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A very interesting article was published on Tuesday on presenting a lot of information on statistics and the contribution of the craft industry. I come back to the main points.


The character has 4 main characteristics:
- Aim: Hit -> deals 0.2 damage from a distance
- Cunning: Cunning -> gives 0.2 tech damage
- Strength: strength -> gives 0.2 melee damage
- Willpower: willpower -> gives 0.2 force damage

All of these stats grant 1% critical hit for 140 stat points (at level 50).

Stamina gives 10 life.

The secondary skills are:
- Presence: increases companion stats
- Power: increases melee, force or tech damage
- Force / Tech Power: works like Power but without melee damage
- Accuracy (accuracy): chance to hit and armor penetration
- Crit
- Surge: increases critical
- Armor: Reduces physical and kinetic damage.
- Defense: increases parry
- Shield: increases the chances of blocking attacks
- Absorption (absorption): increases the% damage that can be blocked
- Alacrity: increases spell haste
- Expertise: PVP stats increasing damage and healing done as well as reducing damage taken



A character has 9 armor slots, 3 relic slots, 1 primary hand, and a secondary hand. The 9 locations are: Head, Shoulders, Hands, Belt, Leg, Feet, Wrists, Ears, and Implants.

The available weapons are: lightsaber (single and double), vibro-sword, vibroblade, pistol and blaster rifle, sniper rifle, assault cannon, handguns ...

Relics are not very well implemented yet. These are elements allowing to add statistics via color combinations.


Companions share the same stats as characters, they just don't have Relic slots. The droids have the same number of locations, the names are just different.


The crafting system is based on the use of companions. We can ask them to look for components or to create an object. Very practical when you know that an object can take up to 20 min. to be created.

When an object is created, we can use "reverse engineering", a kind of disenchantment, which allows to recover the components of an object. When performing this action, the character studies the item and can learn how to create the same item in better quality.

Thus, objects can be created in 3 versions:
- normal (learned from trainers), ex: Space Blaster
- rare : Advanced Commander's Space Blaster
- epic: Advanced Space Blaster


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