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The sorcerer channels the Dark side of the Force to support and heal his allies but also to make his enemies suffer in the black (or rather purple ^^) electricity that surrounds him. This article only discusses the healing part (corruption) and offers you a template optimized for the PVE at the maximum level.

It is divided into several parts: the first indicates the useful abbreviations, the sorcerer's healing spells and what they are used for, as well as the statistics useful for the healing sorcerer to optimize. In a second part, we get to the heart of the matter with an analysis of my ideal template explained point by point and how to assign points during your leveling phase. Good reading.

Useful Information


  • Heal: Care.
  • CC : Crowd Control
  • Hot: Long-term care (Resurgence, Innervation).
  • Spam: Using a spell frequently and as soon as it is available.
  • Overheal: Healing a target while it is not in health deficit.
  • Aoe : Sort de zone (Revivification).
  • Buff: Spell aimed at temporarily improving one or more statistics of a character.
  • Debuff: The reverse of a buff. Spell aimed at temporarily weakening one or more statistics of a character. To be used on an enemy.

Useful spells of the corruption sorcerer (healing)

Defensive skills

  • Static barrier (personal bubble or to put on an ally whether he is a PC or a companion)

This shield allows you to absorb a fair amount of damage before breaking. It has a 4.5 sec cooldown but places a debuff on the target that prevents it from being reset for 20sec. It is important to refresh it as soon as the debuff goes away but you can also place it on allies if you have the time and the means in Force.

  • Purge

This spell removes 2 harmful effects on a friendly target or on yourself of course.

These 2 spells allow you to limit or counter the damage suffered, so they are very useful in an optimized healing strategy. In addition, many talent points will allow you to significantly improve the effect of the static barrier


Healing skills

  • Obscure Heal (a heal chti but quick to cast)

Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount of health.

  • Obscure Infusion (a big treatment doubly longer to cast)

The Sorcerer's biggest heal. Casting time 3 sec. Restores a tremendous amount of health.

  • Resurgence (small instant treatment + hot + 2nd kisscool effect)

Instantly heal a target for "X" points + hot "X" points for 9 seconds.

  • Innervation (one treatment + one hot cast)

Heals the target for "X" points instantly + hot for "X" points per second for 3 seconds.

  • Revivify (an area healing spell)

Heals all allies within 8 yards of the target. Targets that remain in the area regain 1659 points for 10 seconds.

Resurgence, Innervation and Revivification are spells specific to the corruption branch (Dark Heal and Dark Infusion being usable by all wizards). A Dps wizard can get away with healing when leveling in heroic quests but pending from level 30 it may not be enough.


Force regeneration skill

  • Consumption: Consumes 15% of your maximum health in exchange for 8% of your maximum Strength. With each use, your Force regeneration decreases by 25% for 10s. Stacks up to 4 times.


Useful statistics (to be optimized via the talent tree)

  • Will: Increase aptitude with force powers
  • Endurance: Increases the amount of damage you can take before being defeated.
  • Power : Increases your Force (and Tech) damage.
  • Accuracy: Increases your chances of hitting the target (% is given for a target of your level). Beyond 100%, the target's defense is reduced and therefore you will inflict more damage on it.
  • Critical chance: Increases the percentage chance of critical hits with your spells.
  • Influx: Increases the direct damage of your critical hits.
  • Alacrité: Speeds up the activation and channeling time of skills and also affects some CDs.

The statistics to be favored for the Sorcerer specialized in healing would therefore be the following:

Willpower> Potency> Critical> Alacrity> influx 

To forget : Precision which only concerns the dps branches (equivalent of touch in world of warcraft), concerning the endurance there is on all the parts so the more your piece of equipment will be powerful the more there will be endurance on it. On the other hand, be careful with the vendors and with certain craftable materials which give more endurance than willpower, they are parts that are a priori dedicated to pvp.


Analysis of the "ideal" template of the sorcerer in PVE

So what about this template?

From this basic information we can define the following template:



That I detail you below:

Corruption (Wizard's heal branch): 31 points

1st level

  • 2/2 Recommendmodage Obscur: reduces the activation time of the dark infusion by 0,6s from 3 to 2,4 seconds
  • 3/3 Oozing Darkness: increases the chance of critical force hits by 3% (also useful in special dps)
  • 2/2 Obsessive presence: increases total presence by 6% and all healing done by 2% (for information the "presence is a characteristic that boosts your companions)

2nd level

  • 3/3 Lucidity: Reduces recoil by 75% and animosity by 15% (less chance to get slowed during our healing spell cast and less aggro)
  • 2/2 Empty Body: increases all healing received by 8% (on you only, useful in leveling)
  • 2/2 Infusion de Force: increases the damage and healing of area effect spells (useful talent in special dps but also once obtained area healing with 31 points in the corruption branch)

3nd level

  • 2/2 Effective currents : reduces the force cost of the static barrier by 30sec and its cd of 3sec (the cd of this one being 4,5sec it goes to 1,5sec therefore exactly the universal cd time between 2 spells which makes it possible to no longer having to wait to place it on more than one person.)
  • 1/1 Resurgence: a new healing spell that instantly heals a target for "X 'points + hot for" X "points for 9 seconds.
  • 2/2 More of Force: gives a 2nd kisscool effect to the use of a resurgence (note that this effect is not necessarily linked to the person on whom you placed your resurgence) either therefore:

Dark Heal: Cost reduced by 50% (quick and cheap what more could you ask for)

Dark infusion: reduced cast time of 1sec so it goes to 1,4sec is a little less than obscure care

Innervation: Critical Hit Chance + 25%

Revivification: Force cost reduced by 25%

Suffice to say that a resurgence must be constantly placed on another player or on yourself because the 2nd kisscool effect is quite nice.

4nd level

  • 1/1 Sith Purity: a purge boost which will be very useful when the debuffs are a little better visible in the interface ...
  • 2/2 Reconstruction : duration of the resurgence increased by 6sec + 20% more armor to the target (3rd kisscool effect of the resurgence which in addition gives an armor buff to the target, without of course counting a hot that goes to 15sec. .)

5nd level

  • 1/1 Innervation : a new healing spell that heals the target for "X" points instantly + a hot cast of "X" points per second for 3 seconds.
  • 2/2 Rush of life: + 2% Force Critical Hit Chance & -2% Damage Taken

6nd level

  • 2/2 Surge of Force : Critical hits with innervation make the following consume spell free (coupled with the + 25% crit on innervation of the force fold if resurgence is placed before that can save a hell of a lot of force. You don't lose 15% health and there is no debuff decreasing force regeneration by 25% for 10sec)
  • 3/3 Penetrating darkness: + 6% bonus healing (eh ???) and 3% accuracy

Last level

  • 1/1 Revivification :   Heals all allies within 8 yards of the target. Targets that remain in the area regain 1659 points for 10 seconds. (a fairly powerful area treatment)


Lightning branch: 7 points

1st level

  • 3/3 Electric Induction: Reduces the force cost of attacks and heals by 9%
  • 2/2 Reservations: increases your total strength by 100

2nd level

  • 2/2 Lightning barrier: increases the amount of damage absorbed by the Static Barrier by 20%

These 3 talents seemed to me so essential and better than certain levels of the corruption branch (the 2nd in particular) that I had taken them before I had even finished filling my corruption branch.


Branch of film: 2 points

1st level

  • 2/2 Will of the Sith: + 6% willpower (pretty cool too)

For the last point, the millenium site and the heal guide on the official forum do not agree and therefore propose either:

  • 1/2 Dark Resilience (level 3 corruption branch): reduced by 1% the health spent on consumption
  • 1/2 Sith distrust (level 1 branch of madness): reduces damage suffered by 1%
  • 1/2 Subversion (tier 2 lightning branch): reduces the recoil linked to the damage spell but in addition allows a better regen after the use of the lightning strike

No really important choice so you are free to put your point where you want, there are also other possible choices more pvp access for example.


In what order to place your points?

The order of placement of the points could be as follows:

- 1st whole level of the corruption branch

- lucidity in 2nd level

- 3rd full level (except dark resilience of course)

- reconstruction on the 4th landing

- empty body on the 2nd bearing

- Sith purity on the 4th level

- innervation and influx of life on the 5th level

you will then have access to your first sorcerer area damage spell. From there, 2 possibilities are available to you either continue in the corruption tree:

- force invasion on the 2nd level

- all the points of the last stages starting with an influx of force up to level 40 with the last point on reviving the area heal spell.

You can also change branch because the first points of the lightning branch are quite nice:

- reserves then electric induction of the 1st lightning stage

- lightning barrier on the 2nd landing

- will of the sith at the 1st level of the madness branch

You will then be level 50 with an opti template to start difficult instances and raids.

To be continued…

Important sources on this topic

- Jedi Healer

- Millenium: the leveling of the inquisitor

- Official Forum: Inquisitor Heal's Guide


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