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As we have seen for decorations in fortresses, crew skills take on even more importance. They will be used to craft items to earn contribution points for Conquest mode, as well as to buy useful items, such as the Walker mount or the bombardment.

Here is the list of recipes to make them.


Military reserves

  • Cybernetics / Weapons / Armor
  • Synthweaving / Artifice
  • Biochemistry

Type 1: Armored vehicles

  • Bronzium (Tier 2 Salvage Metal) x16
  • Chanlon (Tier 2 Salvage Metal) x16
  • Phobium (Tier 3 Salvage Metal) x16


Type 1: Ship weaponry

  • Plastoid (Tier 2 Salvage Compound) x16
  • Plasterboard (Tier 2 Salvage Compound) x16
  • Lacquer (Rank 3 Salvage Compound) x16


Type 2: Armored vehicles

  • Diatium (Tier 4 Salvage Metal) x12
  • Bondite (Tier 4 Salvage Metal) x12
  • Neutronium (Tier 5 Salvage Metal) x12


Type 2: Ship weaponry

  • Resinite (Rank 4 Salvage Compound) x12
  • Fiber Mesh (Tier 4 Salvage Compound) x12
  • Polyplast (Tier 5 recovery compound) x12


Type 3: Armored vehicles

  • Electrum (Tier 5 Salvage Metal) x8
  • Duracier (Tier 6 Salvage Metal) x8
  • Mythra (Tier 9 Salvage Metal) x8


Type 3: Ship weaponry

  • Amorphous Carbonite (Tier 5 Salvage Compound) x8
  • Zal Alloy (Rank 6 Salvage Compound) x8
  • Turadium (Rank 9 Salvage Compound) x8

 Type 1: Crystal capacitors

  • Nextor Crystal (Tier 2 Energy Crystal) x16
  • Eralam Crystal (Tier 2 Energy Crystal) x16
  • Bondar Crystal (Tier 3 Energy Crystal) x16


Type 1: Strategy Holocron

  • Lost Artifact Fragment (Rank 1 Artifact Fragment) x16
  • Sacred Artifact Fragment (Rank 2 Artifact Fragment) x16
  • Prehistoric Artifact Fragment (Rank 3 Artifact Fragment) x16


 Type 2: Crystal capacitors

  • Opila Crystal (Tier 3 Energy Crystal) x12
  • Firkrann Crystal (Rank 4 Energy Crystal) x12
  • Phond Crystal (Rank 5 Energy Crystal)


Type 2: Strategy Holocron

  • Galactic Artifact Fragment (Rank 4 Artifact Fragment) x12
  • Hypertechno Artifact Fragment (Rank 5 Artifact Fragment) x12
  • Ancient Artifact Fragment (Rank 3 Artifact Fragment) x12


 Type 3: Crystal capacitors

  • Damind Crystal (Rank 5 Energy Crystal) x8
  • Upari Crystal (Rank 6 Energy Crystal) x8
  • Carbonic Crystal (Rank 9 Energy Crystal) x8


Type 3: Strategy Holocron

  • Alien Artifact Fragment (Rank 5 Artifact Fragment) x8
  • Primal Artifact Fragment (Rank 6 Artifact Fragment) x8
  • Supreme Artifact Fragment (Rank 9 Artifact Fragment) x8

Type 1: Infantry Supply Kits

  • Toxic Extract (Tier 2 biochemical sample) x10
  • Microscopic Symbiote (Tier 2 Biochemical Sample) x10
  • Unknown microorganism (Tier 3 biochemical sample) x10
  • Bioenergetic cell sample (rank 3 biochemical sample)


  • Genetic anomaly (2nd tier biochemical compound) x10
  • Blue Jelly (Tier 3 biochemical compound) x10
  • Medicinal Fluid (Tier 3 Biochemical Compound) x10
  • Hallucinogenic compound (rank 3 biochemical compound) x10


Type 2: Infantry Supply Kits

  • Neuroactive chemical substance (biochemical rank 4 sample) x8
  • Cosmic Particle (Tier 4 Biochemical Sample) x8
  • Psychoactive compound (biochemical sample of rank 5) x8
  • Nutrient Gel (Tier 5 biochemical sample) x8


  • Alien bacteria (Tier 4 biochemical compound) x8
  • Inert virus (Tier 4 biochemical compound) x8
  • Parasitic Microorganism (Tier 5 Biochemical Compound) x8
  • Growth Agent (Tier 5 Biochemical Compound) x8


Type 3: Infantry Supply Kits

  • Red Jelly (Rank 6 Biochemical Sample) x6
  • Culture of immune cells (biochemical rank 6 sample) x6
  • Artificial Microbe (Rank 9 Biochemical Sample) x6
  • Viral residue (biochemical sample of rank 9) x6


  • Mutagenic paste (rank 6 biochemical compound) x6
  • Neurochemical extract (biochemical compound of rank 6) x6
  • Metabolic Enhancement Agent (Tier 9 Biochemical Compound) x6
  • Chemical with biological compound (biochemical compound of rank 9) x6


Military Reserves: Invasion Force

All trades

  • Military Reserves: Infantry Supply Kits x1
  • Military reserves: armored vehicles x1
  • Military Reserves: Strategy Holocron x1
  • Military reserves: ship weaponry x1
  • Military Reserves: Crystal Capacitors x1


Dark Project type 1

All trades

  • Military reserves: invasion force
  • Allian Data Cube (Rank 7 Exotic Crafting Material) x6
  • Biometric Crystal Alloy (Rank 7 Exotic Crafting Material) x6
  • Rakata Energy Module (Rank 7 Exotic Crafting Material) x3
  • Synthetic Energy Matrix (Rank 8 Exotic Crafting Material) x3


And here is the diagram to see it a little more clearly, by Ktull:

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