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I remember the first time I chose my trades for my first character, I went there a bit off the cuff. And then along the way, I realized that the codex was very valuable for choosing professions that go well together. I stuck with that for a while. But at the maximum level, when you are really specialized in a trade, and you make items from materials that are really expensive, obtaining a clothing review becomes decisive, and the objective of this article is to determine for each class which is the most appropriate trade according to the companions and their capacities.

Factors that affect confections

  • Efficiency : efficiency is used to increase the speed of preparation. In practice, this is not really decisive. For a 55 purple item, a standard companion takes 45 min to craft while a companion with +15 efficiency will take 39 min. Effectiveness is affected by both the potential bonus the companion has, and the affection he has for you. The more he loves you, the more efficiently he works and the faster he goes, all things considered. In this guide, I consider efficiency to be a decoy, because what matters is getting a crafting review, not the time it takes to get it, and so I don't care. account.
  • The critic : Crit bonus is a bonus to the chance of successfully crafting a critical craft over a standard companion. It is affected by the possible bonus of the companion. In addition, there are two types of critical packaging:
    •  in the case of a directly equipable item, a crafting critic allows you to obtain an improvement slot
    • in the case of a consumable or part of an item, a crafting review will result in duplicate item being obtained.

In the first case, it is possible to increase the chances of getting an improved crit by purchasing inheritance options.

The different types of companions

To date, there are three types of companions:

  • The companions who join your character as the class quest progresses. They each have their own characteristics.
  • The ship's droid (obtained with the ship at the end of the Capital Planet class quest) has no default characteristics, but can be added to it via special implants.
  • The HK-51 droid obtained through a fairly long quest that requires both a level 50 character and at least one other level 15 character in the other faction, and which has a +5 efficiency bonus in all missions collection and +1 crit in all crafting missions. It is important that the artificers have this droid because it is the only way for them to increase their chance of crit.

Talent matrices and analysis

I have listed all the critical bonuses of the partners of each class and I have summarized them in the following table:

This analysis is more for people who plan to eventually have a character from each class than people who are new to the game, but everyone should be able to benefit from it.

The trades are divided into three categories: first the clothing trades, then the trades with which we can find materials on the ground during the quests and finally the trades which require sending partners on a mission. It is impossible to choose more than one tailoring profession, but it is entirely possible to take three gathering trades if you wish. Free-to-play players who are only entitled to one profession have an interest in choosing a profession from the second category and reselling the materials collected at the auction house. In the general case of subscribed players, it is more balanced to choose a profession in each category.

Meaning of colors:

  • Yellow : recommended profession
  • Orange : profession recommended in the case of someone who has at least 4 characters and who optimizes the distribution of talents
  • Green : profession recommended in the case of someone who has no more than two characters

I had to take this color code, because often it's a shame not to take advantage of a magnificent +5 critical, but on the other hand if you drop the collecting skill associated with your profession, you have to either be financially strong enough to buy materials from the Auction House, or have another reroll collecting for two.

Trade groups

So let's talk a little about the recommended trades for each tailoring trade:

  • artifice : archeology, treasure hunt
  • biochemistry : bioanalysis, diplomacy
  • cybernetics : recovery, illegal trade
  • weapon manufacturing : recovery, illegal trade, (hacking)
  • armor making : recovery, illegal trade, (hacking)
  • synthweaving : archeology, illegal trade, (hacking)

(hacking) is only needed for upgrades. This is a skill to take first when crit in it, but only if you have other alternatives to gathering the main materials for your craft.

Table comment

  • Soldier : he is the best off, he has a 5 critical in armor crafting, and also a critical in recovery and illegal trade, this is the winning combo.
  • Smuggler : it is the only one to have a critical at 5 in weapon manufacturing so it is the natural choice. If you don't have another character doing salvage, take that profession, otherwise take hacking. Likewise, if you have another character that is trading illegally, take investigation, otherwise take illegal trade and buy the ship droid upgrade to get +2 critical.
  • Jedi knight : you are spoiled, you have two criticisms of confection, synthesis or biochemistry. You can easily choose the synthweaving / archeology / hacking combo or a variant. For my part I considered that the Jedi Knight is the only class to have a critical of 5 in biochemistry so I chose this profession to optimize (and because reusable biochemistry items are super practical). Also take bioanalysis if you don't have another reroll that bioanalyzes, otherwise take hacking, and diplomacy (+2 with the ship droid).
  • Consular : the consular has +2 in weapon manufacturing, but it's a joke, it can not help him to equip himself. I prefer to advise him cybernetics (+5 with the droid of the ship), to which we will add recovery and illegal trade, winning combo.
  • Bounty hunter : with +2 in biochemistry and +2 in bioanalysis, if we add diplomacy (+2 with the droid of the ship) we have a good combo
  • Sith warrior : The warrior has +5 in Synthweaving, so it's a natural choice that will allow him to equip himself during his leveling. On a first character, you have to take the associated skills, namely archeology and illegal trade, but with a view to optimization we will send him everything he needs by mail and we will choose treasure hunt (+5 critical, that is is nag) and investigation.
  • Inquisitor : it is the least fortunate class of the game, its companions do not have any criticism of confection. The +5 in archeology invites us to choose artifice. That's good because anyway no companion of any class has a trick critic, so it's the right character to make this choice, and then you will make your lightsabers & secondary hands. In third profession, take a treasure hunt to complete the combo (+2 with the droid of the ship)
  • Imperial Agent : critical +2 in armor manufacturing, therefore natural choice, on a first character, take recovery and illegal trade to complete the combo. On an umpteenth reroll, choose diplomacy and hacking to take advantage of critical bonuses.


Don't hesitate to tell me what you think!

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