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False Emperor is the sequel to the first contentious area The Battle for Ilum, once the stealth shuttle has been captured you will be able to head to the fortress of Malgus ...

Darth Malgus has proclaimed himself leader of a new Empire supposed to rally the entire galaxy by ridding it of the old sclerotic Empire, as well as the Republic. You repelled Malgus' assault on Ilum and stole a stealthy command ship from his invading fleet. Climb aboard the stealthy command ship and prepare to fight Darth Malgus aboard his space station.



Normal mode: Level 50

Difficult mode: Level 50, the difficulty is not very high, you will just need a certain dps to kill the bosses easily. So don't head to this hot spot first if you're new to stuffing.



(I'm only showing here the hard mode of the hot spot, the normal mode is exactly the same with just a little less hp on the bosses, which I was unable to meet)

As soon as you enter the stealth base, progress from point to point, you will have the right to two very nice little scenes, besides that it will be trash & bosses. Don't forget to complete the bonus objectives during your journey, this will unlock an additional boss for you.

  • Stage 1: Defeat the forces of Malgus / 30
  • Stage 2: Defeat the forces of Malgus / 40
  • Step 3: Neutralize the control consoles / 6
  • Final: Deactivate the Stasis Chamber and Defeat the Sith Entity
  • Independent bonus: Neutralize assembly monitors / 4 - Neutralize weapon consoles / 6

Shortly after your departure, the first bosses will rise up in front of you.


Tregg the Destroyer

Hard Mode Hit Points: 102.160 hp

Accompanied by some adds that will have to be killed at the beginning, he only has one dangerous technique which is the whirlpool, the cac and the tank will have to move away quickly when he does so or else be killed quickly.


Jindo Krey

Hard Mode Hit Points: 338.507 hp

This boss will give you a little more trouble than the previous one, he has some techniques like a grip and a load that he uses regularly on the players, as well as a spell called "Flame sweep" that will have to be kicked. quickly (8k on each close person if not kick)

It will also be accompanied by a vessel, which will launch you some missiles (aoe on the ground, to be avoided) when it is at a distance. It will approach from time to time to fire salutes at you, at this point a distant person will have to click on the monitor of the central turret to stop it (Be careful not to do this too early, wait until you see a shield animation placed on the ship before clicking), if you don't use the central turret quickly enough (the ship always goes to that location first) it will change position (right or left) and increase its damage, if ever this happens react quickly to stop it under penalty of wipe. Provide two people for the turrets, it is not impossible for Jindo to charge or grip a person activating the monitor. After 5 shots on the ship it will be destroyed and you can focus on Jindo and finish him quickly before the enrage.


Prototypes B-16 & A-14

Hard Mode Hit Points: 102.160 hp each (not shared)

The fight is not very difficult, one of the two robots will enter "simulation mode" which will make it invulnerable and allow it to throw you species of blue discs which do moderate damage but which apply a debuff which increases the damage. 10% sudden. Just focus on the prototype which is not in simulation and the fight will be quickly folded. NEXT!

Arrived at Arkis Wode's laboratory you will have the right to a small stage, where you will be able to enjoy the return of our friend HK-47 whom you have already met in the Foundry (Empire side), reprogrammed to serve Malgus there to the intend to reduce the piles of meat that you are to dust.



Hard Mode Hit Points: 290.447 hp

Less complicated than its version at the foundry, it will still require your two dps as well as your heal for a quick movement. At one point in the fight it will spawn two turrets protected by a shield, to break this shield you will have to drop the missile which one of the players will be the target on. When you are targeted by this missile, a red aoe follows you for a few seconds then turns blue: the missile will shoot down here you will have to ensure that the blue aoe is on one of the turrets. Once the shield is up quickly destroy the turret.

Outside the turret, HK will have fun disappearing and slapping a player a few times, the tank will have to taunt to limit the damage. The key to the fight lies in the rapid destruction of the turrets and a sustained dps so as not to feel the rage.

After that you will have the choice between killing Arkis Wode or leaving him alive (Alignment), now set out for the throne room. A new series of bosses awaits you including the bonus boss if you have taken the time to do them.


Brave Chondrus

Hard Mode Hit Points: 97.301 hp

Boss not very complicated, he makes a small circular attack regularly which will make 2k on all the cac, then caster a rotary strike which will have to be kicked.


Boss Bonus: Sith Entity

Hard Mode Hit Points: 263.283 hp

Adds: Echo of the Dark Side (21.783pv)

Every 25% the boss will disappear and make 3 Echo appear on the Dark side, among these three there will be a healer that you will have to kill as a priority, try to pack on them to kill them more easily, do not hesitate to kick / stun and company to make the life of the healer easier.

The boss himself has little technique, he poses afflictions on the players (dispellable DoT) which will prove to be very dangerous to the enrage of the boss which is automatic after the third wave of Echo (25%) Keep all your CDs for now and finish it fast.

Then head to the throne room where Darth Malgus resides, in front of the door is a box with pulse grenades, pick them up they will be essential for the fight (if you do not have @ bump class). After a very nice scene you will fight the final boss.


Boss Final: Dark Malgus

Hard Mode Hit Points: 442.985 hp

I offer you a simple technique that is used regularly to facilitate the boss:

Make the boss on the stairs, well stuck against the walls, with the tank and the cac on one side and the rest of the group on the other, Malgus will regularly jump on players from a distance and do an aoe-bump that does not will do nothing to you since you are pressed against a wall. He will sow doubt in the mind of one of the players in the group and then force her to face his fate, at this point Malgus will strangle everyone except the player targeted by the doubt, the person will have to fight Malgus alone for 15 seconds .

At around 10% HP Malgus will fall to the ground and will not move, the only way to finish him will be to throw him into the void, since you are far up the stairs you will have to completely stop the dps around 15% of his hp approx then take him close to the void, when he falls to the ground bump or use a pulse grenade on him. An end of Emperor for a False Emperor.

You will get the title "Throne Breaker" for killing the traitor.

Thanks to Ashuram, Bradley and Cyrùs from the Star Map (Empire) server for allowing me to collect all of this information during the hot spot.

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