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You understood it, here we are going to talk about Barbecue and bonfire, Bounty Hunter! Here is the first class that I play, I will try to give an overview!

What is a bounty hunter? And bah that's it:

A methodical professional, the Bounty Hunter trains his mind and body in all possible missions. The money he earns allows him to buy blasters, flamethrowers, missiles, magnetic fields and the best armor there is. Everything is good to be at the forefront of techno! The key words are preparation, versatility and no mercy. 

Basically it's missile launcher, big guns, big armor and lots of fire and explosion everywhere! Friends arsonist this class is made for you !!


Playable Races of the Bounty Hunter


The Chiss:

Blue skin and red eyes! If some are fans of James CAMERON's Avatar Film, you can easily remake your Jake SULLY with good conjunctivitis!


The Cyborgs:

Has Terminator always been your fantasy? Everything is possible thanks to cyborgs


 The Rattatakis:

It is a new species, warrior, tenacious, and very tough with a gift for finding problems! RP speaking I think this breed is the one the bounty hunter is made for!


 Les Zabraks:

Made famous by Darth Maul this breed is characterized by its small horns on the skull and their tribal tattoos on the face! If you dreamed of seeing Darth Maul with a BW flamethrower heard your prayers!


 Humans :

 The most common breed in the SW universe. Nothing more to say except that personalization will allow some to look for the Chuck of their dreams!


Advanced classes

The cool thing about the Bounty Hunter is that he gets to do whatever he wants. Ranged / cac, tank and heal dps! The advanced Bounty Hunter classes are Specialist and Mercenary. The Common Tree (Pyromania) is in my opinion a perfect tree for PVP (personal opinion).

CA specialist (

In this branch you will find a tank tree (shield tech) and a dps tree (advanced prototype). The latter is in my opinion the one that will offer the possibility of playing his BH as a cac. It is also the dps branch that uses flamethrowers and all the charred stuff of the Jedi the most!

As for the tank spec, well, it certainly does tank, but still offers a viable dps for leveling! And then what is nag!

The Mercenary CA (

The Close Protection tree offers the possibility of a new kind of heal! The Friendly Fire! Yeah yeah, for all those who have always dreamed of throwing missiles at the face of their group, go ahead it's a service you do them! As far as I'm concerned just for this aspect, I think that at some point in the game I would test!

Aaaaaah my CA: Arsenal! A song by Charles TRENET comes straight into my head (well a little modified, of course, but it's perfect): When your enemy does Boom !! ... This is the CA where the majority of your techniques are booming! Personally I tested it a little on the beta and I am heading towards this CA and frankly it's huge! If in fact you have always wanted to shout KABOOOOOM! And there you go, you can shout it all the time but in my opinion it will bitch under TS! hihi! Just know that it is, for me, the most nagging class, from a distance the firepower is enormous and the two-three cac skills finish the job very well! If you want a mirror CA I think the Commando / Artillery Soldier has to be the closest you can get!

I remind you that these are just my views on a game that has just been launched.


Hutta & Mako

Better known as Nal Hutta, the planet of the Hutts is a hostile and inhospitable world for all other races in the galaxy. Polluted, dangerous, we only go there if we have no other choice.

The Hutts are from another planet, Varl. But when the latter became too polluted to be habitable, the Hutts permanently migrated to Hutta, recreating the same devastating pattern as on their home planet. In their race for wealth and power, they exploit the planet, at the expense of the Evociis, the original race of this planet, making it little by little as uninhabitable as Varl. The territory of Hutta is thus infested with factories, cantinas and slums under the influence of gangs.

This Planet is the home world of bounty hunters and Imperial Agents. Even though the side quests are the same, the class quests make leveling completely different. Indeed, having played both classes, I really enjoyed returning to Hutta. My fears of finding myself in the same quests were erased from the start. BW did a really good job of "scripting". After, as I said, the "secondary" quests are identical, so this one you can limit the cutscenes.

Now let's talk about little Mako!

Mako is a small genius of computers, hacking and ... HEAL! And yes, since I don't want to spoil the story, you will just have the right to a description of Mako's talents. Oh so just something, as usual since my life on MMOs I created a female avatar, and Mako calls me "Ma grande" I find that quite fun! So to get back to the main thing, Mako has two "postures", one dedicated to heal and one dedicated to DPS. This will allow the future healer to get started from the start! And for having tested both, she is doing well. As far as I'm concerned, his "special" heal allowed me to do the heroic quests on my own (at 2am there were not many people on Hutta!). I invite you to visit this page if you want more information about Mako or the other partners of the bounty hunter. (Blizz for example !!!!)


Low level gameplay

So here, I'm not going to give you a toast because I don't see the point in telling you that at 12 minutes and 47 seconds I cast the regen spell ...

I rather want to give you my impressions of the leveling phase on Hutta! I could sum it up like this: piou piou piou, boom wrrouuuuuush (sound of a flame thrower), but no! It would be unworthy of this site.

So from the first level an overview of skills and we feel that we are the class that will do big damage and take full face, why? Simple, already the buff: "5% more extended ...

Well that means I'm going to make a tin can ", then I slide my eyes and ..." Oh my GAD, I have a missile launcher on my wrist !!! (mini cardiac arrest) ... but it's too Of the Dead !! "Two packs away we feel invincible, nothing can resist us and it's so good that we end with the 20th pack, I died like a noob because I pulled without having any life! The more the levels go up more the abilities are fun! Level 3, we feel like with Ryu or Ken in a street fighter! The "Shoryuken" with the jet pack is enjoyable! Then level 9 arrives with his flamethrower and the ... it's the drama , I had to burn everything that moved on Hutta, so much I liked the rendering of the flames lol!

But my biggest surprise is: "death from heaven" the ultimate AOE of this phase 1-10!

Description of the scene: "Here what is this spell. * Click * * mouse that slips * * click * OUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh but it's too deadly this thing !!!" Without messing around, it was frankly too good, little blow of jet pack then big AOE with rocket !!

In any case, level 10 we have: two types of missiles, a flame thrower, a "Hoyuken", a mega AOE of the dead, a dart (aligned shot) and a sustained blaster shot! It is therefore varied and really dynamic!

(Fortunately I didn't want to put on a toast ^^))



In short, you will understand it is a simple, dynamic and rhythmic leveling! We take very few breaks and get attached to this class very quickly! It is this class that I would develop in more depth later, I would tackle mantis D5, cybertech crafting (or armor I don't know yet), the advanced class: Mercenary (Arsenal tree), my first contentious zones and much obviously a first study on the statistics of BH!
Hope this post made you want to play the bounty hunter! Do not hesitate to ask questions, I will answer you according to the progress of my level! See you soon !

Elendoas (Kerygan sur Phateem Halls of Knowledge)

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