SWTOR - Cybernetics

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Valery Aloyants


Crew skill type

Cybernetics is a crafting crew skill, you can only have one of this type per character.


Confection categories

  • Archive
  • Mounting components
  • Space
  • Fortresses & Conquest
  • Gadget
  • Grenada


For which classes?

This crew skill is intended for all classes / roles because it allows the manufacture of many components such as armor and modules.



With update 4.0, partners no longer have specific bonuses for team skills.

Now they have bonuses depending on your Influence level. Thus, for each level of Influence, your partner will benefit from:

  • +1,5 Efficiency (reduces mission time)
  • + 0,5% Critical Hit (increases chance of critical missions, granting you more materials, crafted items, or adding an upgrade slot)


Common use

  • Manufacturing of Modules, Sophistications and Headsets.
  • Manufacturing of Grenades.
  • Manufacturing of Speeders.
  • Crafting objects of conquest and fortresses allowing you to climb into the conquest rankings or get decorations (with Prefabs) for your fortress.


Recommended collection / mission skills

  • Recovery for harvesting base metals.
  • Illegal trade for advanced metals used in the manufacture of certain parts.

Warning: these crew skills can be on another character if necessary because the components are transferable. 



You will find Cybernetics trainers in the following locations:

  • Imperial / Republican Fleet
  • Dromund Kaas (east of town) / Coruscante (in front of the senate in the basement)
  • Makeb (Imperial / Republican Orbital Station)
  • Rishi (Smugglers Market)

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