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Here is a short guide to the Healing Sorcerer, built thanks to my witch Hans'nya on the Mantle of the Force server. I don't own the truth, nor even claim that this guide is the best, but it is my way of playing and it is appreciated in my guild but also on pick-up operations. This guide is not exhaustive and is not an obligation on a way to play, to equip oneself, etc ...

Before you start, first learn that there is a spell, colloquially called "dispell" (dissipation) or "decurse" which exists on each class of healing and which is called for the Sorcerer: Depuration. This spell, put it in your action bar and make it easy to access with the mouse or even better as a keyboard shortcut.



  • Talent tree
  • Importance and Priorities of healing spells
  • Statistics, headings and equipment


Talent tree


37 / 7 / 2

First, let's start with the talent tree. For a wizard, there are 3 distinct trees:

  • Corruption (care)
  • Lightning (damage)
  • Madness (damage)

The tree that interests us is of course Corruption, that of Healing, the others being damage trees, but that we are not going to leave aside either you will see.

Let's start with the points not placed on the care tree:

  • Vigor Sappée : why activate a passive which, following a target's stun (by an attack), the target is less frowned upon than as a healer, we heal and we do no damage and that on Hm / Nightmare operations, you do not You probably won't have time for messy fun.
  • Molten : allows you to immunize against the effects affecting movement ... yeah, for my part that does not interest me at all except at the limit maybe in PvP, but I do little to talk about it. As a healer, you do not necessarily move (except boss strategy requiring it) so the effects on movement do not bother you, moreover go for the Force Speed ​​... we lose a few seconds without precious doubts.
  • Force Conspiratrice : another passive that follows a damage spell (affliction) so question settled for me.
  • Corrupted Speed : Increases your Force Speed ​​time and reduces its cooldown if you use Force Barrier. The increased speed time on healer won't help you at all I think, as for reducing its cooldown with Force Barrier it's a bit of a rip off for my taste.


Now let's move on to the points awarded.

Oula! That makes it all points. In order not to lay a paving stone on it either, I let you, or rather I strongly advise you, to read all the descriptions of each spell, passive and bonus of this tree, so that you learn your class better if not. is not the case.

  • Empty body, Oozing darkness, Weaver of Strength, Dark accommodation , Lucidity, Dark Resilience, Resurgence, Force folds, Reconstruction, Influx of life, Innervation, Penetrating darkness, Surge of Force, Corrupted Force et Revivification are the must-haves. These are healing spells, passives and bonuses reducing certain incantations, boosting the healing you will do, etc. Your points can be put there automatically.
  • Efficient Currents : Reduced by 30 Static Barrier Strength and Deionization duration by 3 seconds. What is very advantageous I find because this barrier allows you to protect your friends and you (see heading of the spells).
  • Sith purity : in addition to the interesting reduction in Strength of the purification, this bonus allows you to cancel the negative effects and to give a small blow of healing (even if not huge for healing, it is always that taken) to a friendly target or yourself.
  • Force invasion : there, it is a particular choice. For my part, I opted for, this advantage allows you to use your projection to give a little care to you and your colleagues in front (but be careful, your projection is still a projection, so your enemies can playing Superman in the air).
  • Corrupted barrier : Allows, thanks to your Static Barrier cast on yourself, to heal you for 1% of your total health every second for the duration of the Static Barrier activation.
  • Reverse Corruptions : this advantage can also be put automatically I think. This is to give you the possibility of reducing the effects of Consumption Force degeneration by 3 seconds (see spells section). And if you activate the Force Barrier, you purge the effects of degeneration.

Pfiou here is for the Tree Care ... Ah! We forget the remaining points, what can be done with them? Ben allocate them on the damage trees in order to boost our healing game!

In the Lightning Tree, you can put 7 points awarded in full on:

  • Reserves : increases your total Strength by 100 ... something that shouldn't be overlooked.
  • Electric induction : To reduce the Force cost by 9% when using healing spells.
  • Lightning barrier to increase the damage your Static Barrier can absorb by 10%.

And in the Madness tree, the last two points will be on:

  • Will of the Sith : in order to increase your Willpower by 6% (you will miss more than the Will datacrons to boost your statistics even better and of course the Vigor datacrons which give a little boost especially in damage)


Importance and priorities of healing spells

I refuse to talk about a cycle, because through my last guide and the experience in the game, I noticed that each healing wizard has his own way of doing so here it will of course be mine: not talking about a well-defined cycle, I am going to list you the healing spells that I use the most with their associated passives or to associate.

  • Care and protection
  • Boost assets
  • Liabilities

Resurgence : a small healing power that does not give a lot of healing, but is very interesting because on the one hand its Force consumption is low, on the other hand it restores a little health instantly and offers the target more low heal for 15 seconds and grant the target 10% increased armor index during its duration. In addition, this spell gives you the nice Fold of Strength passive. This healing spell helps me a lot for the passive offered and to help tanks like a small defensive spell.

Innervation : a very nice spell since it does not cost a lot in Force and the treatment given is interesting and should not be neglected. For my part, I use it when a member of the raid has lost some health points without being in immediate danger. In a phase without too much damage, this allows a person to be reassembled quite quickly and well. The second use I make is a protective treatment. For example, we are on Operation Course of Toborro when a player has the famous blue / purple damage zone under his feet that is stuck to him and he is about to receive 3 good missiles on the face, I launch my Innervation and during the duration of this spell (launched at the same time as the missiles in the example) the allied target does not take any damage (in normal and almost nothing in hm for this boss there always). This healing, each time it criticizes, gives you 1 charge (3 max) called Force Surge. This obtained passive can be used with Consume or Revive. Additionally, if you use this spell with the Force Bend, you increase the critical strike chance by 25% of Innervation.

Dark Infusion : this is your spell which will make your greatest care given into a spell. Its cast is longer than the others, but its Force consumption is interesting. Combined with the Force Fold, this spell will grant you a 30% reduction in Strength when used. For my part, I often use this spell for the large amount of healing it provides and its Force cost. If a big danger presents itself to a player's health points, I fill it with Shifting Polarity and Recklessness.

Revivification : Ah! What can we say about our beautiful treatment area so coveted by the other classes. It heals a maximum of 8 players located in or near this area (I wish we were there if, like the Marauder's Bloodlust, we replaced the 8 players with 16 players). And another cool thing about this spell: if you pair it with the Force Bend, that spell's Force cost is reduced by 30%! And it's not over ! If you additionally pair it with Surge of Force for each surge charge, you reduce its cast time by 33% from 3 surge stacks → No cast at all. This spell is not to be spam and must be well managed during a raid due to its Force cost which can make you lose a lot if you throw it in a loop and will thus render you useless!

Abnormal preservation : a healing spell that sends more or less like the Dark Infusion, which is without incantation and costs nothing in Force ... magnificent would you say, and well yes but (and yes there is a but) it will only heal you but still very practical.

Overload : your projection ... which serves as a small area of ​​healing on the players in front of you and yourself. Costs nothing in Force and allows free and without incantation to restore a little health on your friends. But be careful, position yourself so as not to annoy the tanks and DPS by throwing your enemies with it.

Static barrier : this power allows you to put a bubble of protection (limited in time) to one or more of your allies (you will have to target the person and activate this spell), a practical spell on tanks especially in times of heavy damage, Practice on too light Dps alive or on those who resume aggro (targeting by the enemy) easily. This barrier on you restores you every second during its duration ... nice but nothing exceptional about the care received, so do not bet on the barrier to totally regenerate your life.

Force barrier : a power that makes people envious, especially in PvP. Yes yes, this barrier which is specific to you (because it is impossible to put it on another player) makes you immune to all damage (even attacks that can eliminate you with a blow or almost) for a duration of 8 seconds (against 10 before update 2.7). Of course, you won't be able to do anything else during the duration of this barrier ... unless you stop it with a move or the use of another spell. Know that this barrier will offer you a dissipation on you and will remove the degenerations of Force due to your Consumption. Other info on the use of this spell in PvE: if you are targeted by an enemy and you activate this barrier, for the duration of the activation, the enemy targets another player then, if this other player has not managed to catch up with your generated animosity, the enemy will come back to you!

Depuration : the famous spell that few healers know how to use. If you are comfortable with this spell and are responsive when you need to use it, then you will be a valued healer for your raid. This spell can negate up to 2 mental and other effects that can annoy other allies or yourself (effects that lower the resistance of damage received, effects that put damage over time, etc ... ).

Dark Heal : I put this spell last even if it is your first healing spell obtained during leveling. It is a very fast incantation but this power is very expensive in Force. I recommend using it as little as possible. The ideal is to keep it so great immediate danger threatens a player and especially a tank is passing on the reputed side (to see the light, to die if you prefer ^^). Combined with the Fold of Strength, the critical strike chance is increased by 60%. I use it in case of serious danger in combination with Change of polarity and Carelessness.


I'm not really talking about how to cast your spells and regenerate your Force for the simple reason that it's up to you to find out and make your own sauce but to give an idea of ​​how I do it: for my On the other hand, I'm already trying not to lose too much Force when casting my heal zone by combining it with the two available passives in order to reduce its Force cost and cast time. In addition, I use regularly (but not with each spell cast either) and with 1 or 2 clicks my Consumption in order not to lose a lot of life and to stay high in Force, all combined with the Force Surge. It is important to know the bosses well too because this way you will know the moments during a fight when you can regenerate your strength without worrying too much about the care to be given. In short, I am a little unable to describe to you precisely how I act on my Force since it all depends on the raid group, the combat, your knowledge of the boss, etc ...

Polarity change : Grants 20% alacrity and immunizes to interrupt effects for 10 seconds.

Consumption : Consumes 15% of your health and restores you 8% of your Strength. Each time, the Force regain rate is reduced by 25% for the next 7 seconds, stacking 4 times.

Clearance : allows to attract towards you the allied target member of your group. Great for dodging AoE damage or the like, but reduces the target's animosity. So avoid on tanks. I rarely use this action during a raid.

Misty mind : reduces your animosity.

Carefree : Provides 2 charges that increase the critical strike chance of healing and damage by 60%.

Unwavering will : removes the crippling and movement effects on you.

Intensive care : allows you to revive an ally during combat. Once this power is cast, all other players cannot cast or be targeted for revive spells for 5 minutes.

Surge of Force : Critical hits from Innervation have a 100% chance to grant a Force Surge charge, increasing the effectiveness of your next Consume or Revive. Consumption: activates without reducing your life and consumes 1 charge. Revivify: Activates 33% faster per charge and consumes all charges. Once this passive is activated (debuff registered under your life bar in the form of accumulation, so 3 charges maximum) you can use it to trigger revivification or Consumption.

Corrupt barrier : Your Static Barrier and Force Barrier restore 1% of your total health per second for the duration of their activation. This gives you a little life back, but this passive only activates if you use your Force Barrier or Static Barrier (on yourself).

Force Fold : Your Resurgence has a 100% chance to grant the Fold of Strength which increases the effect of your next healing power:

  • Dark Healing: Increased critical strike chance by 60%.
  • Dark Infusion: Force cost reduced by 30% (since the cost is expensive, that's cool).
  • Innervation: Critical strike chance increased by 25% (Critical ah plus ^^).
  • Revivification: Force cost reduced by 30% (very interesting because revivification costs 100 force).

To obtain this passive, you will have to use your Resurgence and then immediately afterwards use either your Dark Heal or your Dark Infusion or your Innervation or your Revivification.


Statistics, headings and equipment

And of course, I'll repeat myself, but this equipment is based on how I play! Let's start with the Caps / Stats to be achieved in my opinion.

My character sheet:

At the top left, the main class statistics (I like to call them that), these statistics will be found in the armor and modifications of your equipment. In addition, you can increase these statistics through datacrons (small cubes to be found on all the quest planets in the game). To explain a little bit, the Vigor can be used (through datacrons) to increase your damage that is not from the Force (like saber blows), the Presence will increase your partner's effectiveness in combat,Trick and the Aiming won't do you any good for your Inquisitor class. The Will is your basic statistic so very important.

L'Endurance these are your life points and theExpertise is for PvP.

Then, as a healer, in your character sheet, you will have to go to the Strength tab (but where is it? And well below your saber, it says base "defense", you click on it and you choose display "Strength")

In this "Force" sheet, the Treatment bonus is basically an average of the heal you do. Below 1000, you are light for Hm55 according to many PvE players.

Precision : above all do not take care of it as a healer, you don't need any at all.

Critical chance : counting with the 4 class buffs, I'm at 24,79% which is enough for me. Ultimately, add sophistication just to go to 25%.

Critical Multiplier : or influx index in pieces of equipment, is important since it allows you to increase your heal by this percentage in case of critical of your heal. For my part, 74,82% therefore close to 75% which is sufficient and the course to be reached.

Strength regain ratio : In addition to a basic stat above, this ratio increases with alacrity.

Alacrity : let's talk about it, this statistic is the subject of debate among healers, because some want it at 7% and others at 8%. For my part, I opted for the 7% but I risk increasing it a little.


Equipment level, or wardrobe:

  • a power-alacrity headset
  • two power-influx implants
  • for the relics (discussions of my previous guide ^^) I opted, following the information and constructive criticism collected, for a relic providing a 30% chance of conferring 625 power points for 6 seconds (equip it) and the second ( always equip for its effect) which gives me a 30% chance of granting 740 (corrected figure but not on the spanish version which is still written 225) of main statistic for 6 seconds.

As for the rest of the gear (clothing, saber and catalysts), I went with Resolution armor, Aptitude mods. When it comes to sophistication, at the moment, I am at 4 power-influx sophistications called Adept and 3 power-alacrity sophistications called Savant vive. And let's not forget the Resolution improvements (so 14 in total) on all my parts. We will not either omit the coin bonus from tokens obtained in raid and whose bonus is on the armor of the room. For a healing wizard, the set bonus is named: Mystic of Force and this bonus offers for 2 pieces: reduces the cooldown of Innervation by 1,5 seconds and for 4 pieces: increases total Strength by 50 points!

So much for this guide which I think will allow you to build your character and get started with it. I'm repeating myself, I know, but it's about my character and my way of playing and each player plays a different way! Also, don't hesitate to contact me by in-game mail or wisp to Hans'nya if you have any questions. I am open to constructive comments and hope to have corrected all or most of the criticisms of the previous guide. And it is always made for beginner players who are new to the class and not for high level players.

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