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Pau Monfort


Djecko, from the Geca guild on Mantle of the Force, invites you to discover the basics of Mercenary Care in this guide.

Do you want to travel the galaxy to hunt down prey that the mere mention of your name terrifies? Equipped with your two blasters, protected by your heavy armor, you have become a worthy ascendant of Boba Fett!

This class guide has for only pretension that to make you discover the main mechanics of the mercenary care as well as its dynamic gameplay in order to allow you to take best care of your comrades in adventure.

However, if slapping the Dread Council is incredibly trivial to you, go your way, this guide is not for you!

On the program: skills, gameplay, some advice and I hope especially on arrival, a lot of fun to play as your mercenary.

Summary :

  • Statistics
  • Talent tree
  • skills
  • gameplay
  • Equipment
  • On the adventure


For the Healer Mercenary, the primary stat is Aiming. Secondary statistics are the Engime andCritical Index. Finally, the auxiliary statistics are theInflux index andAlacrity index.

  • Aiming : Increases damage and healing you do.
  • Power : la Engime, or Engime technology, increases your healing bonus.
  • Index de critical (30%): increases your chance to critically hit and see the amount of health restored soar.
  • Influx index (70%): this stat increases the critical score multiplier (not the critical chance, but the potency of your crit), which improves your healing by the same amount on a critical hit.
  • Alacrity index (7%): this stat decreases the cast time of your scanners, and also increases heat dissipation (it's important to keep a cool head!).
  • Trick : Ok, I haven't covered this above, but this skill does affect your healing scores a bit. No question of equipping yourself with modifications, but why not look for the datacrons (ie a +30 bonus to the key).

The difficulty in statistics is to be able to make them evolve in a balanced way. For example, it would be useless to have a monstrous Critical Index if the influx index is too low (this would give you Oyster Critical Scores).

Thus, during the leveling phase, priority will be given to the aim / power tandem to increase your healing bonus. Subsequently, depending on the equipment found, try to increase the influx / critical duo, your scores will be even better. Finally, heal your alacrity and the result should be more than satisfactory (and if despite everything, your group dies in operation, criticize the tank!).

At high level, the various distinctions and improvements will allow you to balance and optimize your equipment more easily, but above all it will be necessary to dose to your taste and according to your way of playing.


The skill tree that I offer you here reflects my way of approaching this spec, we can of course modulate it according to the talents you want to obtain and also according to your way of playing, it's up to everyone to forge their own opinion!

36 / 8 / 2

In particular, if you do not want to be careful with the projections (bump), you can move the two points of the talent "Kolto jets " at level 7 and the point of "Heat absorber " (which makes it free) at level 3.

Even if the 2.6 gave new meaning to talent "Policeman" level 5, rarely posing "Bulwark of Kolto " on me (the pre 2.6 habits are sometimes stubborn!), I preferred to ventilate the two points.

Remember, however, that to land the ultimate talent "Emergency scanner " at the top of the tree at level 8, you will have to spend 36 skill points.


The list is not exhaustive, but it covers the main skills you will use as a healer.

  • Care
  • Effects and Procs
  • defensive

Combat Support Cylinder : the combat support cylinder will be THE starting point of your adventure as a healer! Thanks to him, you will accumulate charges, arrived at 30, your healing and damage are increased by 3% and you will be able to activate Overloaded gas.

Sequence of shots : the healer shoots everything! On his enemies, on allies (Friendly Fire!) And since 2.6, even on him! It may seem strange at first, but thanks to this skill, you will be able to heal your partners on the move and accumulate charges (3 with each shot) which we just mentioned above.

Care scanner : More muscular than the previous skill, this spell which consumes little heat can have a cooldown reduced to 0 if your character is in mode Super charged gas. This scanner can activate Proactive treatment, a regular heal for 9 seconds, if you choose the eponymous talent at tier 5 of your tree. Moreover, with the talent Reactive armor of stage 5, the Proactive treatment grants an additional 10% armor bonus with the buff Armor reactive for 10 seconds.

Fast scanner : one of your two powerful spells whose only problem is the relatively long activation time. In case of emergency, you can send it immediately thanks to Power surge. With each activation, it grants you 6 charges which bring you a little closer to the supercharge.

Emergency scanner : here is a very interesting spell by the quantity of care it lavishes and the possibility of using it in movement. We could almost have written on it: "In an emergency, break the ice:".

Missile de kolto : an area spell, to heal 4 allies within a radius of 8 meters. Thanks to the mode  Super charged gas (him again!), this Kolto Missile will also activate the shield Load screen for 15 seconds on targets hit. It was already not bad, but in addition to the talents Kolto residue, the missile leaves a residue of kolto which increases the healing received for 15 seconds, and by Kolto capsules, it drops a pool that additionally heals your affected allies.

Super charged gas : Your mercenary's state of Grace is THE skill of your healer cycle. When activated at 30 combat support charges, this supercharged gas will give you the ability to:

  • Immediately dissipate 8 heat points.
  • Increase all healing by 5% for 10 seconds.
  • Remove the recharge time from the Care scanner for 10 seconds.
  • Kolto missile places shield Load screen reducing damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds.


Bulwark of kolto : Kolto's Bulwark deploys to an ally and places 6 stacks on it for 3 minutes. With talent Bodyguard from level 7, the number of charges is increased to 9 and the healing is increased by 15%. So when the ally takes damage, the probe triggers and heals him. In short, it is a continuous supply of care when needed. Since 2.6, the Kolto Bulwark can be deployed throughout the party.

Cure : removes 2 negative effects on a friendly target and can heal your ally at the same time if you have taken the talent Mental care at level 4 of your tree.


Gift of the hunter : the class buff, it increases stamina by 5% for the whole group for 1 hour.

Heat dissipation : poor management of your resources and you are overheating? A shot of Heat dissipation and your bar drops by 66 heat points over 3 seconds. Also grants 10% more alacrity for 6 seconds.

Power surge : Your next casting spell is cast instantly. Many thanks to 2.7 for halving its cooldown. To be used in stressful phase!

Thermal handling : your heat bar is dangerously full? This skill makes your next cast spell free.

Proactive treatment : with this tier 5 talent, the healing scanner causes the Proactive treatment which heals the target for 9 seconds.

Reactive armor : Tier 5 talent, once activated, the Proactive treatment cause Reactive armor which grants 10% more armor for 9 seconds.

Kolto residue : tier 3 talent, the Missile de kolto leaves kolto residue on allies hit, increasing healing received by 3% for 15 seconds (this talent also affects enemy targets by slowing them down).

Kolto capsules : tier 3 talent, the Missile de kolto drops a kolto pool that heals allies for 3 seconds.

Kolto jets : tier 7 talent, the Turbo-jetpack allows you thanks to him to be able to heal yourself as well as the allies nearby with your projections!

Critical efficiency : Tier 4 talent, triggered by the Care scanner, it guarantees you a Fast scanner at a cost reduced by 8 points for 15 seconds.

Critical reaction : Tier 2 talent, a critical result on a healing power causes the Critical reaction which grants you a 3% alacrity bonus for 6 seconds.

Load screen : is triggered following a Missile de kolto in supercharge mode. This screen reduces damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds.

Glitter lure : You will quickly find that enemies don't like healers in SWTOR! This skill will allow you to reduce your animosity and restore the Tank's spotlight.

Kolto overload : activated, this power activates the Health check and can last up to 1 minute before triggering as soon as your life is reduced to less than 35%. When triggered, Kolto Overload reduces your health to 35% of its max value.

Energy shield : Increases damage reduction by 25% for 12 seconds. Coupled with talent Protective field of level 6, it will increase the healing received as long as it is active.

On-board automatic defibrillator : brave among the brave, a member fell? Pull him out of his contemplation of the ground thanks to this power which will put him back in the fight (remember to reserve a few scanners for him in stride!).


Keep it cool

With casting time management, your other difficulty will be managing your heat level. The higher your level, the longer it will take for it to come down.

Ideally, keep your heat threshold below 40 points to benefit from a 5 points per second decrease. For this you can use Heat dissipation et Thermal handling.

Above 80 points, your regenerations will only be 2 points per second, it will heat up hard for you and especially for the group whose end is announced: it is bad.



With a founding precept that Captain Ambrose Stark himself would certainly have appreciated, setting up your cycle will first consist of activating your Combat Support Cylinder then to increase your loads.

In fact, before starting the fight, use your Sequence of shots to increase your combat support charges to 30, thereby benefiting from the 3% healing bonus. Since 2.6, you will be able to target any member of the party, yourself included. If the fight begins while you are at zero charge, it is not a drama, don't worry (you risk being called upon).

Concerning Bulwark of kolto, which can now be deployed on all members, I prefer to place it automatically on the tank (as before 2.6) and deploy / renew it piecemeal on other players (Melee damage classes mainly) each time I select them for treatment. Your priority will remain the Tank.

If the last preparations are made, you are ready to go to the front!


Low care needs

In principle, we are at the start of the confrontation (so far, all is well), everything is under control for the moment, the Tank is managing brilliantly and the care needs are not critical.

You can be content with your Sequence of shots and use a Care scanner to activate Proactive treatment et Armor reactive ; or else a Fast scanner in the event of a big slap, it will bring you closer to the supercharge if necessary.

Basically, the chains should look like this:

Missile de kolto : to get Kolto Residue and Kolto Capsules

Care scanner : to obtain Proactive Treatment, Reactive Armor and Critical Efficiency

Fast scanner : for its reduced cost chained


For area healing, or if an enemy doesn't let go, you can also consider:

Missile de kolto

Turbo-jetpack : to get Kolto Jets


However, be careful with the use of your Turbo-jetpack so as not to wake up stunned opponents.

As very often in the role of healer, there is no absolute cycle but more combinations to respect to improve the care provided and a case-by-case management of the situations you will be confronted with.

I insist on continuing to use in this sequence the basis of your care which is Sequence of shots to better manage your heat bar.


Strong care needs

Panic in the ranks, the enemies oppose you an unexpected resistance and the life bars of your partners decrease visibly: the time of the supercharge has come, you will transform yourself into a kolto fountain!

For this phase:

Super charged gas

Missile de kolto : to get Load screen

Care scanner

Fast scanner

Emergency scanner


Among the variants, you will be able to take advantage of the cast time reduced to 0 of the Care scanner  by spamming it during this superload phase. Be careful though, there is a good chance that you will end the sequence overheating.

Preferably alternate Care scanner et Fast scanner for the reduced energy cost of the latter when chained (17 instead of 25).

You can incorporate at any time in your cycle a Emergency scanner to take advantage of the 5% superload healing bonus.

If you have a clickable Relic that increases your Might (Relic of Immeasurable Ages) or Alacrity (Relic of the Primal Fate Sealer), the Supercharge phase is also a good time to activate it.

By the way, still in the overload phase, you can also try a little (I said a little!) To do a little damage, because the skills Powerful shot et Unloading are free.

Do not hesitate to use Heat dissipation during the cycle for 2 reasons. Already, in order to be able to finish it properly and especially not to be dry two seconds after the start; but also to benefit from the 10% additional alacrity that it causes. With a little luck, following a review, you will be able to accumulate the benefits of the Heat dissipation with those of Critical reaction.


Critical care needs

Is the Tank's vital prognosis engaged? Here's a very powerful little combo that should keep him afloat:

Missile de kolto

Emergency scanner

Power surge

Fast scanner


The Deathly Hallows ??)

The choice of the relic will be influenced by the way you play (and what you loot). Among the possibilities (which I will not mention all of them), some examples of relics in index 154 to illustrate the principle.

Each relic offers a bonus in endurance and base power, which will increase with its index, but also gains on:

  • RElique of the Dread Guard from ages immemorial : Coated. +64 / Power +47: to click, it will give you a bonus of 350 power points for 30 seconds.
  • Rephemeral rectification dreadguard elique : Coated. +64 / Power +47: Healing an ally has a 50% chance to restore an additional 526 health for 3 seconds, effect available every 20 seconds.
  • RElic of the Dread Guards Primal Destiny Sealer:  Coated. +64 / Power +47: to click, it gives you a bonus of 350 alacrity points for 30 seconds.


Correct outfit required

Have you just successfully passed your job interview to join a roster that you will need to take care of? To make your trial run as smooth as possible, it is high time you found work clothes that are as comfortable as they are effective.

The first piece of advice I will give you as soon as you enter level 50 will be to invest your planetary distinctions in Makeb modifications (level 25 artifact or index 140).

In search of classic distinctions, the Contentious Zones in difficult mode will allow you to obtain Black Hole type equipment in index 146 which will constitute your starting equipment and will complement your set if necessary.

Subsequently, in order to give you an idea of ​​what a set to begin operations can look like, I suggest an outfit in index 146 (level 63) that you will be able to obtain via classic distinctions. Here is a link to AskMrRobot: Mercenary 146.

The base set has been balanced thanks to various upgrades (level 23 artifact), the final set offers a healing bonus of 629, a critical index of 32%, an influx index of 70% and an index of 7% alacrity, which will be quite comfortable to tackle your first outings in operations.

The major advantage of such an outfit is undoubtedly the set bonus it provides: with 2 pieces you will have a Super charged gas lengthened by 3 seconds, and for 4 coins the cooldown of the Care scanner will be reduced by 1,5 seconds and that of the Emergency scanner of 3 seconds (a must have!).

Do not forget, to save time, that if you opt for an outfit linked to your heritage, you can use the distinctions of a character A to equip the outfit of character B by means of an assembly and disassembly of the modifications.


This little guide is coming to an end, I hope that these few elements will allow you to approach in good conditions your noble function of healer and to start well in the adventures which stretch out the arms to you in HL.

Let's not forget that in terms of gameplay, there is no absolute truth, it is up to everyone to form their own opinion based on their feeling and their way of approaching this role.

You can also find this guide in its original format in PDF, and also its Commando version for the Republic.

The Great Hunt is never over, too, ladies and gentlemen!

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