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Famous and anonymous at the same time, bounty hunters are much more than mere mercenaries: they are the heirs of a professional vocation, of an ancient circle crowned with glory. Tracking targets across multiple star systems requires expert intervention, especially when the targets are large, powerful, and ready for battle. The career of bounty hunter attracts many aspiring thrill seekers from all walks of life, but only the strongest survive on this path of ruthless competition.
The path of the bounty hunter is perilous, the stakes are always high and can only have two outcomes: a life full of glory ... or a swift and dishonorable death.

Preparation is the best defense for bounty hunters who, for the most part, opt for state-of-the-art equipment. Craftsmen spend months, if not years, handcrafting heavy hunter armor, ensuring their superior resistance to any type of weapon and their flexibility and versatility. But offense is just as crucial as defense, and any bounty hunter needs a powerful arsenal to get out of a sticky situation. It is not uncommon for a bounty hunter to spend as many credits on a sophisticated blaster as another individual on a spaceship.


Its strengths and weaknesses

The bounty hunter has the most powerful armor in the empire. Always at the cutting edge of technology, it adapts to all situations. He can tank as well as heal or even dps easily.

His weapons overheat quite quickly, so you have to use your spells wisely.


Class Info

  • Permitted breeds : Human, Cyborg, Zabrak, Rattataki, Chiss.
  • Standard bars : A bounty hunter's resource bar increases with each activation of abilities. The higher your heat level, the longer it will take to regenerate it. So try to keep your heat level below 50%!
  • Authorized equipment : Light armor, medium armor, heavy armor.
  • Authorized weapons : Blaster



  • Mercenary
  • Spécialiste

Heavy Armor - Two Blaster Pistols

If offense is the best defense, then the Mercenary has the most impressive defense in the galaxy. Heavily modified blasters and fearsome heat-guided missiles make the Mercenary a mobile heavy weapons platform. No problem withstands increased firepower, and those who know what he is capable of never stand between a Mercenary and his target.

  • "Arsenal": DPS - Uses advanced missiles and takes out targets in the blink of an eye.
  • "Close Protection": Healing - Provides the Bounty Hunter with the technologies and abilities required to heal his allies.
  • "Pyromania" - in common -: Missiles and improvement of the flamethrower.

Heavy Armor - A Blaster Pistol

The Specialist wears his heavy armor like a second skin and is always ready to try out the latest prototype technology if it can offer better protection. The best of armor, defensive tactics, and powerful flamethrowers combine to make the Specialist an impassable human barrier that few enemies escape unscathed.

  • "Advanced Prototype": DPS - The latest technologies make the Specialist more flexible in the face of the enemy.
  • "Shield Technique": Tank - Boosts the Specialist's defensive technology, in order to absorb attacks.
  • "Pyromania" - in common -: Missiles and improvement of the flamethrower.


The ship: La Mante D5

The Mantis D5 is a rare, best-in-class alpha predator hunter that plies the cold depths of space. Built to meet the high demand for a larger interdictor ship, the Mante has a compact structure and is above all designed to fight.


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