then the electroshock. In order to optimize damage, recklessness should also be used most often in conjunction with a critical / influx relic, which will allow to have a violent burst over a very short period of time.

The Assassin dps shares with his fellow tank two extremely powerful defensive CDs. The first is deflection, which reduces damage taken by 50%. To be used as soon as necessary. The second is the Shroud of Strength which grants invincibility to Force and Tech attacks for 3 sec. This ability is very useful at certain specific times to relieve your heals (such as when Garj jumps in HM or Nightmare).

The Assassin also has a vanish, useful in PVE when things go wrong. However, its use can be tricky, because the vanish will not be taken into account if you continue to suffer damage, especially due to a dowry.

The Assassin has a large panel of cc's, which can be used in many situations. The most important is the mental trap, usable out of combat and under stealth. He cc a humanoid for 60 sec. The damage breaks the cc.

The electroshock can also DC for 3 sec on weak and strong targets. The spike strikes the targets for 2 seconds after use. DC electrocution all targets (except bosses) for 4 sec and low lunge mezz the target for 4 sec (so the next damage will break the CC).

The Force regenerates itself, at a rate determined by its level: the lower it is, the slower it will regenerate. The Assassin has several mechanisms induced by his stuff and his talent tree to facilitate this regeneration. The most important of this mechanism is related to the influx load. Each time she deals damage, you regenerate 10 strength. It is therefore absolutely essential to maintain this charge.

It is also advisable to always start a stealth fight. Indeed, when leaving stealth, you benefit from the dark embrace which gives you a 50% bonus to Force regeneration for 6 sec, which allows a burst upon entry if necessary. The black out, once the talent point is spent, can be used outside of stealth and gives you access to the dark embrace: it is advisable to only use it between 75 and 25% of your Strength: before, and you lose efficiency on regeneration; after that, and you may not enjoy it properly, unless you force yourself to only slash with the saber for 6 sec.

Note that the 2-piece bonus from the Assassin's set gives access to another regeneration mechanism: each saber strike restores 1 point of Strength.



In summary …

Good points :

  • a lot of mini-controls useful in combat
  • a 1 minute cc on humanoids
  • the buff specific to the power brand

Negative points :

  • Comparatively somewhat lower damage compared to other classes, according to feedback on the official forums.
  • no viable ranged attack (30m)
  • and most importantly, being made of fabric also makes it fragile: three slaps, and here you are making the rug.

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