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With the upcoming release of Knights of the Fallen Empire, news continues to pour in. And this time, the developer blog focuses on the changes that will be made to the fights.

Note that most of this information is already known and was presented during the livestream on September 30.



As we already know, the statistics will benefit from some changes, with several consequences: reduction of the number of objects, and consequently of useless objects for your class, or the disappearance of the need to have to associate the Critical and the Influx to make them effective.

So here are those changes:

  • Unique primary stat, Mastery, which replaces the current four (Stamina, Willpower, Aim, Hint).
  • Stamina grants more health at level 65 per point.
  • More influx, but integrated directly into the review.
  • To make Crit more appealing, skills that directly critically hit gain additional critical damage.
  • Base accuracy increased to 100% (from 90%).
  • Reorganization of modification indexes:
    • 1st slot: Power and Defense
    • 2nd slot: Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, Shield


Synchronization of levels

Now, when we access a lower level planet, our level will be adjusted to that of that planet (the maximum level of enemies on it). For example, if we go to Alderande at level 60, our level will be adjusted to level 32.

This adjustment impacts:

  • statistics
  • armor
  • weapon damage

But we keep the skills we already have, active or passive. And we will gain as much experience as our "normal" level.


Experience and group

  • The experience is no longer divided between the members of the group.
  • Experience gained is based on the level difference between the highest party member and that of the enemy.


Temporary action bars

Depending on certain situations, an action bar may appear. For example, for the Huttball Throw Ball, when you have the ball. Or by launching the Heroic Moment, which will reveal all the inheritance powers that you have unlocked.


Skills replacement

With the release of Shadow of Revan, we saw new powers appear, replacing older ones. However, for technical reasons, these old powers could not be replaced directly. It will be done with KotFE. The new power will take the place of the old one on the action bar.



We've talked a lot about this already, but here are a few takeaways:

  • Partners summoned from a new Contacts / Alliance window or from the current Partners window.
  • Three roles available for each partner: DPS, Tank, Healer.
  • Only one set of powers for partners depending on their weapon type (a lightsaber partner will have the same skills as another with the same weapon).
  • Partner statistics based on their level (editor's note: Influence). No need to equip them, apart from a weapon (regardless of its stats).

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