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After a post on the creation of Makeb and in particular its history, then a first video of Making of the upcoming extension, another post from the developers' blog informs us about the graphics of this new planet. Here is a quick summary, but don't hesitate to read the original article directly!

  • Makeb is exotic and opulent: huge natural pillars, cliff-side buildings, manicured gardens and marble statues
  • Inspirations for Makeb's appearance come from the elegant Mediterranean landscapes of Cloud City.
  • Almost all the elements of the environment and the scenery were created exclusively for Makeb: buildings, rocks, trees, crooked pipes ...
  • New effects have also been created to allow for waterfalls (discussed in the making of video) and environmental effects.


  • The main points of interest in Makeb's history strongly influenced their appearance.
  • One of these points of interest is the space lift of the weightless hook. Space elevators are scattered all over the planet to allow the transport of goods, resources, minerals ... Their appearance resembles a transit station where workers, merchants and travelers meet to join the space station at the other end of the world. line.


  • Makeb's wealth and prosperity come from its resources of isotope 5, one of the rarest minerals in the galaxy, the deposits of which lie beneath the stone pillars of the planet.
  • The designers therefore wanted to show both the opulent side but also the consequences of the aggressive exploitation of this mineral by the Cartel des Hutts since its arrival.
  • One of the mesas, the mining mesa, shows the effects of this massive and excessive extraction: it is an arid and sterile landscape, constantly dynamited by enormous mining spheres, with makeshift workers' sites, scaffolding, broken rocks, dried mud, etc. Which creates a big visual contrast with the beautiful and lush Makeb ... that we discover at the beginning.


  • Mining activities regularly cause devastating earthquakes all over the planet: there are several disaster areas, including cities.
  • In addition to all the new decor elements, altered or destroyed versions of these also had to be designed.
  • The citizens of Makeb have taken up arms to fight the Hutts and their militias, resulting in battlefields and war-torn cityscapes: destroyed buildings, debris, fires and smoke effects ...

Does this preview of Makeb make you want to know more? Do you think this new planet will be really different from those that already exist?

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