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I introduce myself, Fayte from the Guild of Renegades on Mantle of the force, Assassin Tank since February 2012, I discovered MMOs with SW: The Old Republic in December 2011. I took the initiative on the official forum of 'open a discussion about the Assassin Tank 2.0, to share the impressions, tests and opinions of everyone that I have decided to convert it into a guide.

  • template
  • Main changes of 2.0
  • Cycle to 2.0
  • New in 2.0
  • Statistics
  • Conclusion


Here is my Template: 38/4/4. There is debate on the use of the Point. Honestly, I'm so used to using it against adds (additional enemy in instances) that I can't live without it, it's a playstyle and I find it useful for several reasons:

  • It allows me to limit the damage received for 2 seconds if it's an add that hits hard.
  • If I am unable to take the aggro of an add (my healers have quite a few fans!), I put it on the ground and as soon as it gets up, I use the Lightning strike, it allows me to keep it controlled long enough (6 seconds) for it to be killed or for me to resume aggro.
  • It's always handy to interrupt a spell
  • In my opinion, there is nothing much more interesting to take from the talent tree.

It must be taken into account that even in operations, there are still quite a few packs that can be interrupted / controlled. I take the example of the "bombeur" of Kephess on Dénova. Point + lightning strike allows you to keep it controlled for 6 seconds and therefore potentially avoid taking its missile which inflicts 11.000 to 13.000 points of damage. If you don't take it, put your point in "Avoidance" which reduces the CD of your Unwavering Will and Shock.

Other choices to make: "Punitive blades" or "Shadow swelling". One increases damage on Correct and Lacerate by 6% while the other increases the trigger for Tank stance by 15%. I preferred to increase my damage (and it's really a personal choice between the two, there is no better choice, it's just a matter of taste).

Finally, is "Exploitrix Strikes" effective: for me, no. It only served us to achieve the double electroshock, whereas now we don't need it anymore.

Other Template shared on the official forum

  • Bryxia : 36/3/7
  • LekKharr: 39/3/4


Main changes of 2.0

 - Advanced Saber Charge :

Before, it restored us 10% of our health and it increased the chances of triggering the posture. Now she restores 15% of our health and still increases the chance to trigger stance, but she also gives us an additional 25% damage reduction for 15 seconds. Basically, it becomes a real defensive CD to use below 20% health or to relieve the healer.

To give you an idea, the stacked charge with a reusable level 52 medipack and the force lightning with the 3 relentless darknesses give me 57% damage reduction for 15 seconds and instantly 12.000 health points as well as 3 in 200 seconds that follow (4 seconds = 4 out of 15.200).

 - Dark Zone :

Before, she gave us + 20% shield on 8 charges. Now she gives us + 20% shield on 15 charges. In addition, each time you lose a charge, you gain 1% absorption, stacking 8 times. But be careful, if we refresh the Dark Zone, the absorption charges are also reset to zero! Not to be refreshed just any way!

 - Mutilation :

Before the dismemberment on the Assassin tank was useless, but now we have a trigger, "Conspirator's Wrap", which allows us to use it from the front and with a force cost reduced by 50%. This does not make it become very effective, however. Only, mayhem can give us Stimulation (negates the cooldown of Shock Shock and gives 100% critical chance on it) which makes it more interesting.

To give you an idea, I get to have Stimulation so often that I have a hard time putting Withers in the rise of 3 Bitter Darkness, I tend to only Shock under Stimulate.


Cycle to 2.0

Combat entry on Operation Bosses

 Zone Obscure

 Force Pull





--- ---  Electrochoc*

--- --- --- ---  Mutilation**

--- --- --- --- --- ---  Electrochoc***

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---  Withering ****


 Flash of strength

* Triggering Stimulation on Correction
** Trigger Stimulation and Envelope on Correction
*** Triggering Stimulation on Mutilation
**** No trigger

Then, you just have to watch the charges of your Dark Zone and mount the 3 Bitter Darkness as quickly as possible with Shock and Wither, my priorities:

  • Fixed - To give me the Boost that will negate the Shock Cooldown and allow me to critically do so.
  • Mayhem - Always for Stimulation, but only if I have the Conspirator's Wrap.
  • Electroshock - To mount my 3 Relentless Darknesses, with Recklessness if possible (but be careful if the double electroshock occurs, it consumes both reckless charges!).
  • Bolt of Strength - Only with the 3 Relentless Darknesses, Recklessness if possible.
Priority in multi-targets:
  • Wither - If I didn't get a boost (which is rare), and to refresh the debuff by -5% damage dealt.
  • Discharge - Mainly to refresh my debuff by -5% accuracy.
  • Laceration - Only in multi-target, as it gives a very high chance to gain Stimulation.


New in 2.0

 - The phasic displacement (CD: 45sec, Duration: 2min)

Places an area 5 meters in diameter at your location, which allows you to teleport to that location from a distance of up to 60 meters. So much for the general effect. In the Tank specification, where it gets interesting is that it gives a bonus to the healing done to people in the area.

 - Assassin's Shelter

+ 5% additional healing done by all people present within 5 meters of phasic movement. This improvement is cumulative (2 zones one on top of the other give + 10%). The + 2% healing bonus received in the talent tree is only valid for us, and it is a passive bonus (even without Phasic Movement, we have the bonus).


With 63 gear optimized for Endurance, at level 55, I lose 6% Defense and 13% Shield / Absorption. We also lose 9% in damage reduction and around 450 in armor rating. My stats on Gear 63 at level 55:

  • 22% Defense
  • 31% Shield
  • 30.5% Absorption
  • 33% reduced Damage
  • Armor Index 5900
  • 38.000 PV


Here are the statistical differences between a Full index optimization and a Full Endurance with the 72 equipment currently available. The order of priority:

Absorption <Defense <Shield

Warning: it is possible that some errors are lingering but if this is the case the influence is only very slight (0.1% maximum), and I have not taken into account the declining curves. These calculations give a good idea of ​​what it is possible to have as a statistic with the optimized equipment 72, but if they are not super precise.


The improvements

14x32 index or stamina

  • Full Endu = +4500 pv
  • Full Shield = + 9%
  • Full Def = +6%
  • Full Abso = +5%


  • Endurance optimization
  • Index optimization
  • Modification: Stamina + 74 / Absorption or Defense + 46
  • Sophistication: Stamina +79 / Shield + 74 / Absorption or Defense +17
  • Health: 50.000 (Upgrades)
  • Defense: 192 = 19%
  • Shield: 750 = 35%
  • Absorption: 461 = 38%

I'm sacrificing some defense in favor of absorption, because I'm going to use an activatable +425 defense relic (gain ~ + 5%)

  • Modification: Stamina + 52 (-22) / Absorption or Defense + 57 (+11)
  • Sophistication: Stamina +6 (-16) / Shield + 79 (+5) / Absorption or Defense +32 (+15)
  • Health: 42.700 (47.500 if Upgrades)
  • Defense: 20% (25% if Upgrades)
  • Shield: 35.5% (44% if Upgrades)
  • Absorption: 40% (45% if Improvements)

- Sophistication Index against Endurance

  • Health: -1190
  • Shield: +35 (+ 0.6%)
  • Defense or Absorption: +105 (+ 1.6%)

- Index modification against Endurance

  • Health: -1980
  • Defense or Absorption: +98 (+ 1.3%)


What to do?

The first thing that we notice is that the modifications with the most endurance have the best Life / Index ratio, a choice on the Index modification only gives a gain of +98 to be divided between Defense and Absorption (~ 1.3% to distribute), for a loss of almost 2.000 life points. The choice index / stamina must be made on Sophistications only because the gain of index (+105 Defense / Absorption, +35 Shield) against the loss of endurance (1200) is more balanced.

We also notice that the difference between Full Endurance and Full Index equipment excluding increases is really minimal, but if we take into account the increases which allow, unlike the equipment, to have a significant difference, there is indeed a choice. to do.

I find that dividing the increases is not an ideal choice, favoring only 1 statistic allows to really have a big gain, and personally, if I were to take an Index, I would choose to increase only my absorption because it is our statistic which has the best bonus on the talent tree (+ 4%), or by putting only defense (+ 2% on the tree) to have 25%.

Also, don't forget that Stamina increases the effectiveness of Advanced Saber Charge (restores + 15% max health), and Force Lightning Health Regeneration with 3 Relentless Darkness (4 x 2% maximum health). All this with a 2% bonus for additional healing received on the talent tree, which must also be taken into account.

Finally, having too much shield can cause the Dark Zone to drop too fast, so be careful.


I find the changes in 2.0 very nice, the Phasic Movement is just great to use and the bonuses it provides are very interesting, it really gives us an influence on the raid.

The ability to use Mangle from the front with a chance to give us Stimulation, makes the game a bit more dynamic and increases our DPS.

The changes to the Advanced Saber Charge and the Dark Zone improve our survival, which took a slight slam as we passed through 5 levels.

I end by specifying that I do not have an infused science, I made this guide to give my feelings, my opinions, my tests, and my vision of the Assassin Tank in a perspective of sharing, I invite to another Assassins / Shadows Tank to do the same, in order to better understand the changes in 2.0.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide.

Fayte - Assassin Tank sur Mantle of The Force

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