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Lluís Enric Mayans


Today, I present to you the financial analysis of a speculator player, Menelass.


This guide is inspired by other guides in English. I supplemented it with elements from my own experience in the Mmos economy, I offer you this guide, which will allow you (I hope) to reach level 50 with a well-filled wallet and then continue your enrichment (or rather that of your wallet!)

This is, in fact, my first topic, and I'm not really surprised that it is about economics. For about 9 months, I have exploded my Po counter on Wow by following an adage known to all: the more there are requests, the more expensive the offer becomes. I therefore targeted a specific market (jewelry for connoisseurs), by purchasing raw materials (ores) at low prices, since the supply of ore was very large, and then selling the finished products.

And, during those 9 months, I almost crossed the million mark (of po!)! I therefore hope to reiterate this monetary adventure on Swtor, in addition to sharing my analyzes with you.


Pre-release speculation

Even if the I is not yet released, each Mmorpg follows the same path:

-There will always be players who want to build their trades as quickly as possible.

-Craftsmanship will have an important place in Swtor, craftsmen will be able to make some of the best items in the game. However, the notion of criticism is important, criticism which is of course random. With these reviews, they will have the opportunity to create a more powerful item.

This system is common to most Mmo (apart from Wow). What's special about it is that you can craft an epic item, which in some cases will have the same (or even greater) power as dungeon / op drops. But every once in a while, you might "crit" on a craft and produce a slightly different item. These items will tend to have a high monetary value; in FFXI for example it was not uncommon for his "+1" items to have a value 10 to 20 times that of their normal variant. Craftsmen often lose a little money on normal quality crafts and earn a lot on those "crit".

A second thing, more specific to Swtor, is that artisans will have to "destroy" their crafted items to have a chance to learn a superior recipe.



So, for those of us who want easy credits, three key points:

-It will be very expensive to build your crafts quickly, so we will target players who want to quickly increase their trades to the maximum and learn as many recipes as possible to have the best equipment;
- We can therefore resell materials of all levels very expensive because of this,
- Players who are able to produce high quality items will earn a lot of credits (our final goal).

As you will undoubtedly have understood, we play on two tables, the harvest in the first place, then once we are rich enough, the confection (to be even more so!). This is what I will develop by trying to explain my reasoning to you.



Let's take a look at his famous crew skills. Crew skills fall into three categories: Crafting, Gathering, and Mission skills.

You will find the list in more detail on the dedicated page. Now let's combine these professions, as advised in the codex. Let's take the image of Secrets of Tor which recapitulates the links between the professions:

Now let's add up the number of occurrences for each trade (excluding clothing trades, the goal is to measure the demand for materials)

- Archeology: 2
- Bio-analysis: 1
- Recovery: 3
- Hacking: 0 (however used to find plans and discover missions)
- Diplomacy: 1
- Investigation: 1 (also used to discover plans)
- Treasure hunt: 1
- Illegal trade: 3 (this trade is indicated as being useful for all the skills of dressmaking.)

What does this synthesis teach us? Quite simply that some components will be rarer than others. And that, therefore, when demand is greater than supply, and prices soar, CQFD.

Apart from trades like hacking and investigation (which are special skills because they do not allow you to recover components), all the others can be classified to allow their potential to be projected into monetary gain. The top 3 of the most requested professions are therefore:

-1: Illegal trade
-1: tied: Recovery
-2: Archeology



So, as soon as the game is released, focus on the harvesting professions mentioned above and regularly sell the recovered components to the Galactic Market (the hv version Swtor!). Be careful, however, to measure the price, think that the value of the credits is not the same for a level 20 as for a 50.

What is convenient is that the components are already classified. There are 6 classes of components, each corresponding to a level of crafting. I invite you to see the article written by WinnuX on this subject.

A Scottish proverb (excellent example for this subject!) Says "Money is flat to be stacked". This is even more true in Mmorpg because you will not be able to invest your credits to earn interest.

So once you hit level 50 full of aces, your counterparts won't be able to say the same. With the mission skills that are extremely expensive (if you chain them) and the missing materials that they will have bought you, as much to say that they will barely have enough to buy their speeder 110% (which, it is true, costs a fortune!)

At this point, it's time to take the second step!


Second step

The advantage of having chosen three highly requested harvest and mission professions is that giving up one to learn a tailoring profession still leaves you with a lot of choices. 3 to be exact (out of 6 anyway!), That is to say:

- Armor crafting
- Cybernetics
- Synthweaving

And that falls very well; because these three professions have great potential. The manufacture of armor and the synthweaving are identical in their destination (except that they are addressed to two types of different classes), while the cybernetics it is addressed to all (mods, shields, catalysts) .

In short, the choice is wide and hard to make. As a former gem supplier on Wow, I would tend to prefer cybernetics.

Indeed, mods (equivalent to gems on wow) are more or less disposable objects. Demand will therefore be constant and will increase significantly when new content is released.

However, this analysis is only my opinion, and the other two trades above may very well be as profitable if not more. But personally, to put it simply, I prefer to sell auto parts rather than the car. It's cheaper to produce and the demand is like I said constant since the majority of people don't change their cars every year but will often need parts to fix it.

In any case, give up archeology to choose one of these three professions.


With all of your credits and crafting skill at level 1, you can either purchase the materials and increase your crafting skill (at a lower cost, as the price of raw materials will have dropped due to players selling their unused stock. ), or if not, if like me you are stingy (and big farmer), go back to the planets you have already explored to collect new all the components.

Once your craft is at its peak, you will then be able to have a chance to craft some good items yourself and thus earn (again!) A lot of credits. Your financial advance, however, should allow you to "sink" your competition, since you will be able to invest more money. Also in the components, which will allow you to craft items to "destroy" them later, thus giving a chance to learn a new recipe, but you can also directly buy blueprints sold by other players.



It is important to make a name very early on as a recognized "crafter" of such and such a trade. People will put you on their friend list, recommend you to their circles of acquaintances, and call on you regularly (especially for cybernetics).

So from time to time advertise on the "barter" channel to make yourself known, be kind and not too greedy in commission.

Also inquire about all the classes, many clients think that you are competent to advise them in their "modding" (equivalent of tapping), do not disappoint them! Being a well-known crafter comes with responsibilities (and constraints, like customers who wisp you while you're tanking a boss!)


I hope you found the reading of this topic interesting (I wouldn't have the vanity to say rewarding!) And whether you follow this guide or not, remember that the main thing is to have fun above all else! 

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