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Hi everyone, I take the liberty of putting my advice based on my own gaming experience on playing a Sentinel in PvE. Being specialized in the surveillance specialty, I will mainly speak about it but I will also give some advice on the combat specialty having tested it and having heard various things about it. As for the concentration specialty, I will only mention things that I have already observed in OP with moxparser.

  • Sentinel advantage and opinion on forms
  • Recommended caps
  • Cycle
    • Surveillance specialty
    • Combat specialty
  • Interesting spells in OP
  • Talent trees
    • Surveillance specialty
    • Combat specialty


Sentinel advantage and opinion on forms

The sentinel, representation of the big nag with two sabers, is as his skill requires it, a big nag with two sabers. You can see sentries throwing themselves before the tank on the packs in order not to let the center of gravity go down, so powerful you feel when playing a sentry. With a very effective de-stun, and very interesting CDs, a sentry will even be able to replace a tank for a few seconds (the time of the force keeps us to a minimum).

Having advantages in the template allowing (according to its forms) to calm the rest of the group a little by limiting the damage that it will take (combat and concentration) or by regenerating himself and the group and by reducing the damage that the enemy inflicts (surveillance specialty).

Also having an easily usable cut (especially in surveillance specialty) not to mention an interrupt spell in addition to the force jump (and one more in concentration), it will be a very versatile DPS in any case. , not to mention his inspiration, increasing damage and healing done to his column, and his transcendence increasing the speed of the entire raid within range.

Since 2.0, the 3 specialties of the Sentinel seem viable in PvE, each having its advantages and / or disadvantages on different bosses. Before reading this guide, I will advise you to test them all by reading the template carefully and choosing your favorite.

La surveillance special will be formidable if you stay on Slayer or on another pole boss. Your burns reduce the damage the target inflicts, and you can slightly increase your party's health.
However, this specialty will be much more difficult to achieve high DPS on bosses such as Operator 9 or Styrak, the Dreadmaster. Indeed, it can happen frequently to you to lose your damage loads (merciless lunge) and therefore to have to restart everything from the beginning. Like a boss like Titan 6 while you hide behind the rock, or Toborro while you get out of AOE. Also on Olok the shadow that changes places all the time, not to mention the fact that you often use your strength leap in your cycle, not necessarily making it available for rapid movement.

La combat specialty seems to be the most versatile currently. A very acceptable DPS on a pole, with a formidable burst, this specialty will therefore be very advantageous on a boss like Kephess the Eternal on the burst phase, more between resistance stacks and a template reducing damage undergoes area effects (therefore cleave and zones), your sentry will be very resistant to a "lot of missile" or other.

Finally, the specialty concentration, also known as the PvP spec, has already been noted as formidable in PvE. A force sweep that borders on an expert strike in an instant, and a way to get it triggered very often (if cycle mastered). Your DPS will be very high on a boss like Dash'roode HM, or Titan 6 to kill enemies quickly.



Recommended caps

Here are some values ​​which, in my opinion, correspond well to the three specialties:
(Recommended, if you happen to go from a surveillance specialty to combat depending on the bosses)

  • 21% critical
  • 70% influx
  • 100% accuracy
  • No alacrity.
  • Everything else in power

I also recommend power buffs that increase critical and potency (less than kills or crit, but increasing both).

For relics, one with an automatic power trigger, and an activatable power (in surveillance specialty, you can also replace the latter with one with an auto trigger of elemental damage which benefits from the advantages of your template, not making a big difference. , but allowing you not to click on this relic, the only difference is above all that you will no longer place a burst when you want, except with dopants).

Be aware, however, that your DPS may be optimized depending on the way you play.

  • Surveillance (Juyo form)
  • Combat (ataru form)

Going up to 25% critical in the surveillance specialty is not a bad idea either, it allows you to achieve a more constant boost in concentration and therefore to make fewer small strikes.

For my part, I remain at 21%, the number of my strikes being already very small, this system of criticism will be useful to you especially if you miss your cycle (knowing that the specialty monitoring is quite precise in term of cycle) or if you want to save your strength jump for a good occasion (like the absolute horror Nightmare, since its pop is ignored).

I also tested with 2/3% alacrity in specialty surveillance (especially because I had rotten sophistication). I don't find it profitable at all. With nearly 200 points of alacrity, I gained only 2/3% of alacrity and I noticed no difference, on the contrary on a mannequin I lost a hundred points of DPS (knowing that it is easily 3% inflow and / or precision lost).

Knowing that you have a nearly one in two chance that one of your burns is a critical, the influx is also important, not to be overlooked with the precision either.

For the combat specialty, with a 3% accuracy bonus in the template, you can easily put three% alacrity on your sentry. With the zen at 30% + your 3%, it seems that you can slam one more attack under accuracy slit, well, these are only rumors, I never really tested.

After the choices are mixed, either you drop the critical (which still makes you almost hit 20% with vigor) or you increase it to at least 25% (for my part, knowing that the base damage of the flood of blade are not very high, 5% more chance to do double the damage in addition [6000/6500 crit] against 200 power points puzzles me).

Let me explain, at 20% it is 1 strike in 5 on average which is critical, at 25% it is 1 strike in 4, the criticism of the blade flood is quite small (double all the same, but the fate n it's not really a big hit in combat specialty) but it's different for a single spell (apart from Blade Storm which needs to be slammed under auto crit). Elimination. A truly monstrous spell which, slammed under zen, is even beefier (with set bonus) if you criticize it you will easily see 5 digits displayed (especially under accuracy slot) Now, do 200 bonus points damage worth seeing an elimination crit more often? Knowing that this 5% crit will only trigger an average kill in 4 instead of 5, is it more profitable than having 200 more stable power points? Mathematically, and in overall damage by doing only eliminations, it seems that you are a winner from the 8th elimination launched on the fight (if the critical rates are respected). The concern is that in the meantime, with the rest of the damage bonus from the Blade Flurries and Blade Storm with power, that can compensate for one more critical elimination, right?

In your opinion, and in your tests.
(I specify that I really did not work too much on this spec, so these are not calculations based on figures)

Regarding the concentration specialty, I don't know, just manage!




Surveillance specialty

In order to optimize your DPS, I advise you to place the spells of your cycle after the others in your bar (to have an overview on the important spells), after the system is simple, click all that is available in the order of priority of what I will advise you next. No spells have to wait, otherwise you might have to either slam some strikes or start raising your chrges again.

Also, make sure you are not too low on energy (if you ever do, hit with a punch) nor too high, it means wasted energy. So make sure when your energy is low to slam a force leap or a relentless strike. If neither of these two is available, send an expert strike or a double saber throw until one of these two spells is available.

Then try to slam your burns ASAP (saber overload and cauterization) and finally the master spell of your form, the Merciless Lunge. This spell can be used more and more often, if it is used often (not complicated, right?). Click it when it's available ASAP, and make sure you have concentration available when the spell is there (cooldown to display). For my part, I try to slam the cauterization right before in order to have it again after a ruthless slit (knowing that when the cauterization is there, you better try to slam it just when it is going to disappear from the enemy) .

When you've hit all the spells in your cycle, and you have focus, use your lunge (no inappropriate jokes, thank you!). This allows the cauterization to start again, but make sure you don't run out of energy before one of your spells returns which requires it, it is better to strike a strike just before if it is. the case so as not to waste time.

Knowing that these details are really for maximizing DPS, if you are already using the cycle correctly, you should not be useless in OP.

Turbo burn: A technique that does not really increase your DPS (even causing it to drop if you use it at the wrong time).
After using your saber overload, hit twice (saber overload burns your target with your next three hits by stacking them), while it starts to burn with those two hits, do a force stasis, Force damage doesn't take burns, so your target burns and takes stasis damage as well. Once the stasis is over, replace an attack to reset the target's burns (basically it burns at 2 charges for 6 seconds, after stasis there are 2/3 seconds left, you strike again and the burn recharges at 3 and again 6 seconds) At the end of its burn, your Saber Overload will be almost available for further use.
This technique is zen, and even if your DPS does not necessarily increase your double HPS.
Use in situations like when you're on your middle color on Operator 9 on an Add, you stun the enemy, heal, and damage them. You can also use it on a nightmare come from elsewhere difficult if you are assigned to anomalies.

Very important note for all specialties: Zen to snap as soon as it is available. In addition, be sure to also click the valorous call as soon as it is available also to return a ZEN, or, an inspiration with a Zen (CD of about 2mn30 and inspiration of 5mn, it makes a zen gift)


Combat specialty

Not being a specialist in the combat specialty, I cannot over-affirm the cycle, but I still give the one I use (which may be totally rotten).

Force leap, accuracy lunge, relentless strike, we increase our energy like this, and when we see a small icon saying "elimination ready" (well, that's not it, but it means that in fact) we send the 'elimination. When you see a little icon that says "Bladestorm is going to crit", you're sending the Bladestorm. Outside of this system, Blade Flood is used to do damage.

Note: Blade Flurry sends out slightly less than Slash, but it has 30% more damage every 6 seconds, so you can maximize your DPS when you see the attack going off by sending one or two slits. in addition, but the difference is very slight.

Similar on the Cautery System, use your Accuracy Slot as soon as it's there and only when the buff is gone to avoid wasting (although for these two spells it's rare to have it UP and down. 'still have on you).

Under Zen I recommend: Accuracy Lunge, Expert Strike (proc in 2.3 seconds, which makes a hell of a difference, it's good to try and slam expert strike all the time under Zen) Also, if you can send elimination and the blade storm down there, don't mind. Basically, slap your biggest slaps in Zen. 


Interesting spells in OP

Force camouflage : foils agro, increases resistance on the next hit, and speed.
Don't overlook this CD, it cuts down the next attack you're going to eat yourself by 50%, provided you don't hit it. Under the red AOE of Kephess, or under the lightning bolts of the Dreadguards, feel free to use the camouflage yourself and wait for the slap.

Transcendence : Increases party defense and speed for 12 seconds. When Kel'sara is chasing a buddy, you can give him a hand with this.

Inspiration : Increases party damage and healing. Try to have him ready for the final stages (Kephess, styrak, nightmare, absolute horror, titan, cartel leaders ...).

Reprimand : Use when someone hits you. Reduces damage by 20% and deals internal damage to the attacker.
Very useful under a hit stunt, like a lot of titan 6 missiles or the red laser in Kephess. Also to be used if you get ducked (on slayer ADDs, or on nightmare balls come from elsewhere difficult)

Saber return : Increases Defense Index by 50% and reduces damage taken by 25% over 12 seconds.
Your biggest CD. If a tank disappears and you have agro, slam it while waiting for the rez, for example, or when you risk taking a stunt of big slap (final burst of Kephess, the absolute horror, titan 6, Styrak ) In addition, in surveillance specialty, when you take damage under saber return, you heal yourself.

Strength keeps us : Sacrifices 50% of your remaining life to make yourself invulnerable for 4 seconds.
Ah bah there it stinks! Click this if you are about to die, healers now have 4 seconds to pull you up, use a medipac right after.

Valorous call : Gives 30 centering units allowing you to snap Zen, inspiration or transcendence.
As said above, I recommend that you slam it as soon as it is available to have an extra zen, or at least, as soon as it is available and your centering charges drop back to 0 or save it to add a zen on one breath (make sure you don't save it for too long).


Talent trees

Surveillance specialty


There are several discussions on the additional points to be placed, for my part, I have long played with 3 points in the force criticism and 2 in handling the second saber. BIG MISTAKE. (Mox in support)

Your burn attacks are effectively force attacks, however you have 3% more crit per stack from Juyo, totaling 18% more crit for burns. Let's imagine that you are at 22% critical, add these 18 points, you are already at 40, even 44% with two more points.
Now you have a choice of either increasing the damage of the second saber by 12% or increasing your force critical from 44 to 46%. Knowing that with a big damage bonus you increase the damage of the second saber EVEN more, even if there is only a 2 in 3 chance that it hits the mark, but let's take for example a ruthless lunge at 6000 (just with a single saber). The secondary saber does 1/3 of the damage of a normal saber it's already 2000. 12% more than 2000 is 240 more damage, and even if there is only 2 in 3 chances to hit, that On average, deals 160 more damage per Merciless Slash, compared to a 2% critical chance to burn that doesn't even notice.

Then you might negotiate to put the points in a force sweep rather than in the force critical hits, but in an optimized group (at the composition level) with distant, your sweep will not be very important against a freighter or a volley of mortar, especially with the twin saber throw, which remains a much more profitable area (except in the concentration specialty). After if you want to sweep the ADD to make believe on the mox that you have the biggest one, free to you, but as much to remove 2% of critical of force for 12% of secondary damage. I say yes, you might as well take 4% off to increase the force sweep (which you may slam 3 times per fight, and only on bosses with Adds) knowing that 4% force criticism allows better management of concentration and the care that we produce for ourselves, I say no.

After the template can be considered for optimizing the stuff, your preferences, and will only make a difference on particularly long fights and on the ease of playing your specialty. It allows you to play more easily if you still have a little trouble, or to increase your damage a little further if you have the cycle in hand.

For the talents of the middle branch, precision allows you to avoid missing your shots (good so far that's fine) after no matter where you put the extra points, the goal is to achieve double handling.
You therefore have the choice between:

  • A reprimand that generates focus when you cash in after using it. To gain three concentration points per fight, blah.
  • Defensive forms, reducing the damage received (in particular a lot of missiles, and other blows that you risk to take yourself) and which in addition increases your centering when you take blows, allowing for example to leave in zone of exhaustion to raise your centering at 30 before the fight (Dash'roode, or nightmare for example)


Combat specialty 


There, the points that are discussed are mainly those of the middle branch, especially the points that increase the speed of the transcendence (and by the way, the destun of the force camouflage, very useful when you are pursued by enemies on Dash ' roode HM) and introspection that allows you to load your centering before a fight.

These two points are debatable, afterwards, as I say myself, as long as it suits you, do as you feel it.

On the other hand, immobilizing the force jump, incapacitating throw, and expert strike are clearly not interesting in PvE, so if you're hesitant to place those points, I think it will clearly be with the reprimand that charges the focus, and again I find it less interesting than the other two.

After these talents also depend on the way you play.


Do not hesitate if you have any questions, except if it concerns the PvE concentration specialty!

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