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We always keep the same team of writers and we give you the guide to the last boss of the Dread Fortress: Brontes.


Rappel du HM

  • Phase 1

  • Tanks
  • DPS
  • Caregivers

Each tank takes one side of the room. Tanks only deal with hands in this phase. Be careful that they do not cleavent (cone attack) on a member of the raid.

With each calibration the hand disappears to reappear on the other side. It's up to the second tank to take it back.

If a tank has "right hand" and "left hand" debuffs at the same time, consider using a defensive power.

DPS must be divided into two groups (right / left). The goal for them is to synchronize the calibration as much as possible on the hands while taking care of the fingers.

When the hands are on the third position two solutions:

  • Burst DPS to avoid another pop of the fingers.
  • Calm the DPS to wait for the pop of the fingers.

In all cases, the goal is not to have fingers during the next phase.

Beware of tanks if the calibrations are not synchronized.

In this case, a tank will have both debuffs at the same time and risk taking a lot of damage.

At the end of this phase the whole group reunites between the last two hands.


  • Transition phase

If the end of Phase 1 has been managed properly, this phase does not present any difficulty, it is enough to leave the players well grouped to avoid having lightning which crosses the whole room.

With each appearance of a couple of fingers, everyone moves as a group to the next point. The goal is to arrive little by little towards the center of the room.

If there are fingers that are present at the same time, it is up to the distant ones to take care of them while moving with the raid.


  • Phase 2

We can finally start typing on Brontes!

At the end of the previous phase, a tank positions itself to turn Brontes back to the raid as soon as it appears.

Only one person should be in front of him! This phase lasts until 50% of the boss.

  • Tanks
  • DPS
  • Caregivers

The tanks' job in this phase is to deal with Brontes and Mini Kephess.

The tank that takes the boss first will then take all the Kephess. Tank switches are done after each "Arc Assault" cast. They are synchronized with the appearance of the Kephess. The tank that has the boss is normally 4 stacks from the "Arc Assault" attack at this time.

Watch out for your aggro on Kephess, you must keep a taunt (provocation) to take back the boss as soon as Kephess dies.

At the tank switch that follows the death of an add, the tank that has nothing to do is replaced in the back of the boss so as not to continue to rise in stacks.

Two targets: Brontes and the Kephess.

At Kephess pop, wait a bit before hitting it to avoid aggro covers.

We must dispel the nanites on this phase. Only one healer can take care of it.

Watch out for tanks when they start to stack up.

For everyone :

From halfway through the phase, "Soa" type lightning balls appear. These balls target a person to whom they are connected by a lightning bolt. Theoretically, healers should not be targeted by these balls (fixed by an update). You can also use the target of the target to find out who is being targeted.

To get rid of it you have to go through it, but not at any time. These balls are stacked as they advance. If you take it too early, they deal a huge amount of damage. If they go up to 20 stacks, they explode and deal about 20k damage to the entire raid. The ideal is to take them between 16 and 19 stacks and of course with a defensive power. The person being targeted must be careful that the ball does not cross the raid.

If needed, tanks can pick up aggro on a ball with a taunt. But be careful, the ball will only be on the tank for the duration of the taunt. It is also possible to make checks on these balls. Be careful, however, during the control time, the ball will not burst, even if you are in melee.

This trick is mainly to be used to release a DPS for the start of the next phase.


  • Transition phase: the clock

The phase begins from 50% of the boss on the previous phase. In order not to complicate it, be careful not to have a Kephess during this phase. This is the DPS burst phase. The objective is to drop the adds before they are hit by the lightning.

If the group is a little light in DPS, Inspirations, dopants, relics, ... must be used to drop the 1st add. For the distant, stay well on the adds until they are dead, and pay attention to your placement. The less you have to move, the more DPS you will gain. The tanks can help drop the 1st add, then have to try to take aggro on as many people as possible.

Healers should be careful to keep the whole group healthy in order to facilitate the phase.

Once the last add; dead the next phase begins.


  • Phase 3

The two hands and six fingers appear.

In this phase each person has a location assigned in advance.

Tanks :

Balls appear from all four corners of the room. You have to use the cleave (cone attack) of the hands to make them explode. It is important to be as close as possible to the hand despite the projections, in order to orient it more easily. Do not hesitate to multiply the taunts to ensure the aggro on them before the DPS start to target them.

A tip for this phase: put your back to a place where the balls appear and look at the other corner. If you don't see balls on the other corner, the ball is behind you.

DPS and healers:

You each have a finger assigned. You must be in close combat with this finger. If a purple area appears under your feet, shift so that you exit it while remaining close to hand. If there are distant DPS, it is advisable to focus so as to reduce the number of fingers as quickly as possible.


  • Phase 4

This is the final phase. Brontes returns as well as both hands.

The group takes stacks which go up as they go. On killing a hand, a shield appears and debuffs anyone below it. The goal in this phase is therefore to use both hands as moments of delay in the fight in order to reset the stacks to zero. At the start of this phase, Brontes is at 60%, so you can activate a shield at 40% and 20%.

During this phase he regularly changes target and projects. It is therefore necessary that the tanks stand with their backs to a wall and exchange aggro.


New mechanics:

First of all, if you have a shadow tank, it must perform a tank / infiltration hybrid respec. Here is the link. This shadow spec is more optimal because hand attacks are zones.


  • Phase 1

Hands now spawn completely random. It is therefore advisable to mark them using symbols in order to save time during calibration.

There are balls that spawn and target DPS or tanks. The mechanics are the same as in HM to manage them.

A little reminder of the tips for managing the balls without waiting for them to have the right number of stacks:

  • A Sentinel can jump on a ball as soon as it pops with "the Force keeps us".
  • A Guardian can jump on a ball with his "Saber Reflection".
  • A Shadow can absorb a ball under "Resilience".

Things that can get you to take zero damage, but don't work 100%:

  • The sniper of the sniper in precision
  • Vanguard tank smoke
  • Pacification of the Sentinel
  • The Maverick roulade (which I do not recommend)


  • Transition phase

Small novelties on electrified fingers, a double debuff appears at the same time as them. The first reduces your speed by 75%, the second reduces the healing received by the same amount. There are no longer four, but six sets of finger appearances.

Depending on your class, this phase can be more or less dangerous to manage.

Some tips to help you:

  • Sentinel: Transcendence
  • Maverick: Speed ​​bonus when exiting cover when you are in “holding on”.
  • Smuggler: Roulade
  • Consular: Force Speed
  • Soldier: Immutability
  • For everyone: the destun allows you to regain your normal speed for a few seconds.

Given the risky nature of the stuff, I didn't dare add Guardian's Protective Leap and Phase Shadow March.

There are two ways to handle this phase in the end:

  • The group remains well packed. The Sentinel will slam two Transcendences during this phase. The tank is detached at the end of the phase to position itself well for P2.
  • The group disperses in a circle. We step back at each appearance of the hands.


  • Phase 2

The only novelty in this phase comes from the Kephess: it is called Corrupted Clone but most guilds call it the mini Kephess or Kephess.

At GDA, we take care of the Kephess two way up to the jump. After the jump, the melee Dps come to help us perform it.

At Kraken, the two distant ones are helped by a melee DPS. After the jump, the last DPS comes to help execute it.

After a while (around 40%), the Kephess will jump to a random target in the group. We find here the pretty red zone that he already put on Asation. As at the time, the targeted player must be the only one in the zone. He will take about 20k of damage. Note that Mavericks can avoid damage by rolling. They can reduce damage by 60% thanks to the "Hold on" from the Precision spec. To which we must add 30% reduction thanks to ballistic charges. Of course, the Scholar's Barrier of Strength also works.

At the fall of the jump, Kephess will return to the person who has aggro while spitting. So be careful with your placement to prevent the whole raid from taking unnecessary damage.


  • Transition phase: the clock

Only one novelty, but which can damage your DPS: the direction of rotation of the ray is random!

At Kraken we position a melee on each side that begins to light his droid before knowing which side will go the lightning. If the lightning doesn't come towards them they move to the second add. The distant ones start typing each on their own, and switch to the right add as soon as the ray has chosen its direction of rotation. Tanks and healers should help tap this phase, at least the first two or three droids.

At GDA, we stay well behind Brontes while waiting to see which side the department starts from. We then stuff the first add and the rest.

For the Mavericks, by putting you just behind the boss (Brontes), you will have the 5 adds within range. So no matter which side the spoke starts from, you will have the first two within reach. At the DPS level, this phase must be managed without Inspiration or doping. They would not be available for the last phase otherwise… If you ever hit them anyway you have to take a break at the end of P3.


  • Phase 3

We keep the same placements as in HM, but this time the hands project and inflict a debuff.

After being thrown, you must go to another hand because you will have taken a debuff that kills you instantly if you return from where you came from.

You therefore have the choice of either being thrown by rotating clockwise (or counterclockwise), or reversing with your colleague opposite.

Either way, be careful to position yourself quickly enough to prevent your fingers from starting to stack.

Fortunately, tanks are not affected by this mechanic.

One important thing: DO NOT TAKE PURPLE ZONES. We noticed that there would be a correlation between the capture of purple areas and the initial life percentage of the boss at the start of the endgame.


  • Phase 4

In this phase you will now have to manage the boss without the help of the tanks! The hands perform the same cleave as in Phase 3.

As in HM, the whole group accumulates a debuff that will have to be removed.

We will break down this final phase into 3 phases:

Phase 4.1

The phase begins with the boss under immunity and bubble.
It will rise to a percentage varying between 58 and 63%. This will depend on the number of zones taken by your group in phase 3.
It ends with the first hand which goes to 5%.
There must be a correlation between the damage the boss does and how far you are from him. If you are in contact with it, you will take less damage than from a distance.

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Heal

If you have a shadow tank, it must exit combat at the start of the phase and put its phase march near the hand it is not tanking.

Tanks (out of shadow) must taunt at the start of his shield so that it is bumped by the boss first. So they will be freed from this mechanic for the rest of the fight. The bump must of course be oriented towards the assigned hand.

As in phase 3, each tank takes a hand in aggro and takes care of two corners where the balls appear. It is very important to take ALL of the balls. Be careful not to pass your hand below 6%.

As in Phase 3, you have to avoid as much as possible the purple areas because it gives life to the boss (I no longer have the video proof but on the vocal it's weird to hear: “15% ah no 18%”).

In this first phase, everything must be slammed: Dopants, Relics (if there are still players with activatable relics), Inspi. We put everything on the table and we send!

The boss must remain fixed in order to optimize the DPS.
For this, there are useful CDs to avoid taking the boss's bump when you are targeted:

  • Destun coupled with the force leap for the Senti / Guardian.
  • Immutability for Commandos and Avant Garde.
  • Hold on for the Mavericks
  • Force barrier when taking the first Brontes tics to avoid the bump.

In case there is a problem with these different spells, you should be directed towards the entrance.

Arrived at 6 stacks of debuff, we pass the hand to 5%. Ideally the boss should be between 30 and 35%.

The P4.1 is not the most complicated. You're supposed to do DPS on the first two stacks of the debuff.

You have to make a breakdown: which heal takes which tank? Who takes care of the group?

The placement of one heal should be towards the entrance while the other is towards the back of the room with the tank.

Phase 4.2

This phase begins with the first hand that puts down the shield.
Ideally the boss is between 30 and 35% health. There should be one or two balls left in the room. These balls must be grap and taken by the player linked under the bubble: this cancels the damage and makes the ball disappear.

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Heal

While shielding, tanks reverse their placements. The tank at the back of the room gets rid of the stacks in the entrance while the other tank takes the remaining hand (the shadow uses its phase step placed at the start of 4.1)

He must direct the cleaves on all the balls of the room except (spelling?) Those which appear at the entrance which are managed by the second tank.

Do not hesitate to control the balls, the taunts, to line up two in the same cleave.

At the exit of the shield, the group moves towards the center of the room, in the axis of the second tentacle.
Always the same thing, we must avoid the purple areas and send everything we can to the DPS.

During the shield phase, we raise the whole group.

Then we follow the DPS to the center of the room.

Normally you should be free from all boss bumps and balls.

Phase 4.3

This is the final phase of the death of the raid and Brontes.
Identical to the beginning of the P4.2, the tanks must grap the balls and the people linked to them take them.
Then it is the final phase of the fight. We avoid ALL the purple areas of Brontes, otherwise the boss will come back alive ...

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Heal

Each tank takes care of two corners and the balls appearing at these points. You have to take them under resilience / saber reflection for shadow and keeper at least two balls and take a third at 16 stacks and die.

The vanguard must manage his boules as best he can and take a maximum of 15-17 stacks. As for the shadow and the goalkeeper, you have to take at least two or three balls to ensure the down.

We find ourselves in the center, we slam the last Defensive, Offensive CDs. We crack everything we can.
Once you've heard the tanks die, it's up to you to look at the remaining balls and take them to 17 stacks. It is IMPERATIVE to take his ball rather than letting it fart at 20 stacks which will kill the whole group.

We find ourselves in the center with the DPS and we send everything we can to the heal. At 5%, the raid is almost dead, you won't be keeping anyone alive so do DPS.



As usual, a few videos with different points of view.

I thank the Aces for letting us use their POV Tank video, the Amnesia Guild for their CaC video and the Guardians of Anachore for the Distant and Healer POV:

  • Tanks
  • Cac
  • Distant
  • Heal



Stay calm during the different phases. It's not much more complicated than the HM until the 4th phase which is a real challenge. If you start to get upset, do like me and put Little Pony or Narwhals 10 hours in the background. It will make you happy.

He was the last guide to the Dread Fortress in Nightmare. We'll meet up in a few weeks with the Nightmare Dread Palace with a nice DPS Check on Bestia and Tyrant.

The whole team, Keros, Kyumz, Nydia and myself Tigroou are happy to have introduced you to these bosses. Your comments were constructive and very correct. Thank you for your feedback.

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